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Fear at Yagur Junction

Fear at Yagur Junction

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April 10 (Day 100, Maximum Divine Good Production):  A 22-year old suicide bomber blew up a crowed Israeli bus at rush hour this morning near Haifa.  Eight were killed and 17 injured.  The bomber detonated the explosives at 7:15 AM shortly after boarding the bus near Kibbutz Yagur, a port city east of Haifa.  The blast reset the Egged Bus No. 960 to 988 (reference photos), where 960 means the spoils of victory and 988 is an anachronism that contrasts the Plagues of Egypt with divine blessing.  The name, Yagur, in Hebrew means to fear.  The number, 22, means cursing.

Powell Peace Mission Endorsed by EU, Russia, and UN

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US Secretary of State Colin Powell was in hog heaven today as he won the world's endorsement for his peace mission.  He secured the endorsement of the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations for his peace plan to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  He now has the full support of most of the entire world with the exception of God, the Church, Israel, the Palestinians, Syria, and Iraq.  The European Union is ruled by the beast of Revelation.  Russia is under the power of Baal.  And Satan rules the United Nations.

Ariel Sharon Defies the World

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Ariel Sharon stood his ground against the naive peace wimps in Washington and the rest of the world today as he vowed that Israel would not retreat until Palestinian militias were crushed.  Sharon explained:
We are in the middle of a battle.  Once we finish, we are not going to stay here.  But first we have to accomplish our mission.1
You can talk all about peace, but you cannot reach peace as long as terror exists. I hope our great friend the United States understands that this is a war of survival for us... it's our right to defend our citizens and there should be no pressure put on us not to do that.2

Pilotless Plane Rolls into LA Street

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An unmanned American Airline Boeing 767 airliner rolled off the Los Angeles International Airport, through a fence, and into a street before stopping under some power lines.  The plane dragged a portable stairway as it rolled about 60 feet onto the street.  The pilotless plane rolled away about 8:50 AM PDT along World Way West at the western end of the airport.

A pilotless plane like a riderless horse represents a fallen leader.  The angels do such things to illustrate history.  California is in the region that corresponds to Israel in Asia.  The LA airport is at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 118 W., for the witness associated with a pillar, for maximum historical impact.  The broken fence represents a breach in the security of a nation.  And Word Way West means the West (USA) has chosen the pathway of the world.

Elephants, 4-10-02, 2315 GMT, Navy


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No severe weather or tornadoes were reported in the USA.

Today, the image of an elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Arizona.  Another weather elephant was off the east coast of the USA with trunk through Florida.  The image of an eagle was in the Atlantic.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel.

Cyclone Dianne

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Cyclone Dianne is in the South Indian Ocean.  It is moving southwest with 65 knot winds.  Dianne is a form of Diana, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Moon goddess, Artemis.  Diana was the goddess of Ephesus (Acts 19:23-41) and the same as the mother of the gods, goddess of Babylon, and goddess of fortresses.  She was portrayed with the tower of Babel on her head.

Cyclone Bonnie

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Cyclone Bonnie formed north of Australia.  It is moving west with 30 knot winds.  Bonnie is Scottish for pretty.


During this morning's rush hour a 22-year old suicide bomber blew up an Israeli bus at Yagur Junction.  Yagur means fear.  Israel has a choice, fear the Lord or fear terrorists.  Yesterday, Ariel Sharon began to cater to the demands of the pro-Arab lobby in Washington, who have now convinced President Bush to support them.  The Lord is not a respecter of persons.  Yesterday, 13 Israeli soldiers were blown up by a suicide bomber, and today 8 Israelis were killed by the bombing of the bus at Yagur Junction.

The Lord cursed Israel in defense of the Abrahamic Covenant per Genesis 12:3.  When Israel decided to oppose the Abrahamic Covenant in order to give the Palestinians a state, the Lord cursed them.  The 22-year old stands for cursing.

And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed. (Genesis 12:3, NAS)
Since the USA is opposing Israel, that means we are due for cursing.  Twenty-three Israelis have been killed since Sharon talked peace before the Knesset.  The Lord judges Israel, and he will also judge the USA severely due to its Client Nation status.

As the Bush Administration tried to form an Arab coalition like former President Bush, the Lord incited the Palestinians against Israel.  It was a test of truth or consequences.  The Lord does not need Arab friendship to conquer Iraq.  Neither does the USA.  But the Lord knew that the Bush Administration had a weakness for Arabs.  President Bush made campaign promises that we stand by our friends.  It now is clear the Arabs, especially the Saudis, are his friends.  He had to choose between the Arabs or the Israelis, and he did the exact same thing his father did.  He caved to world opinion and chose the friendship of the world.

That left Ariel Sharon with very few friends in the world.  Both the left and right wings of his government oppose his policies.  Yet he is the only world leader left on the World Stage with masculine objectivity.  President Bush obviously screamed for Sharon to get off the battlefield when the fear of Iraq surfaced.  Arafat is friends with Iraq, and Iraq and Syria were supposed to come to his rescue, but they didn't.  His wimp advisors probably told President Bush that war with Iraq was imminent if Israel didn't retreat.

Today a plane rolled out of Los Angeles International Airport without a pilot.  The angels pulled off the stunt as they often do to symbolize a fallen leader.  Just as a horse without a rider at at funeral stands for a fallen leader, a pilotless plane does too.  In other words, there's no one at the helm in the USA.  That was the message of the angels.  It happened in California, which represents Israel.  The decision of whether to back Israel against Palestinian terrorists or whether to join the United Nations in calling for a Palestinian state was reserved for the President of the United States.  The President has been deceived into thinking that his peace policy is right.  He has a rude awakening coming.

Today Colin Powell was in hog heaven as he secured the backing of the European Union under the beast of Revelation, Russia under the power of Baal, and the United Nations under the power of Satan to back his peace plan.  He was in Spain, which corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  Further, Powell is already telegraphing that he intends to meet with Arafat.  Nobody but a fool or a terrorist would meet with Arafat.  Powell doesn't have a prayer of getting Sharon to give up the land of Israel to agree with Arafat.  He, like Zinni, doesn't have a clue as to how to deal with the Arabs.  Today, Zinni resumed his meetings with the Palestinian leadership, and today there was another suicide bombing.

Today, a weather elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Arizona and New Mexico in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  This elephant represented the connection between the peace process in the region of Naphtali around the Great Lakes to the terrorists.  Another weather elephant was off the east coast with trunk through Florida.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  And the image of an eagle was in the Atlantic, which represents a Throne Angel that disciplines the Client Nation.  The Atlantic is in the region of Political Babylon.

Today was April 10th, for the Laws of Establishment, which are represented by the Ten Commandments.  The Laws of Establishment are nonexistent among the Palestinians.  And it was Day 100, for maximum divine good production.  Where was it?  Well, that was visible when the Israeli bus blew up and the number of the bus changed from 960 to 988 as the display was reset.  The number, 988, stands for the Plagues of Egypt contrasted with blessing; or put another way the blessing or cursing of Mt. Gerizim versus Mt. Ebal.  The cursing was visible, while the blessing was invisible.  Just as there was visible cursing, there was invisible blessing for doctrinal believers who stood with the Lord on the right side of history.  These believers stood with the Lord through this whole crisis without fear and never blinked even though the President of the United States turned his back on them, and the Prime Minister of Israel rejected the Abrahamic Covenant.  The true believers will have rewards in Heaven, whereas the unbelievers will die with the world. "If God for us, who against us?" (Romans 8:31b).


1.  AP.  " Sharon: We have to accomplish our mission,"  Jerusalem Post, April 10, 2002.
2.  "PM: U.S. should not pressure Israel into West Bank withdrawal," Ha'aretz, April 10, 2002.

Author:  Larry Wood