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Israel Withdraws from 24 Towns

Colin Powell Arrives in Israel

Israel Withdraws from 24 Towns

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April 11 (Day 101, Unity):  Israel withdrew from 24 towns in a symbolic gesture to shut up the bickering of President Bush and Colin Powell.  The number, 24, represents Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The Bush Administration is out to destroy Israel, albeit out of ignorance.

A senior Islamic Jihad terrorist, Sheikh Ali Sfouri, surrendered to Israeli forces in Jenin this morning.  He was wanted for planning numerous terror attacks on Israelis.  The last terrorists, including two local militia leaders, in the Jenin refugee camp laid down their weapons at dawn and surrendered.  Over a 1,000 Palestinians surrendered yesterday in the refugee camp.  However, it is likely others moved to other hideouts.

Powell Goes to Jordan Then Israel

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US Secretary of State Colin Powell met with Jordan's King Abdullah II before going to Israel this afternoon.  Powell has believed the logic of King Abdullah of Jordan, which is that the root cause of Palestinian violence is because they are under occupation.  This is the same logic as give us your land for peace.  This is exactly wrong.  The Lord has brought the violence upon Israel because it has rejected the Abrahamic Covenant.  Consequently, the more Powell is believed the more violence there will be.

World Criminal Court Ratified by UN

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The World Criminal Court was ratified by the United Nations.  A total of 66 nations supported the new world court, which can try individuals and not just nation.  The US opposed.  The number, 66, stands for worldliness.
Elephant, 4-11-02, 1715 GMT, NOAA Elephants, 4-12-02, 0115 GMT, PSC Elephants, 4-12-02, 0115 GMT, NOAA


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 6 wind damage reports.  All were around in Kansas.  All except one were at 39 N., for the sin unto death.  The first was at Jennings at 100 W., for maximum divine good production.  The report was on Day 100.  Four were in Norton County.  And one was 4 miles south southwest of Cimarron at 37 N., for a warrior.  The severe weather was associated with the weather elephant that moved through.

Today, the image of an elephant stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas.  A hog was over Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  An an elephant was over California.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A hog represents a Jewish reversionist (2 Peter 2:22).

Cyclone Dianne

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Cyclone Dianne is in the South Indian Ocean.  It is moving south with 35 knot winds.  Dianne is a form of Diana, the Roman equivalent of the Greek Moon goddess, Artemis.  Diana was the goddess of Ephesus (Acts 19:23-41) and the same as the mother of the gods, goddess of Babylon, and goddess of fortresses.  She was portrayed with the tower of Babel on her head.

Cyclone Bonnie

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Cyclone Bonnie is north of Australia.  It is moving west with 45 knot winds.  Bonnie is Scottish for pretty.


There was an elephant over the Great Lakes, which stretched all the way to Texas earlier in the day.  The Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  Texas is the home state of President Bush, who has bowed to Baal and defied the Abrahamic Covenant.  There was a hog over the Gulf states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  A hog represents a Jewish reversionist, which corresponds Ariel Sharon's pullback from 24 towns prior to the arrival of Colin Powell.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The peace proposal of Bush and Powell is the devil's plan.  The Gulf states correspond to Simeon criminality and law enforcement.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Israelis now have solid proof that Arafat was directing the terrorists.  They have financial records of Arafat paying them along with his chief financial officer.  This means Powell's decision to deal with Arafat is not only criminal dealing but also criminal itself.

There was also an elephant over California.  California is in the same location in the USA as Israel in Asia.  The elephant over California means that Israel is also under the curse of Baal.  The Lord is cursing Israel for violating the Abrahamic Covenant.

And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed. (Genesis 12:3, NAS)
Colin Powell arrived in Israel this afternoon after meeting with King Abdullah in Jordan.  Powell is now loaded down with the lies of the devil.  He has toured the Arab world, gone down to Egypt, and secured the backing of the decadent Europeans, Russia, and the United Nations.  It would be difficult to find a more evil club, unless, of course, Arafat were included.  Colin Powell has been acclaimed as a man of integrity.  Arafat has surrounded himself with murderers and criminals.  If Powell meets with Arafat, he will have no integrity.  There are laws against supporting terrorists and criminals.

The only ray of hope in this mess is that the Lord has divided Israel and the Palestinians.  They hate each other.  They will be in no mood to negotiate any peace treaty.  Israel will be cursed as long as it rejects the Abrahamic Covenant, and the USA will face the wrath of God for its hand in this mess.

Today was April 11th for a witness, as in court.  The UN ratified the World Criminal Court.  And it was Day 101, for unity.  Israel is unified for military action, and Colin Powell and the world are unified in opposition to Israel.

Author:  Larry Wood