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Israel Arrests Barghouti

China Airliner Crashed in South Korea

Israel Arrests Barghouti

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April 15 (Day 105, Production of a Giant):  Israel arrested Marwan Barghouti, the number 2 terrorist leader in Arafat's organization.  Barghouti is a Palestinian Legislative Council representative and next to Arafat in the Palestinian terrorist organization.  He is one of the leaders of Fatah's Tanzim military wing and is believed to have planned numerous terrorist attacks against Israel.  He was arrested by Israeli commandos in a house in Ram Allah.

Barghouti was born June 5, 1960.  He was arrested when he was 18 for membership in Fatah and spent six years in prison where he learned to speak fluent Hebrew.  He was deported to Jordan in 1987.   Barghouti served in the PLO headquarters in Tunis. He returned to the West Bank in 1994 with the signing of the Oslo Accords.  He helped found the Tanzim and is regarded as its commander.  When Barghouti lost the last election for General Secretary of Fatah, Arafat cancelled the election results.

Powell Visits Lebanon and Syria

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US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, visited Lebanon and Syria in an attempt to calm the region.  In Lebanon Powell met with Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammoud and then President Emile Lahoud and Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.  Hizbullah terrorists have been firing at the northern Israeli border from Lebanon every day.  Later Powell met with Syrian President Bashar Assad.  Powell is scheduled to meet with Sharon tomorrow and is planning to meet with Arafat April 17th.

Air China Plane Crash

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China Airlines Flight 129, which was perhaps blown off course by strong winds in a storm, crashed into the side of Mount Shineo, 5 miles north of Pusan, South Korea.  At least 119 were killed and 9 are missing, while 38 survived.  Initially 54 survived, but 16 later died at area hospitals.  The pilot survived the crash after the tail hit first.  The flight arrived in wind, rain and fog so heavy that the airport had been closed for domestic traffic.

After the first landing attempt at Kimhae Airport was aborted, the plane was going around for another attempt when it hit the mountain.  It was the first crash with fatalities for Air China in its 47 year history, where 47 stands for peace.  The airline was formed in 1988, for blessing.  The crash site was at 35 N., for rest from enemies, and 129 E., for victory over Edom.

Elephants, 4-15-02, 1715 GMT, PSC Snake, 4-15-02, 1745 GMT, NOAA


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One possible tornado was reported in the USA.  It was at St. Anthony, Idaho at 43 N., for fulfillment, and 111 W., for the witness of truth, or doctrine.  There were at least 5 hail and 25 wind damage reports.  Most of the wind damage reports were over Idaho and Montana.

Today, the image of a snake was over Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas along the Mississippi River.  The snake was striking an object near Crawford, Texas.  A pair of weather elephants were over Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona.  Another was over south Texas and Mexico.  And another was off the east coast of the USA.  A snake represents Satan.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Bonnie

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Cyclone Bonnie is north of Australia.  It is moving west southwest with 30 knot winds.  Bonnie is Scottish for pretty.


There was one tornado at St. Anthony, Idaho at 43 N., for fulfillment, and 111 W., for the witness of truth, or doctrine.  Idaho is in the region of Asher, royalty.  Anthony Zinni was leading the peace talks with the Palestinians today in Powell's absence.  Today, a pair of weather elephants stretched from Wyoming, also in the region of Asher, to Arizona in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  The image of a snake was over Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas.  The snake had its mouth open to strike and appeared to be striking an object near Crawford, Texas, the home of President Bush.  Louisiana is in the region of Simeon criminality.  The snake symbolizes Satan, who is attacking with his venom.

Today, Israel captured Marwan Barghouti, the number 2 terrorist-criminal in Arafat's organization.  Barghouti was born June 5th, 1960.  Today was Day 105, where 5 stands for a giant, such as Baal.  The arrest of the giant on Day 105 represents the defeat of one of the giants in Spiritual Warfare.  Barghouti is a former criminal who was exiled from Israel in 1987 but allowed to return in 1994 after the Oso accords.  He is an example of terrorism brought on by peace negotiations.

Colin Powell traveled to Lebanon and Syria in an attempt to calm the region.  Like the rest of the Bush Administration, Powell has had nothing good to say about Israel's military operation to dismantle terrorists.  Silence of government bureaucrats does not mean consent. 

Air China ended its safety record today after 47 years with the crash of Flight CA-129 on a mountain in South Korea.  The number, 47, stands for peace, which points to the Middle East peace process.  There were 38 survivors, which stands for dying in the wilderness.

Today was April 15th, for a covering.

Author:  Larry Wood