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Missouri Floods

Bush Announces Nuclear Arms Agreement

Missouri FloodsElephant, 5-12-02, 2345 GMT, Navy

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May 13 (Day 133, Judgment of Holy Spirit):  Heavy rainstorms, strong winds, and hail the size of golf balls blasted eastern Missouri.  Highways were under water, and residents of some communities were evacuated.  Charles Griffey, 43, who lived east of Ironton, died when flood waters swept him from a tree in which he had taken refuge.  And Michael Davis, 21, of Marble Hill died after his pickup truck was swept away by flood waters shortly after 4 AM on Highway 34 just west of Marble Hill.  Stranded residents along the St. Francis River east of Ironton had to be rescued by boat.  The area has been saturated by continued rain in recent weeks due to weather elephants that stretched over the area from Texas.  The flooding last night was due to a weather elephant that stretched from Texas.

In addition to the flooding, high winds blew down trees and branches, which knocked out power in Missouri's St. Francois and St. Genevieve counties.  About 45,000 lost power in Pennsylvania in thunderstorms with wind up to 60 mph.  A tree fell on a car in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and killed one man and injured two others.  And about 35,000 lost power in Maryland.

A 12-year-old boy is in critical condition after being struck by lightning at Urbana, Ohio.  James Lewis was playing with three other boys on a hill near when he was struck.  One man died when his raft went over a small dam on the Chagrin River near Willoughby, Ohio, and his companion is missing.  Police and fire departments were flooded along Jack's Defeat Creek in Ellettsville, Indiana.

The Mississippi River is predicted to reach 37.5 feet at 7.5 feet over flood stage on May 16th, a level expected only once in 10 years.  In the 1993 flood, the Mississippi reached 49.58 feet at St. Louis.  Upstream at Hannibal, the river is forecast to crest at 6.8 feet above flood stage tomorrow.  Hannibal is protected by a levee, but some areas are already flooded.

President Bush Announces Nuclear Agreement

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President Bush announced an agreement with Russia to reduce the number of nuclear warheads of both countries by two-thirds.  Under the agreement, both countries would be limited to 1,700 to 2,200 nuclear warheads by 2012.  The treaty would expire December 31, 2012, but it could be extended with approval from both countries.  The treaty will require ratification by two-thirds of the Senate.  President Bush intends to sign the treaty in Moscow May 24th, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

US Forces Fight Afghan Enemy

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US troops in Afghanistan killed five enemy fighters and captured 32 during a raid late last night on a suspected al-Qaida or Taliban compound.  The US troops returned fire after they were first fired upon in the village of Deh Rawod, about 50 miles north of Kandahar.

Laura Bush Arrives in Paris

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Laura Bush and daughter, Jenna, 20, arrived in Paris on the first stop of a 10-day tour that includes the capitals of Hungary and the Czech Republic.
Elephant, 5-14-02, 0015 GMT, NOAA


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One possible tornado was reported in the USA.  It was in Somerdale, New Jersey at 39 N., for the sin unto death, and 75 W., for Sovereignty.  There were at least 68 hail and 99 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was associated with yesterday's weather elephant through Texas, which stretched northeast.

Today, the image of an elephant from Texas stretched to the northeastern USA and into the Great Lakes. A baby elephant was at the end of the elephant's trunk over Texas.  This is the 30th day of weather elephants along this line through Texas due to the jet stream (current), which is controlled by the weather angels (Daniel 7:2; 8:8; Revelation 7:1).  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Errol

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Cyclone Errol is in the South Indian Ocean.  It is traveling southeast with 35 knot winds.  Errol is a Scottish place name.


A possible tornado hit Somerdale, New Jersey at 39 N., for the sin unto death, and 75 W., for Sovereignty.  It was part of the same weather elephant that flooded Missouri and killed people in Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Michael Davis, 21, was killed near Marble Hill, Missouri when his pickup was swept away by flood waters on Highway 34.  The number, 34, stands for the division of the land, and points to the Middle East peace process as the cause of the cursing.  The severe weather was associated with yesterday's elephant through Texas.  Flooding is the worst disaster, and the biggest river in the USA, the Mississippi, is flooding.  And the Spring floods are coming from weather elephants out of Texas, the home state of President Bush, who is defying the Abrahamic Covenant.  Flooding represents the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the promiscuous female.

President Bush announced an agreement with the Russians on a nuclear arms reduction treaty, which he will sign May 24th.  The number, 24, stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  How so?  Baal is the ruler of Russia.  The elephant has now become the nickname of President Bush.  An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.  And Baal is the enemy of Israel.

Today, President Bush traveled to Chicago after signing a farm bill.  The President vowed to continue his support for a Palestinian state even though the Likud Party in Israel rejected the idea yesterday.  Chicago is in the region of Ecumenical Babylon associated with Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  The treaty with the Russians is from Ecumenical Babylon.

Meanwhile, the President's wife, Laura, and daughter Jenna arrived in Paris on the first stop of a 10-day tour.  France is in the same region in Europe as Israel in Asia.  Today's weather elephant over the northeastern USA was in the region of Issachar, the donkey, and symbol of trade and military mobilization.  It also appears to symbolize packing for a European tour, which represents Laura Bush.  A baby elephant over Texas was at the end of the elephant's trunk.  The baby elephant represented Jenna, 20.  The number, 20, stands for going out and coming in from war.

Former US President Jimmy Carter, who is in Cuba stirring up trouble, was dressed in white today.  Cuba is known for the missile crisis with President Kennedy.  The color, white, stands for sanctification and means that yesterday's news article was accurate.

Today was May 13th, for the double blessing, which also represents Israel.  And it was Day 133, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.

Author:  Larry Wood