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The Beaver and the Lotus

Elephant, 5-16-02, 2145 GMT, NOAA Beaver and Lotus, 5-17-02, 0045 GMT, NOAA

The Beaver and the Lotus

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May 16 (Day 136, Ai):  First Lady, Laura Bush, arrived in Budapest, Hungary, a city straddling the Danube, for a two-day visit.  She was greeted by US Ambassador to Hungary, Nancy Brinker, a longtime friend from Dallas.  She will be staying at the Ambassador's residence.  She was presented with a flower bouquet that resembled the scene of the beaver and lotus bud over Texas on the weather map.

Mrs. Bush met with Hungarian President Ferenc Madl upon her arrival.  She also met privately with outgoing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.  And she met with Hungarian female leaders in government, arts, sports and media.  She had a lunch of chicken paprika at Budapest's Bagolyvar restaurant, which is run entirely by women.  That was the idea of Nancy Brinker.

The weather angels left a picture of a beaver and lotus bud over Texas to symbolize Mrs. Bush's visit to Hungary.  The beaver is an industrious animal that dams up streams.  Streams symbolize the female.  Budapest is on the Danube.  The beaver is noted for its tail and hair.   Beavers spend a lot of time grooming themselves and are symbolic of females whose long hair requires much attention like the long hair of the women who anointed the feet of Jesus (Luke 7:38; John 12:3).  The lotus is a water lily that symbolizes the female and has been high acclaimed throughout history.  It was used in the decoration of Solomon's Temple (1 Kings 6:18).  The lotus bud symbolizes the young female.  Thus, the beaver and lotus bud symbolize Mrs. Bush and Jenna.

Budapest is located at 47 N., for peace, and 19 E., for the federal judiciary.


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 18 hail and 7 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was associated with yesterday's weather elephant.

Today, the image of an elephant stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.  Later the image of a beaver and lotus bud appeared over Texas.  This is the 33rd day of weather elephants along the line through Texas due to the jet stream (current), which is controlled by the weather angels (Daniel 7:2; 8:8; Revelation 7:1).  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The images of a beaver and lotus bud over Texas near Crawford on the weather map symbolized First Lady, Laura Bush, and daughter, Jenna, who arrived in Hungary today.  Mrs. Bush met with the women's groups who are in competition with men.  Women's activists follow the path of Jezebel.  Mrs. Bush said, however, that she didn't intend to run for office, but that she had affinity with Hillary Clinton.  Mrs. Bush did not know that Hillary Clinton was attacking President Bush today with the other Democrats who demanded to know all his intelligence reports prior to September 11th.

Activism is evil.  Activists are in the Cosmic System.  They have rejected the Authority and Grace of God.  Groups of female activists are in rebellion against the Grace of God.  The female has an inherent desire to usurp the authority of her husband per the corrected translation of Genesis 3:16:

To the woman He said,
"I will greatly multiply your pain and your conception.
In pain you shall bring forth children.
Yet, for your husband, your desire; but he shall rule over you." (Genesis 3:16)
President Bush's respect from the Democrats ended today.  On the 33rd day of the elephants over Texas, the Democrats in Congress suddenly decided to investigate him.  Shocking though it may be, relationships are from the Sovereign Design of God.

Today was May 16th, for sanctification.  And it was Day 136, for Ai.  There can be no victory over Ai without sanctification of the army.  The Democrats decided the President must not be sanctified.  Of course, Democrats can't sanctify anyone.  Only God sanctifies.

Author:  Larry Wood