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East Timor Becomes a Nation

East Timor Becomes a Nation

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May 20 (Day 140, Passover):  East Timor became the world's newest nation at midnight.  East Timor's new president was inaugurated shortly after the midnight handover of power by United Nations Secretary, General Kofi Annan, which ended 33 months of transitional rule by the United Nations.  President Xanana Gusmao then swore in a 24-member cabinet in the capital, Dili.  An 88-member Legislative Assembly, elected in August 2001, is already operational.  East Timor is located at 8 S., for the new birth, and 125 E., for Sovereignty.  It became a free nation on May 20, for going out and coming in form war, Day 140, for the Passover.  East Timor corresponds to the islands off Zebulun, which represents Florida and the Palestinians at Gaza.

Indonesia's latest round of troubles began when it accepted a United Nations proposal to vote for independence from Indonesia.  That was the seduction of Political Babylon.  Freedom does not come from elections, it comes from the Sovereignty of God and a strong military.  The people of East Timor voted overwhelmingly for independence from Indonesia on August 30, 1999.  Following the United Nations sponsored vote for independence, East Timor fell into anarchy with pro Indonesian gangs murdering hundreds.  The holocaust in East Timor was the backdrop for Israeli turn over of more West Bank land to the Palestinians and the birth of Hurricane Floyd.  Israel turned over an additional 7% of West Bank land (247 square miles, where 47 stands for peace) on September 9, 1999.  It also released 199 Palestinian prisoners.  As Israel was giving away its heritage in the name of Political Babylon, East Timor was burning.  The smoke was rising from the east, a sign of the holocaust.

Hurricane Floyd bypassed Florida after causing a massive exodus on September 15, 1999.  It hit Wilmington, North Carolina on September 16, 1999.  The first UN peacekeeping troops arrived in East Timor the morning of September 20, 1999 when planes carrying Australian troops landed.

The oppression of East Timor by Indonesia began on December 7, 1975 as soon as it declared its independence from Portugal.  The number, 75, represents the Sovereign Plan of God.  Abram was 75 when he departed from Haran (Genesis 12:4).

Sharon Fires Cabinet Ministers

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Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, fired four of five cabinet ministers from the Shas party as well as five deputy ministers from Shas and two deputy ministers from United Torah Judaism after they voted against his budget plan in the Knesset.  The emergency economic plan for 2002 and 2003 was defeated in the Knesset by a 47-44 vote, where 47 stands for peace and 44 for suffering.  Even if the two parties that opposed the budget plan leave the government, Sharon's coalition will still have a parliamentary majority with 65 members.  The firings take effect in 48 hours.  However, deals are already in work to get the votes to pass the budget.

President Bush in Miami

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President Bush visited Miami to raise money for the Republican Party and boost his brother, Jeb's, election campaign for Governor of Florida.  He rejected calls to lift the Cuba embargo.


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No tornadoes were reported in the USA. There were at least 1 hail and 3 wind damage reports.  Two reports were in Montana and two were in the Florida Keys.

Today, the image of an elephant off the eastern coast of the USA reached through Cuba.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


East Timor finally became a Sovereign nation after 33 months of transitional rule by the United Nations in which the nation was virtually destroyed by Indonesian terrorism.  East Timor was burning in September 1999 when Israel was making peace deals with Arafat and giving away the West Bank.  East Timor is an island off the region of Zebulun in Asia, which corresponds to Florida and the Palestinians at Gaza.  The suffering from terrorism in East Timor portrayed the suffering from terrorism that was headed for Israel as it made the stupid decisions to reject the Abrahamic Covenant and turn over land to the Palestinians in September, 1999.  The burning of East Timor pointed to the suffering in Israel from the Palestinians.

In spite of the United Nations peace keeping and Indonesian terrorism, East Timor became a nation due to the Sovereign of Design of God.  The nation is at 8 S., for the new birth, and 125 E., for Sovereignty.  There are 24 members of its cabinet, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  East Timor's fate was strategically linked to Israel.  And there are 88 members of the Legislature, where 88 stands for the blessing.

Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, suffered a humiliating defeat of his budget plan in the Knesset by a 47-44 vote, where 47 stands for peace and 44 for suffering.  He subsequently fired 4 of the 5 Shas cabinet ministers, where 5 stands for a giant, such as Baal.  Sharon has bought into the idea of an independent Palestinian state as sponsored by President Bush.  Both men have suffered humiliation in the last week after riding on a wave of popularity.  This is the curse of Abraham.

President Bush was in Florida today to raise money for the Republicans and help his brother's campaign for Florida governor.  He rejected a call to end the economic embargo of Cuba.  The trunk of the weather elephant off the east coast stretched through Cuba.  The elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Castro's communist Cuba is under the power of Baal.  Only Spiritual Warfare can free Cuba.

Today was May 20th, for the external gates of the military.  And it was Day 140, for the passover.  Israel received Spiritual freedom at the Passover, but it did not live in a free land until it killed the enemy in the Promised Land with the military.

Author:  Larry Wood