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Triumphant Procession

US Consulate Bombed in Pakistan

Elephant Caravan, 6-15-02, 0000 GMT, Navy Elephant Caravan, 6-15-02, 0000 GMT, Navy

Triumphant Procession

June 14 (Day 165, Going Down):  The day after the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty, weather angels put on a display of a triumphant procession.  A caravan of 8 weather elephants joined trunk to tail stretched from Florida to Moscow.  The elephants represented the Baal demons that had to leave Moscow because they no longer had an evil treaty with the US to administer.  Florida was at one end not because of the believers in the state but because Florida represents missile defense.  Florida is associated with the Zebulun and the sea as well as the separation of the waters from the waters on Day 2 of re-creation per the meaning of the year, 2002.  Missiles fly through the air.

The triumphant procession was on June 14th, for the passover.  The elephants passed over the Atlantic, which represents Political Babylon.  And it was Day 165, for going down.  The elephants were going down on an incline through Florida.

US Consulate Bombed in Karachi, Pakistan

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The US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan was bombed by a terrorist homicide bomber.  At least 11 Pakistanis were killed and 45 injured by the blast a day after Defense Secretary Rumsfeld held peace talks in Pakistan.  Karachi is located at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack, and 67 E., for giving of worldly possessions.

Madagascar Blockades Come Down

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Forces of Madagascar's new President, Marc Ravalomanana, have taken over two port cities and the blockades set up by former President, Didier Ratsiraka, have now come down.  Ratsiraka has flown to France aboard a plane furnished by the French Government with his wife and daughter.  Ravalomanana announced that the three-month economic blockade imposed on the capital, Antananarivo, by supporters of former president Ratsiraka is now over.


One tornado were reported in the USA.  It was in Tye, Texas at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 99 W., for almost but not quite.  Several injuries were reported and heavy damage to mobile homes.  Tye means pasture.

There were at least 25 hail and 40 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was associated with a weather elephant yesterday.

Today, the image of a caravan of 8 weather elephants stretched from Florida to Moscow.  The elephants were joined trunk to tail in a caravan.  Another elephant was over the eastern USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


There was a tornado in Tye, Texas at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 99 W., for almost but not quite.  Tye means pasture.  A pasture at 99 W., stands for the lost sheep (Luke 15:4-7).

The day after the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty, a triumphant procession of weather elephants stretched from Florida to Moscow.  There were 8 elephants, the number for the new birth.  The US withdrew from the treaty in the 31st year of the treaty, which stands for an evil king.

The US Consulate in Kirachi was bombed and 11 Pakistanis were killed.  Kirachi is at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 67 E., for giving of worldly possessions.  The year, 1967, was also the year Israel conquered the Arab land that is part of the new Saudi-Bush peace plan.  The bombing occurred the day after Defense Secretary Rumsfeld went to Pakistan on a peace mission.  The terrorists are responding to the evil foreign policy of the USA with homicide bombing.  The same thing happened on Tenet's visit to Israel and the Palestinians.  Tenet didn't understand, but Rumsfeld should have known better, or at least, he should now have the brains to figure out why God cursed his trip.  The US Secretary of Defense should be making war, not negotiating peace with terrorists.

The blockades in Madagascar came down and the former President left the country.  Madagascar is the sole of the foot that represents the Abrahamic Covenant (Deuteronomy 11:22-25).  It is also off Mozambique, which is in the region of Zebulun and is associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The two Presidents in Madagascar represented the struggle of Sharon and Arafat to control the same territory.  The former President flew to France today, which is in the region of Europe that corresponds to Israel in Asia.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The triumphant procession is defined in Ephesians 4:8 and Colossians 2:15.  History is based upon the Sovereign Design of God.  There is a method in it.  The method can only be understood though the definitions from Bible Doctrine.  Those who reject Bible Doctrine have their minds controlled by the Cosmic System.  They have a volition, but they are deluded.

The Lord Jesus Christ controls human history.  And Christians are allowed to fight in the Spiritual war.  The triumphant procession today was an example of a victory celebration.  The battle was the Lord's.  And the victory was finally won against Baal of Russia in the 31st year of the treaty on schedule per the Sovereign Design of God.

There was also a triumphant procession after the Lord's victory on the Cross.  Satan was the loser at the Cross.  Who wants to follow a loser.  Christians are on the side of the winner.  The Lord Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world on the Cross so that sins will not keep anyone from Eternal Life.  Eternal Life is now available to anyone who will accept it.  It is received through faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood