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Large Fires Burn in West

Bush Puts Speech on Hold

Large Fires Burn in West

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June 19 (Day 170, Lawlessness):  Large fires continued to burn in the western US in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Utah, and Wyoming.  Four major fires are burning in Colorado.  The largest, a 135,000-acre fire 40 miles southwest of Denver, was 40 percent contained. It has destroyed 25 homes and 7,500 people are currently evacuated. A 12,000-acre fire 110 miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona forced the evacuation 4,000 people today as the fire exploded.  The fire is at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 110 W., for a witness.  Cooler weather helped fire fighters in California, and the winds died down in Yosemite National Park, where nearly 15,000 acres have burned and three firefighters were killed.

Another Homicide Bombing in Jerusalem

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Six people were killed and over 40 injured when a Palestinian homicide bomber blew himself up at a hitch hiking post in the French Hill intersection in Jerusalem about 7:10 PM.  The bomber arrived in a car, and ran toward the hitch-hiking post.  He was chased by two Border Police, but they were unable to stop him before he detonated the bomb.  The Border Police were injured in the blast.

The Israeli Army moved into Jenin with mobile homes in tow.  So it appears Jenin, which the Israelis call the capital of terrorism, will be one part of the Palestinian territory seized.  Arafat's Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Bush Puts Speech on Hold

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After the second homicide bomber in two days, President Bush put his Middle East speech on hold.  So it ended before it began.
Elephant, 6-20-02, 0015 GMT, PSC


One funnel cloud and 2 waterspouts were reported in the USA.  The funnel cloud was 8 miles northwest of Gig Harbor, Washington at 47 N., for peace, and 122 W., for cursing.  The waterspouts were in Florida.  The first waterspout was 4 miles southeast of McDill AFB in Tampa Bay at 8:40 AM EDT at 27 N., for a horn, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.  The second was 3 miles southeast of Big Pine Key, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.   There were a total of at least 35 hail and 15 wind damage reports.

Today, the image of a weather elephant stretched through Florida along the eastern coast of the USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The funnel cloud near Gig Harbor, Washington was at 47 N., for peace, and 122 W., for cursing.  This was cursing of the Abrahamic Covenant due to the Middle East peace process.  President Bush was about to give a new foreign policy speech recommending a Palestinian state.  There were two waterspouts in Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  One waterspout was near McDill AFB in Tampa Bay at 27 N., for a horn, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.  A bay symbolizes the female, and a waterspout is punishment upon her from the man in Marriage Culture.  The breakpoint was the indefinite postponement of Bush's speech.  The other waterspout was near Big Pine Key, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  This pointed out the evil counterattack from Satan, who is the sponsor of the Middle East peace process.

Israel has changed strategy related to the breakpoint in history also.  Israel is now retaking Palestinian territory until the terror stops.  This is a major victory for the Church in Spiritual warfare.  The change for the better was reflected in NASA's landing of the Orbiter Endeavour at Edwards Air Force Base in California today.  The number, 96, associated with the landing represents the spoils of victory, which points to today's victory.  The Orbiter landed on Runway 22, another reference to cursing.

Major fires burned in the west and forced thousands of evacuations.  Large fires raged in Colorado, the region of the summits.  The Colorado fires are associated with the planned regional Middle East summit, which the US proposed for this Summer.  The Arizona fire northeast of Phoenix, which exploded today, is at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 110 W., for a witness. The division of the land points to the Middle East land for peace deal.  A witness refers to court, and the person suspected of starting the large Colorado fire was indicted on federal charges today.  Arizona is in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  The forest fires represent Fire Testing and symbolize the holocaust of Israel, which is the direct result of the Middle East peace process.

Today's homicide bombing in Jerusalem forced President Bush to put his proposed Middle East speech on hold.  It ended before it began just like War Emblem in the Belmont Stakes.

Today was June 19th, for the federal judiciary.  The suspected person who started the large forest fire near Denver was indicted on federal charges today.  And it was Day 170, for lawlessness.  The Palestinians symbolize lawlessness, and they were recklessly building their terrorist image today.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The waterspouts in Florida and funnel cloud in Washington state were explained by applying the doctrine of the Abrahamic Covenant to the current policy of the US and Israel toward the Palestinians.  The forest fires in the West are also related per the definition of Fire Testing from Bible Doctrine.

The Lord Jesus Christ controls human history based upon the Sovereign Design of the Father.  Jesus Christ paid for Salvation for everyone.  Those who want Salvation can have it.  Eternal Life comes through faith in Jesus Christ who paid for the sins of the world to give everyone an opportunity to receive Eternal Life.  Eternal Life can be received by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood