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Bin Laden Enters Critical Period

Firefighter Arrested for Starting Arizona Fire

bin Laden Biorhythm

Bin Laden Enters Critical Period

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June 29 (Day 180, Pillar):  The biorhythms of Usama (or Osama) bin Laden, born March 10, 1957 according to best accounts, will enter a critical period June 30th through July 1, 2002.  On June 30th, all four biorhythm cycles will be critical.  The critical period usually extends for a day on each side of the biorhythms crossing the X-axis.  During critical periods, people often encounter stress and punishment, which is commonly called accidents.  However, there are no accidents with God's punishment.  When a man has multiple biorhythm cycles going through critical, his Right Woman usually does also, which adds more pressure.

June 30th is the number for a priest.  In the Church age every believer is a priest.  And the US is the Priest Nation, or Client Nation.  July 1st is the number for unity, which is associated with the Sovereignty of God.  July 1st is also Day 182, for a breakpoint in history.  This breakpoint will be associated with bin Laden.  The numbers add up to be God's punishment of bin Laden.  This is the worst critical period that bin Laden's biorhythms have been through since the October 7th, 2001 attack of the USA on Afghanistan.

Bin Laden was born on March 10th, 1957.  The number, 10, stands for the Laws of Establishment, which bin Laden has opposed.  And 57 is the number for Zebulun, or Florida.  Storms have been over Florida every day since June 10th.  Bin Laden is now 45, for victory over the stronghold.  He is the stronghold.  When he was 44, he went through the suffering of the Afghan war, which he started.  And at 45, the victory over his stronghold will be achieved.

Pakistan soldiers are now engaged in flushing al-Qa'eda terrorists from the lawless areas on Pakistan's border with Afghanistan.  Earlier this week 10 Pakistani soldiers were killed by 20 to 30 al-Qa'eda.


Biorhythms are 23-day, 28-day, 33-day, and 38-day cycles that begin at birth.  Every 23 days, the Lord compounds the interest in a person's Spiritual account to determine if there will be a Spiritual uptrend in history.  If there has been no metabolization of Bible Doctrine, the person will be demoted and he will add negatively to the nation.  Every 28 days a person's resistance of the cosmic stronghold is calculated.  Every 33 days, the Holy Spirit issues a purification analysis.  And every 38 days a person's Spiritual Life is re-evaluated to plot his path toward dying in the wilderness.

The biorhythms of Right Man and Right Woman are added together to effectively make 8 cycles in each partner's life.  A partner whose biorhythms are up will help a partner whose biorhythms are down.  The filling of the Holy Spirit is the solution to feeling bad when the biorhythms are down.  The filling of the Holy Spirit effectively overcomes any problems with the biorhythms.

Firefighter Arrested for Arizona Fire

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A contract firefighter, Leonard Gregg, 29, was arrested in Whitewater for setting two fires on June 18th, one of which grew into the Rodeo on the Apache Indian Reservation.

Elephants, 6-29-02, 2315 GMT, PSC


Two tornadoes were reported in the USA.  Both were in Montana at 46 N., for pregnancy, and 109 W., for the Plagues of Egypt.  The first was 10 miles south southeast of Hobson, and the second was 10 miles south of Moore.   There were at least 4 hail and 18 wind damage reports.  The severe weather was mainly associated with weather elephants along the east coast of the USA.

Today, the Florida storm continued to be part of an elephant that stretched along the Gulf coast from Texas and then off the east coast.  Another elephant formed over east Texas.  The storm has been over Florida since June 10th.    An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Two tornadoes hit Montana at 46 N., for pregnancy, and 109 W., for the Plagues of Egypt.  Montana is in the region of Asher, royalty.  The storm over Florida continued in the form of a trunk of a weather elephant that stretched to Texas.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

Bin Laden's biorhythms will be critical June 30th and July 1st, Day 182.  It is rare for all four biorhythm cycles to be critical.  The next two days for bin Laden will be like the Lewis-Tyson fight with bin Laden on the losing end.  Of course, all this hinges on whether the birth date of bin Laden is really March 10, 1957.

Today was June 29th, for victory over Edom, or Laws of Establishment victory.   Leonard Gregg, 29, who started the Rodeo fire in Arizona was arrested.  And it was Day 180 for a pillar, which represents maximum historical impact.  Gregg admitted setting the fires on June 18th.  Today, the pillars of most of the homes in Show Low, Arizona were standing after escaping the fire, and residents were allowed to return home.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  God created bin Laden for a purpose.  Bin Laden has to answer for his life the same as anyone else.  And he is entering a critical period.  Those who have suffered the punishment of God know what it's like.  But a person guilty of murdering thousands will not go unpunished.  Bible Doctrine enables such critical issues to be seen and understood.

The Lord Jesus Christ controls history, which includes bin Laden's destiny.  Those who wish to trust their fate to Lord of history must begin with faith in Jesus Christ the Savior, who paid for the sins of the world on the Cross.  Salvation is available to Jew or Gentile, but it is only available through faith in Jesus Christ.  There is no other Savior.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood