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Airliners Collide in Germany

Germany Crash, 7-1-02

Airliners Collide in Germany

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July 1 (Day 182, Historical Breakpoint):  A Boeing 757 cargo plane and a Russian Tupelov 154 airliner collided over Lake Constance on the Germany border with Switzerland.  Eyewitnesses saw two fireballs.  Debris fell on a road beside lake in the city of Ueberlingen and set a school and other buildings on fire.  The crash occurred at 2343 (2143 GMT).  The Russian Tupelov was carrying 52 children and teenagers and 5 adult chaperons to a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) festival in Barcelona.  The flight had been specially chartered after they missed their connecting flight in Moscow yesterday.  The youths were from the oil-rich, mainly Muslim, region of Bashkortostan.  There were 12 crew onboard, which made a total of 69.  Two pilots were onboard the cargo plane.  One was Briton and the other Canadian.

The Tupelov was enroute from Moscow to Barcelona, Spain.  The DHL (of San Francisco) cargo plane was enroute from Bahrain to Brussels, Belgium.  The planes collided at 35,300 feet.  In order for this to happen, first, the parents and children had to believe in Satan's UNESCO; second, the Swiss air control system had to fail; third, the Russian pilot had to fail to respond to requests to lower his altitude;  fourth, he had to respond at the last minute to dive; and fifth, the Boeing 757 crew had to obey their collision avoidance system and dive.

The name, Constance, is a form of Constans, which means constant or steadfast.  The crash site is at 47 N., for peace, and 9 E., for the Plagues of Egypt.  The crash happened because Russian and DHL pilots held a constant, steadfast, strategic course for disaster.

American Snapping Turtle in German Lake

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A large, American snapping turtle was finally captured today and removed from a lake in Munich, Germany.  It is believed that the turtle was released into Dornach Lake a decade ago.  They said it had reached 32 inches long, which is a little long for a snapping turtle. Police had banned swimming in the lake after they were shown a photograph of the turtle.  After a two-week search by police, firemen and fishermen, a passerby grabbed the turtle and dragged him ashore.

Arizona Firefighters Turn Corner on Fire

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Arizona firefighters have gained the upper hand on the Arizona fire.  The  463,000-acre fire has been stopped from reaching Forest Lakes, which was most threatened by the fire.  Residents are being allowed to return home in many areas.

US ASS Burns Heads for London Meetings

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US ASS (Assistant Secretary of State), William Burns will meet in London tomorrow with the quartet, the UN, EU, and Russia over the US foreign policy toward the Palestinians.  President Bush has rejected Arafat, and all the rest of the world except Israel are supporting Arafat.
Turtle, Wolf, 7-2-02, 0015 GMT, NOAA


One waterspout was reported in the USA, which was in yesterday's report.  It was 1 mile south of Melbourne Beach, Florida, Brevard County #19, at 5:35 PM EDT yesterday at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 80 W., for strength.  There were at least 11 hail and 18 wind damage reports.

Today, the Florida storm formed the image of a wolf, or dog, and the image of a turtle appeared over Texas.  The storm has been over Florida since June 10th.    An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A turtle usually represents human good in the Cosmic System, and a wolf represents the spoils of victory.


The image of a turtle was over Texas.  The turtle was headed for the high ground, while looking back over its shoulder at the Arizona fire.  This is a symbol of shrinking back in fear due to human good and failing to take the high ground.  Earlier in the day, a large, American snapping turtle was captured in a lake in Munich, Germany.  Over Florida was the image of a wolf, or dog.  A wolf represents the spoils of victory. Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The spoils of victory are over Florida, but the turtle will never attain them.  No world leader has the backbone to render justice to the Palestinians.  The turtle is taking the high ground, which is a joke.  And the wolf is lying down dejected.  There are no wolves in Florida.  The whole picture is an anachronism, which matches the current state of life with the screwed up US foreign policy.

A once in a life-time mid-air collision of two airliners occurred over Lake Constance in southern Germany.  The two strategic paths of the Boeing 757 and Tupelov 154 crossed over Lake Constance, and the planes went down in balls of flame.  The collision of the two strategic paths formed the sign of the Cross.  One path was from Moscow to Barcelona, which represented the Russians and the European Union.  The other path was from Bahrain to Brussels, which represented the relationship between the Arabs to the European Union.  The collision represents the cursing of Abraham upon the Arabs, European Union, and Russians for supporting the Palestinians against Israel.

The youths on the Russian flight were from Bashkortostan, which is mainly Muslim.  This is the country that kicked out the Jehovah's witnesses.  The people are undoubtedly pro-Palestinian.  The oil-rich region is one of the countries the UN supports.  The deaths of the youths was clearly the sign of Baal.  Russia, UNESCO, and the Muslims are ruled by Baal.  There were 52 youths who died, where 52 is the number for a wall.  They were chaperoned by 5 adults, the number for a giant, such as Baal.  The total number was 57, the number for Zebulun, which is associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The total number onboard was 69, for running the course of this life.

Lake Constance is at 47 N., for peace, and 9 E., for the Plagues of Egypt.  Thus, the crash was the cursing for violation of the Abrahamic covenant associated with the Middle East peace process.  The Boeing 757 represents Zebulun (57), which is associated with the Palestinians at Gaza; and the Tupelov 154 represents Redemption (54).  The Redemption solution is the only solution.  Constance means constant or steadfast.  The crash happened because both pilots held their courses constant, or steady, until the last minute and then dived into each other.

The collision courses represent a strategic failure.  Diving into each other represents a tactical blunder.  The Muslim-UN strategy sent the youths to their death.  Even after they were warned by missing their connecting flight in Moscow, they were blind due to scar tissue of the soul and could not respond to God.  The Muslims don't know God.  Allah is one of the equivalents of Baal.  The Muslim-UN strategy corresponds to the Muslim-UN strategy of UN Security Council Resolution 242 that opposes Israel's occupation of Palestinian land.  That strategy is backed by the Bush Administration, which is acting in an anti-Christian and pro-Muslim way under the power of Baal.

Add to this the dumb collision avoidance system in the Boeing 757.  It wasn't a smart system because it did not take into account the azimuth of the object it was trying to avoid.  The pilot listened to the dumb technology, which sent him to his death.  If he had simply held his course steady over Lake Constans, he would have survived.  But, of course, he couldn't out-maneuver God because it was God's will to take some of the Muslim children to Heaven.  If they had reached accountability, they would likely have trusted the Muslim faith and gone to Hell.  The Briton and Canadian pilots represent British and Canadian backing for Arafat.

The tactical maneuvers of going down to destruction correspond to the turtle shrinking back to destruction rather than taking the high ground (Hebrews 10:39).

Tomorrow US ASS, William Burns, will meet in London with representatives from the UN, European Union, and Russia over President Bush's Palestinian foreign policy.  Everyone in the world is opposed to US rejection of Arafat except Israel.  This is God's way of providing everyone with an opportunity to move to God's side before he gives them the cursing of Abrahamic.

The US strategy in the Middle East is wrong.  It calls for a Palestinian state, which is a violation of the Abrahamic Covenant.  The strategy of the UN, European Union, and Russia in the Middle East is also wrong.  The strategy must be right.  When the strategy is wrong, last minute maneuvers will fail to bring tactical deliverance.  The clashes between Israel and the Palestinians today are tactical attempts based upon incorrect strategy.  Israel has rejected the Abrahamic Covenant as well as the Palestinians.  They are both on strategic paths to disaster.  The long range strategy for life is the Cross.  When the Cross is rejected as the people of Bashkortostan have done, disaster and Hell await.

Today was July 1st, for unity.  And it was Day 182, for a breakpoint in history.  Arizona firefighters gained the upper hand on the large fire today, and residents were returning home.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  When the definitions of the symbols and numbers on the World Stage are analyzed with Bible Doctrine, the truth is seen.  The collision of the jet liners was not a freak accident.  It was the curse of Abraham related to the Middle East peace process.  The European Union is about to challenge US foreign policy.

The collision of the jetliners formed the sign of the Cross.  The Redemption solution is the only solution.  The human solution is no solution.  The Lord Jesus Christ is the only Redeemer.  No one could pay for the sins of the world.  No one else satisfied the Righteousness and Justice of God the Father.

Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world so that anyone who wants Eternal Life can have it simply by relying upon Him.  There is Salvation in none other.  The only way of Salvation is a way that solves the problem of sin.  The Lord Jesus Christ did that when He paid for the sins of the world on the Cross.  God the Father was satisfied with the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood