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226th Anniversary

226th Anniversary

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July 4 (Day 185, Eye or Spy):  The weather angels started the 226th Anniversary celebration of the USA this morning at 10 AM with a waterspout in Tampa Bay. Thunderstorms pounded Florida from coast to coast with 40 mph winds, hail, and flooding.  Power was knocked out by falling limbs.  The waterspout was in Old Tampa Bay waters at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.

The weather cursing was Divine Judgment associated with the 226th Anniversary.  The number, 226, stands for the cursing (22) of Political Babylon (26).  One of the judgments of Political Babylon is a power outage because on the Fire Triangle, the darkness of Political Babylon counterattacks light and heat, and God puts the lights out to symbolize the Judgment of Political Babylon.

Florida did not receive Fire Testing.  It received a waterspout and drenching rain.  The bay represented the female.  The ocean along the east coast represents Political Babylon.  That includes Tampa Bay.  Ecumenical Babylon is represented by the eastern Pacific, and Cosmic Babylon is represented by the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.  So the weather angels picked Tampa Bay in the region of Political Babylon to begin the celebration of the 226th Anniversary of the USA.  It's like getting a spanking on your birthday.  Every year the Lord judges the nation according to the meaning of the anniversary.

Meaning of US Recent Anniversaries

Year Anniversary
1996 220 Cursing Clinton reelected
1997 221 Cursing of Providential Preventative Suffering Corporate/Goverment/Military Reductions
1998 222 Cursing Magnified Clinton Scandal; Florida Fires
1999 223 Spiritual Uptrend New Carissa; Clinton walks; Solar Eclipse
2000 224 Cursing of Satan's strategic attack on Israel Clinton/Barak Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan
2001 225 Cursing of Sovereignty Bush/UN back Palestinian state; Space Station.
2002 226 Cursing of Political Babylon .

The US war in Afghanistan was characterized by Political Babylon with numerous weather signs over the Atlantic.  Political Babylon means slavery to the Cosmic System because it is one of three elements in parallel, Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.

Terrorist Attack at LA Airport

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A man who looked like an Arab went to the El Al ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport and began shooting and stabbing people. He killed two people and wounded 3 others before a security guard shot him dead.
Horse, 7-5-02, 0215 GMT, NOAA


One waterspout was reported in the USA. The waterspout was in Old Tampa Bay waters at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.  There were at least 86 hail and 77 wind damage reports.

Today, the image of a horse was over Texas and the central USA.  Florida was again covered with a storm.  Storms have been over Florida since June 10th.  A horse symbolizes a male phallic reversionist and war.


The waterspout in Tampa Bay waters was at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 82 W., for a breakpoint in history.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  A bay represents a female.  A waterspout in a bay represents the cursing of the female due to an uncircumcised male.  The Florida waterspout represent cursing of Political Babylon associated with the 226th Anniversary of the USA.

Thunderstorms in Florida knocked out power as weather curses hit the state from coast to coast.  The power outages were symbolic of the Judgment of Political Babylon associated with the 226th Anniversary of the USA.  Each year the anniversary number of the USA comes true just like a person's age.  This year the USA will receive the cursing of Political Babylon.

The counterattack from Political Babylon comes from the demon world rulers  (kosmokratoras) of darkness (Ephesians 6:12).  These demons compose Satan's diplomatic envoys, which are dispursed to state departments around the world.  The Christian solution to the counterattack from Political Babylon is virtue-love (1 Corinthians 13).

Today was July 4th, for weakness.  And it was Day 185, for an eye or spy.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Through Bible Doctrine the meaning of the year of the nation can be understood along with the corresponding punishment from God.  A day that begins with a waterspout in a bay is bound to be symbolic.  The 226th Anniversary of the USA was ushered in with divine punishment of Political Babylon.

The Lord Jesus Christ controls human history per the Sovereign Design of God.  It, therefore, is totally deterministic.  The Lord Jesus Christ is also looking out for individuals.  He paid for the sins of the world so that anyone who wants Eternal Life can have it simply by relying upon Him.  There is Salvation in none other.  The only way of Salvation is a way that solves the problem of sin.  The Lord Jesus Christ did that when He paid for the sins of the world on the Cross.  God the Father was satisfied with the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood