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Bertha Landfall Louisiana

Tropical Storm Kammuri Hits China

Tropical Storm Bertha Landfall Louisiana

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August 5 (Day 217, Lawlessness):  Tropical Storm Bertha made landfall with 45-knot winds on the Mississippi delta about 0000 GMT today (7:00 PM CDT last night) at 29 N., for victory over Edom, and 89 W., for an authority counterattack.  The center of the storm passed just east of New Orleans and over Lake Pontchartrain with most of the rain to the east over Alabama and Florida.  Bertha is now a tropical depression in Louisiana moving northwest with 25-knot winds.  Bertha means bright.

Tropical Depression #3 is parallel with Bertha in the Atlantic and is expected to be a tropical storm by tomorrow.

Israel Stops Travel in West Bank

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Israel refused to allow travel between West Bank cities today in an effort to stop Palestinian terrorism.  And Israeli helicopters fired missiles that destroyed a Gaza factory that was believed to be making weapons.

A homicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blew up prematurely in Umm al-Fahm in northern Israel.  An Israeli Arab security guard had stopped to give the bomber a ride, but later the explosives went off and injured the man and killed the homicide bomber.

Dow DropsDow Jones Industrial Average, 8-5-02

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped down 269.50, or 3.2 percent, to close at 8,043.63.  The numbers mean: The Dow has fallen straight down every day since Condoleezza Rice met with the Jordan's King Abdullah on July 31st, for an evil king.
Tropical Depression Bertha, 8-5-02, 1445 GMT


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 12 hail and 36 wind damage reports.  Three people were injured south of El Campo, Texas when their mobile home was overturned by the wind.

Tropical Depression Bertha was over Louisiana and Tropical Depression #3 was off the east coast of the USA.  The pair of storms represents a witness.

Tropical Depression Kammuri

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Tropical Storm Kammuri made landfall with 45 knot winds about 0000 GMT today east of Hong Kong at 23 N., for a Spiritual uptrend, and 115.9, for the witness of covering.  It is moving north into mainland China and has been downgraded to a tropical depression with 25-knot winds.  Kammuri is the name for the constellation, Corona Borealis, which means the northern crown and represents the crown of thorns of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross (reference Star Gospel).  A crown of thorns is the ultimate insult.


Tropical Storm Bertha made landfall about 7:00 PM CDT last night on the Mississippi delta at 29 N., for victory over Edom, and 89 W., for an authority counterattack.  The Mississippi delta represents a female.  The storm moved up the Mississippi River to further emphasize the sign of the female.  Louisiana is in the region of Simeon, the criminal.  Tropical Depression #3 was in the Atlantic in parallel with Bertha to make the sign of a witness, as in court.  Bertha means bright.

Tropical Storm Kammuri made landfall about the same time as Bertha east of Hong Kong at 23 N., for a Spiritual uptrend, and 115.9, for the witness of covering.  Kammuri was in the region of Cosmic Babylon while Bertha was in the region of Political Babylon.  Kammuri means the crown of thorns, which is the ultimate insult.  Insults are a test associated with the first finger, the finger of light (Christian Hand, 2 Corinthians 12:10).  Thus, Bertha, bright, and Kammuri, crown of thorns, both are associated with the forefinger of the Christian hand.  Today was August 5th, for grace or a giant, such as Baal.  There are also five fingers on the hand.

President Bush reviewed the war plans today for toppling Saddam Hussein, and he visited the nine coal miners rescued in Pennsylvania.  Bush and his father were the sign of a witness in Maine.  Today, the two storms in Louisiana and in the Atlantic were the sign of a witness.

Today was Day 217, for lawlessness.  The Palestinians are noted for lawlessness.  Israel stropped travel between West Bank cities today in an effort to stop the Palestinian terror attacks.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine. The witness of two storms rose up today to judge Bush the elder and Bush the younger over Iraq policy.  Bush the elder fought a war and quit 30 miles from Baghdad in the ultimate act of stupidity.  A war against an evil dictator is not won until the dictator is killed.  Bush the younger is reviewing military plans for a war that he has been unable to justify.  He has turned a blind eye to the hotspot of Palestinian terrorism while trying to stir up the cold spot of Iraqi obstinacy.

However, these are simply signs of the failure of Christians to take the high ground.  Baal is not removed from the White House or any other house until Christians advance through Spiritual Warfare and enter Maturity.  The only way to qualify for Spiritual Warfare is through execution of the Spiritual Life, which means completion of the Metabolization Process.  Those Christians who have been exposed to Bible Doctrine and do not metabolize it, will be the devil's lunch.  There are only two choices for the Christian:  (1) suffer through the punishment of God to Maturity, or (2) suffer the cursing of Satan and God and die the sin unto death.  Those lazy Christians who reject the greatest Spiritual Life of all history will be held accountable.  They will be miserable in this life and will die miserably.  They may smile for the camera, but inside they are dumb and dead.

Jesus Christ died on the Cross to Redeem everyone from from the slave market of sin.  He paid for the sins of the world.  Since everyone's sins are paid for, Salvation is available for those who want it.  Eternal Life is free for the asking.  The Lord Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world so that anyone who wants Eternal Life can have it simply by believing in Him.  There is Salvation in none other.  The only way of Salvation is a way that solves the problem of sin.  The Lord Jesus Christ did that when He paid for the sins of the world on the Cross.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).

Author:  Larry Wood