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Fay Has Mercy on Texas

Bush Meets with Blair

Tropical Storm Fay, 9-7-02, 0530 GMT, Navy Tropical Storm Fay, 9-7-02, 1145 GMT, NOAA

Fay Has Mercy on Texas

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September 7 (Day 250, Sovereignty):  Tropical Storm Fay came ashore about 5:00 AM CDT (1000 GMT) in Texas with tornadoes and torrential rain over Freeport, Galveston, and south Houston. There was flooding in Freeport and other low lying areas, but the storm came ashore quicker than expected, which prevented much worse flooding.  It was moving about 6 knots as it came ashore with 50 knot winds, which was a real blessing.

The image of Fay on the weather map was a double eagle, an eagle superimposed within a large eagle.  The eagle appeared to be pecking Texas.  The eagle was so large that it covered the entire Gulf Coast.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel, which administers the Fifth Cycle of Discipline to the Client Nation.

A tropical storm represents rejection of the grace message of the pastor like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  The Cycles of Discipline are caused by rejection of Bible Doctrine as taught by a pastor-teacher who is obeying the will of God.  A tropical storm is divine punishment associated with the failure of the ministry of a pastor-teacher.  The failure may be due to the pastor, the congregation, or both.

Tropical Storm Fay heralded the meeting of President Bush and Blair over the fate of Saddam Hussein.  Fay delivered its punch in the Houston area, which is the heart of Bible Doctrine in Texas.  If the Church is unable to sustain the Client Nation, the Cycles of Discipline will bring the destruction of the nation.

Fay means fairy.  A fairy is a demon, which is usually associated with children.  It is, thus, a manifestation of Baal.

Today was September 7th, for categorical punishment.  And it was day 250 for Sovereignty.  Tropical Storm Fay was specified in the Sovereign Design of God just as Saddam Hussein was specified along with Bush and Blair.  The Lord presides over the rise and fall of nations in His Sovereignty.  It is not for President Bush to decide to replace the head of another nation.  It is for him to decide whether he is justified in annihilating that nation.  Bush has no such intention.  He is barking in the wind.

Bush, Blair Meet at Camp David

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President Bush met with British Prime Minister, Tony Blair at Camp David over plans to oust Saddam Hussein.  In spite of their high-powered rhetoric, however, it appears that President Bush has gotten off his high horse and is proceeding toward a United Nations deal.  He intends to go through the UN on September 12th to demand action on Iraq.  This appears to be an admission that he has no justification for a military strike.


Five tornadoes and two waterspouts were reported in the USA.  The tornadoes were in Texas associated with Tropical Storm Fay, and the waterspouts were in the Florida Keys.  The first tornado was 3 miles east of Freeport at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 95 W., for a hero.  The other tornadoes were at 29 N., for victory over Edom, and 95 W. and 96 W., for the spoils of victory.  Two people were injured in Needville when a mobile home was destroyed by a tornado.  A pair of waterspouts was reported 18 miles north northwest of Key West at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  There were at least 1 hail and 14 wind damage reports.

Today, the image formed by Tropical Storm Fay was a eagle.  An pair of elephants stretched from North Dakota through Arizona.  An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel, which administers the Fifth Cycle of Discipline to the Client Nation.

Tropical Depression Fay

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Tropical Storm Fay made landfall in Texas at Palacios with 50 knot winds, but the worst of the storm was northeast where torrential rains and tornadoes occurred.  It has since been down graded to a tropical depression with 30 knot winds.

Tropical Storm Ele

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Tropical Storm Ele is in the central Pacific south of Hawaii.  It is moving northwest with 45 knot winds.

Tropical SinlakuTyphoon Sinlaku, 9-7-02, 0731 GMT, Navy

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Typhoon Sinlaku made smashed into China with 70 knot winds about 0830 GMT at 27 N., for a horn, and 120 E., for authority.  It is moving west and has been down graded to a tropical storm with 35 knot winds.  Sinlaku (SIN-la-kou) was the Micronesian legendary Kosrae goddess of breadfruit.


Tropical Storm Fay rolled into Texas this morning ahead of schedule, which was a blessing and an act of mercy.  If the storm had stalled over land, it could have brought severe flooding.  The storm was huge to represent a big curse.  It represented serious divine punishment of the local Church.  It was enough to make other Christians around the world watch in awe.

Fay was not a judgment of government under the Laws of Establishment.  It was a judgment of the doctrinal Church.  And that judgment was associated with the fairies, the demons of children under the power of Baal.  Children cannot protect themselves from demons.  They need adult believers to protect them.  Parents who have not cracked the maturity barrier are enslaved to the Cosmic System along with their children.  When the parents and children fail for four generations, the Four Generation Curse can occur.

When the nation has to go to war, as the President is contemplating now, it is a sign the Church has failed.  During Desert Storm there were more doctrinal believers in the Church than today.  Since then, the Church has failed to win the peace.  Consequently, the President is contemplating war for all the wrong reasons.  A nation that goes to war for the wrong reasons will suffer the consequences.  Removing Saddam Hussein from power is not something that should require a lot of might.  It's not like World War III.  So what's the President's problem?

President Bush met with Tony Blair today at Camp David.  The United Kingdom is the only supporter of the US among the world superpowers.  However, the only true supporter of the US is Israel, and Bush can't accept that.  Like his father, he is planning a war with everyone's support except Israel.  That's a sign of being on the wrong side of history.  Israel is dealing with their terrorist problem.  What is the US doing?

Typhoon Sinlaku smashed into China this morning after President Bush talked with the Chinese President yesterday about Iraq.  After 11 days over the Pacific, Sinlaku hit China the same day Fay hit Texas.  And Sinlaku, like Fay, is the name of a demon goddess.  Sinlaku is the goddess of breadfruit, which a demon counterattack on Marriage and Logistical Grace.  Not only did Sinlaku make landfall today, Typhoon Ele was down graded to a tropical storm, and the storms off Mexico in the region of Ecumenical Babylon disintegrated.

After Tropical Storm Edouard hit Florida on September 4th, Day 247, the dominoes began to fall.  Dolly fizzled.  Then 3 days later, today, Sinlaku hit China and Fay hit Texas.  In addition, the storms off Mexico in the region of Ecumenical Babylon disintegrated.  Thus, the sequence began in Florida and the other storms followed.  Florida is on the east coast of the USA, which is the Spiritual side, but Florida also led the way in the demise of the other storms.  Edouard hit Florida on Day 247, for peace, which was related to the Middle East peace process.  The Pacific storms were also associated with peace because Pacific means peace pact.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Tropical Storm Fay brought cursing to Texas to herald President Bush's meeting with Tony Blair.  The meeting was not blessing but cursing.  The White House policy, which fails to support Israel and destroy the Palestinians, is an affront to the Church in Florida.  And the White House policy which rejects the principle of freedom through military victory (annihilation of the enemy) is an affront to the Church in Texas.  Before, the White House policy became watered down, however, the Church became weak in Florida and Texas.  The Church in Florida and Texas was tied like dominoes to the storms around the world.  Brother hand and brother foot have a world wide impact.

Jesus Christ spoke the simple truth on earth.  Those who believed in Him were saved.  They were delivered from their life of Spiritual death into the kingdom of Eternal Life. Everyone born into this life is born with the sin of Adam.  That sin is passed down through the male sperm.  A person is born physically alive but spiritually dead.  He is cut off from God in darkness.  He cannot understand spiritual things without a spirit.  Spiritual regeneration is necessary to know God.  Anyone can know God who is willing to follow God's procedure for Salvation, which is:

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).
Belief in Jesus Christ can be expressed in the privacy of the soul to God the Father:  "Father, I believe in Jesus Christ."  God will honor any request for Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Author:  Larry Wood