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Iraq Inspectors Divide Security Council

Quartet Calls for Palestinian State in 2003

Iraq Inspectors Divide Security Council

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September 17 (Day 260, Political Babylon):  Iraq's decision to allow UN weapons inspectors yesterday, divided the Security Council today.  Russia drove a wedge into the Council in support of Iraq and said there was no need for a resolution.  Further, meeting to plan for the return of UN weapons inspectors were underway.  In agreeing to weapons inspectors, Iraq claimed to be abiding by the will of the Arab League.  And Russia whose trade with Iraq is worth billions is in no mood to start a war.  So, today, it appears Saddam Hussein has recovered the fumble on the World Stage.

Quartet Calls for Palestinian State in 2003

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The Quartet of the US, European Union, Russia, and the United Nations, called for a provisional Palestinian state next year with the aim of a final settlement between Israel and the Palestinians in 2005.  The meeting of the Quartet was held in the basement of the United Nations building in New York.  Also in attendance were representatives from 5 Arab nations, Israel, and the Palestinian Authority.

Bush Goes to Nashville

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President Bush visited East Literature Magnet school in Nashville, Tennessee in celebration of the 215th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution.  He also attended a fund raiser in an all-out effort to elect Lamar Alexander to the Senate from Tennessee.

Awesome Angel

The image of an awesome angelic creature stretched across Tennessee and the Mississippi River.  The creature represented a witness with the weather elephant off the east coast.  It resembled a hawk, the symbol of an evil dictator like Saddam Hussein.  Later in the day, crocodiles (or snakes) from Louisiana were attacking the awesome angel.  The elephant and the crocodile represent demon Commanders, such as Baal.

Dow Falls Again

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 172.63, or 2.1 percent, to close at 8,207.55.  The numbers mean:
Awesome Angel, 9-16-02, 1515 GMT, NOAA Awesome Angel, 9-18-02, 0045 GMT, NOAA


Three waterspouts were reported in the USA.  All were around Key West, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  The three large waterspouts appeared in a sequence over the times:  6:14 - 6:20 PM EDT, 6:20 - 6:28 PM EDT, and 6:38 - 6:42 PM EDT.  There were at least 10 wind damage reports.  The wind damage reports were in Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

The images on the weather map included an awesome angel that resembled a hawk over Tennessee and the Mississippi River and an elephant off the east coast of the USA.  An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Storm Iselle

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Tropical Storm Iselle is in the Pacific off Mexico.  It is moving northwest with 55 knot winds.


Three large waterspouts in sequence occurred around Key West, Florida at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The curse of the 3 waterspouts in sequence were in opposition to the Quartet's call for a Palestinian state in 2003.  This defies the Abrahamic Covenant, which the Lord will defend.

The image of an awesome angel that resembled a hawk hovered over Tennessee and the Mississippi River beside a weather elephant in the Atlantic.  The Atlantic represents Political Babylon, which is the US foreign policy.  It was Day 260, for Political Babylon.  The awesome angel hovering over Tennessee represented judgment upon the US for its foreign policy of Baal.  It represented the curse of an evil dictator like Saddam Hussein.  The US push for a UN Security Council resolution on Iraq is under slavery to the Cosmic System.  Tennessee represents the internal gates of the criminal justice system.

President Bush visited Tennessee today.  And the Dow fell  172.63, for the production of the Internal Gates of criminal justice (72), and an outcast (63).  It closed at 8,207.55, for an historical breakpoint (82); category (7); and grace blessing in suffering (55).  The breakpoint occurred after Iraq offered to allow unconditional inspections.  Inspections amount to police action, which is a function of the criminal justice system - not the military or foreign policy of a nation.  There is no basis under the laws of establishment for policing an enemy nation.  The police action would not be necessary if the US leadership had finished the job in Desert Storm.  The purpose of war is to annihilate the enemy - not to agree to a peace treaty with a liar.  Based upon Russia's attempt today to divide the UN Security Council, it appears that President Bush will not get the UN Security Council resolution he was expecting.

Today was September 17th, for lawlessness.  The Palestinians represent lawlessness.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The three big Florida waterspouts represented the angelic reaction to the Quartet's call for a Palestinian state in 2003. The awesome angel over Tennessee stood ready to judge the USA for violating the Laws of Establishment regarding the internal gates of the criminal justice system.  The internal gates are not external.  Law enforcement in a foreign nation must act under the sovereign authority of that nation.  It must not force a foreign nation into slavery.

Jesus Christ spoke the simple truth on earth.  Those who believed in Him were saved.  They were delivered from their life of Spiritual death into the kingdom of Eternal Life. Everyone born into this life is born with the sin of Adam.  That sin is passed down through the male sperm.  A person is born physically alive but spiritually dead.  He is cut off from God in darkness.  He cannot understand spiritual things without a spirit.  Spiritual regeneration is necessary to know God.  Anyone can know God who is willing to follow God's procedure for Salvation, which is:

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).
Belief in Jesus Christ can be expressed in the privacy of the soul to God the Father:  "Father, I believe in Jesus Christ."  God will honor any request for Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Author:  Larry Wood