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Indiana Tornado Swarm

Horse of Isidore

Indiana Tornado Swarm

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September 20 (Day 263, Outcast):  A swarm of tornadoes belted Indiana along a cold front associated with a weather elephant.  Churches, homes, businesses, and motor vehicles were destroyed in a diagonal path across the state.  In spite of the devastation, no one was killed.  The 27 tornado reports outlined a horse's head on the SPC Storm graphic.  All except 3 of the reported tornadoes were in Indiana from 38 to 40 N. and 85 to 87 W.  Three of the reports were in Ohio.  The tornadoes in the weather elephant were directly north of Hurricane Isidore, which was crossing the horse's neck of Cuba.

In McCordsville about a dozen ducks and geese were sucked out of a pond by a tornado and dropped several hundred yards away (ref. Indy Star photos).  Ducks represent phallic reversionism, which geese represent Baal.  In Lapel in the 3900 block of South County Road 600 West, a tornado destroyed a garage with two 1966 Chevy Chevelles inside.  One, a convertible, was covered in rubble.  The other was untouched.  The number, 66, represents worldliness.  The two cars side-by-side represent a witness.

Russian Avalanche

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A mudslide from a 500-foot slab of a glacier that broke off in the Russian Caucasus mountains has buried a village and killed perhaps 100 people.  Part of the village of Nizhny Karmadon of 50 inhabitants in the Russian Republic of North Ossetia has been covered in ice and rocks.  The avalanche slid about 20 miles before it stopped on the Gizel-Karmadon highway about 6 miles from the Vladikavkaz. The path of destruction was about 300-400 yards wide.

Horse of IsidoreHurricane Isidore, 9-21-02, 2115 GMT, NOAA

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September 21 (Day 264, Weakness):  Hurricane Isidore traveled toward the Yucatan as it gathered strength from the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico.  In front of Isidore, the image of a horse filled the Bay of Campeche.  A horse represents war and the associated judgments such as economic depression (Revelation 6:1-6).

On the weather map, the image of an elephant, which stretched along the eastern seaboard to Louisiana, was over Isidore. Louisiana is in the region of Simeon criminality.  Nineteen terrorist criminals are holed up with Arafat in his compound.

Florida Swamps Tennessee

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Number 10 (Laws of Establishment) Florida beat Number 4 Tennessee 30-13.  What appeared to be a great victory by Florida looks different when examined in light of divine viewpoint.  Even football comes from the Sovereign Design of God.  The University of Florida is from Alachua County #11, for a witness, as in court. And Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Tennessee represents the criminal justice system.  Florida led 24-0 at the half, where 24 stands for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  Now, the Palestinians are leading Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

After a scoreless first quarter, the tide turned when rain from the Baal elephant overhead began to fall.  Tennessee fumbled the ball on four consecutive plays.  They were ranked Number 4, for weakness.  Florida scored 24 points in the last 5 minutes of the second quarter.  The first TD was on a controversial call that was not discernible even from the replays.  Tennessee fumbled the first play after the score and Florida recovered at the Tennessee 24.  Florida scored on a for a 28-yard (cosmic stronghold) pass with 3:40 left.

Florida had the ball on its 38 (dying in the wilderness) with 1:27 to go in the half. Grossman hit Perez for 22 yards (cursing).  Later Grossman hit Jacobs on a 7-yard TD pass with 42 seconds (Baal) left for a 21-0 lead.   Then Tennessee fumbled the seventh time. Florida's Clint Mitchell recovered at the Tennessee 24 with 2 seconds left (divine division of 2002) in the half.  Matt Leach kicked a 41-yard field goal to give Florida a 24-0 half-time lead.

Florida's Grossman completed 20 of 34 (division of the land) passes for 324 yards and two interceptions. Tennessee's Clausen, who lost one of his four fumbles, was 30-of-44 (suffering) passes for 285 yards. The final score was 30 (priest) -13 (double blessing of Israel).  Tennessee is in the region of the Levities, the priests of Israel.

In summary, the football game represented the contest between Israel and the Palestinian criminals in Arafat's Ram Allah stronghold.  Florida represented the Palestinians and Tennessee represented the criminal justice system.  Florida was empowered by the Baal elephant and rain, a sign of lawlessness.  Tennessee fumbled 7 times for categorical punishment and lost the game.  That is precisely what is happening in Israel right now.  The criminal justice system is not exercising justice toward the terrorists.  Israel is not getting rid of the terrorists with Arafat because the criminal justice system cannot handle it.  Neither Israel nor the USA has executed a single terrorist.  All the 24's in Florida's favor represented empowerment from Satan.  It is whether you win or lose; but to produce divine good, it's how the game is played that counts.  A right thing must be done in a right way.

Saddam Hussein's Hand

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The photo of Saddam Hussein's hand reveals a short, fat, pointed forefinger.  The first two phalanges of his forefinger are thick, which means:
A forefinger with a thick 1st phalange represents a person who is overly bold, full of power lust, and egotistical.
Egotistical means the ego has run away into the sin of pride.

A thick 2nd phalange represents power perception and recognition.  This type perceives the world in terms of
power and, consequently, sees the use of power as the solution.

The tip of his forefinger is conic, which means a person who only sees part of the whole.  He believes the whole is like the part he sees, for example, a fetish.

The short forefinger compared to the third finger is the sign of strong masculine sexual desires.  The thick thumb represents:

A thick 2nd, middle, thumb phalange represents legalistic thinking, which is characteristic of authority without
freedom.  A thick phalange indicates that a person has overly extended his will, which is tantamount to being
overly empowered or stubborn.

A thick 3rd, tip, phalange of the thumb represents rebellion or tyranny and may be associated with a dictator.

The inclination of the thumb and forefinger inward indicates repression.  The thumb bowed backward represents gullibility.


Twenty-seven tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All except 3 of the tornadoes were in Indiana, while 3 were in Ohio.  There were at least 1 hail and 42 wind damage reports.

The image on the SPC Storm graphic was the outline of a horse's head over Indiana and Ohio.  The image on today's weather map included an elephant that stretched along the eastern seaboard to Louisiana.  An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Hurricane Isidore

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Hurricane Isidore is in the Gulf of Mexico east of the Yucatan.  It is moving west with 110 knot winds.  Isidore means gift of Isis, who was the Egyptian mother goddess that claimed to be the mother of the savior of mankind.  Her son was touted as the bread of life, which is a demon counterattack of Ecumenical Babylon on the Gospel.

Subtropical Storm Kyle

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Subtropical Storm Kyle was named in the Atlantic.  It is moving north with 40 knot winds.


A swarm of tornadoes hit Indiana, which corresponds to Political Babylon in the region of Naphtali, the doe, and symbol of peace.  The tornadoes were under the Baal elephant as Hurricane Isidore crossed the horse's neck of Cuba yesterday.  Much of Indiana was devastated although there were no casualties.  This was clearly the curse of Baal upon the USA.  Israel was laying siege to Arafat's terrorist stronghold at the time and there was no so much as kind word out of Washington.  There was the usual authoritarian duplicitous rhetoric characteristic of worldly politicians.

A Russian village was covered yesterday by a mudslide from a glacier on the day Hurricane Isidore was covered by the horse's neck of Cuba.  A covering neutralizes the problem.

Hurricane Isidore formed the image of a horse as it headed toward the Yucatan and became a major hurricane.  A horse's head was visible in the Bay of Campeche.  A horse represents war.  President Bush is trying to start a war with Iraq, but according to the hurricane, Iraq is not the problem.  The horse of Isidore has been associated with Arafat - not Saddam Hussein or President Bush.  That may change next week, but as of now, the Palestinians are still winning the strategic war against Israel because the criminal justice system lacks the objectivity to render justice.  Neither the US nor Israel has executed a single terrorist.  Tactical victories without strategic justice will only lead to strategic loss.  The world thinks the Palestinians deserve a state even though a blind fool can see that is not the case.  What logic do these people use?

The war on terrorism was illustrated by the Florida-Tennessee football game.  The war is against terrorists.  It cannot be won with conventional warfare.  It must be won in the criminal justice system.  Today, it is being lost in the criminal justice system.  Iraq is not the issue in the war on terrorism.  Terrorists must be rooted out and brought to justice.  That is not happening.

Today was September 21st, for Providential Preventative Suffering.  And it was Day 264, for weakness.  The Tennessee football team demonstrated weakness as it was defeated in the rain by Florida.  The battle is the Lord's even in football.  And Arafat was weak today, but if Israel doesn't deal with him, he will only use this to parlay his victimization into more political gains.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Tornadoes swarmed over Indiana as Israel blew up Arafat's buildings but lacked the courage to deal personally with Arafat and his terrorist thugs.  Arafat is suffering but he is not facing justice.  The Israeli Army is dancing around the problem while the White House is playing the role of the authoritarian godfather and cautioning it not to harm Arafat.  This is the perspective of Bible Doctrine, which teaches justice and the rule of law.  Hurricane Isidore appeared as a horse, but it is Arafat who is riding the horse.  No sooner had the peace Quartet proposed a Palestinian state than the Palestinian crisis arose to overshadow President Bush's war plans.  We don't choose our battlefield.

Jesus Christ was the bread of life that came down from heaven.  He drew all mankind to Himself to offer them the gift of God, which is Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  He was the grain of wheat that died and rose again (John 12:24).  No one else has ever been resurrected, although some have been resuscitated.

Jesus Christ is the unique Savior of mankind.  Those who believe in Him will be saved.  They will be delivered from their life of Spiritual death into the kingdom of Eternal Life. Everyone born into this life is born with the sin of Adam.  That sin is passed down through the male sperm.  A person is born physically alive but spiritually dead.  He is cut off from God in darkness.  He cannot understand spiritual things without a spirit.  Spiritual regeneration is necessary to know God.  Anyone can know God who is willing to follow God's procedure for Salvation, which is:

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).
Belief in Jesus Christ can be expressed in the privacy of the soul to God the Father:  "Father, I believe in Jesus Christ."  God will honor any request for Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Author:  Larry Wood