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Fox Hunters March on London

Isidore Lanfall Yucatan

Fox Hunters March on London

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September 22 (Day 265, Going Down):  In the largest rally in London in 150 years, around 400,000 from England and around the world marched on London to denounce the destruction of their rural way of life.  The largest contingent of  supporters of fox hunters who were protesting a ban on hunting with dogs in England and Wales.  The march lasted 7 hours due to the large number.  Supporters came from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, and across Europe.  Over 2,500 coaches and 31 chartered trains carried protesters to London, and police drafted 1,600 extra officers.

Animal rights activists were on hand to hassle the marchers.  The march demonstrated the division between city and country.  Benevolent rulers should never ride roughshod over the rights those of humble origin.  The idea of banning fox hunting because it is cruel is a good example of a government divorced from reality.

Isidore Landfall YucatanHurricane Isidore, 9-22-02, 2115 GMT, NOAA

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Hurricane Isidore made a sudden dive to the south into the Yucatan.  Landfall was just northeast of Merida, Mexico on the Yucatan peninsula with 110 knot winds at 1:45 PM local (1945 GMT) at 21 N., for Providential Preventative Suffering, and 89 W., for an authority counterattack.  The image of Isidore continued to resemble a horse's head.  A horse represents war and the associated judgments such as economic depression (Revelation 6:1-6).

On the weather map, the image of an elephant, which stretched along the eastern seaboard to Louisiana, was over Isidore. Louisiana is in the region of Simeon criminality.  Nineteen terrorist criminals are holed up with Arafat in his compound.

Israel Prepares to Negotiate with Arafat

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After saying they would not negotiate, Israel backed off the bulldozers today, delivered food and supplies, and prepared to continue its strange relationship with Yasser Arafat.  Negotiations have begun to end the siege of Arafat's compound.


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There was at least 1 wind damage report.

The image on today's weather map, like yesterday, included an elephant that stretched along the eastern seaboard to Louisiana.  An elephant symbolizes a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Hurricane Isidore

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Hurricane Isidore made landfall on the Yucatan northeast of Merida, Mexico with 110 knot winds at 1:45 PM local (1945 GMT) at 21 N., for Providential Preventative Suffering, and 89 W., for an authority counterattack.  It is moving south with 104 knot winds.  Isidore means gift of Isis, who was the Egyptian mother goddess that claimed to be the mother of the savior of mankind.  Her son was touted as the bread of life, which is a demon counterattack of Ecumenical Babylon on the Gospel.

Subtropical Storm Kyle

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Subtropical Storm Kyle was named in the Atlantic.  It is moving northeast with 40 knot winds.  Kyle means a strait.


The great fox hunt protest in London called attention to the division between city government and rural values.  It illustrates the difference between the subjectivity and subsequent tyranny of city government in opposition to the reality of rural life.  Foxes are not a pest in the city; so the city governors passed laws banning hunting with dogs.  It proved the city governors were divorced from reality.  City people often have a distorted view of animals.  They show their love for animals by caging them in zoos and homes.  There's nothing loving about it.

The problem in Great Britain between the city and the country illustrates the polarized degeneracy of legalism versus lawlessness.  The city represents the rule of law and legalism, while the country in lawlessness has no need for the rule of law.  The city needs traffic laws and cops, while the country needs neither.

Hurricane Isidore dived south into the Yucatan. It continued to form the image of a horse.  A horse represents war.  President Bush is trying to start a war with Iraq, but according to the hurricane, Iraq is not the problem.  The horse of Isidore has been associated with Arafat - not Saddam Hussein or President Bush.

Israel has now begun to negotiate the end of the siege on Arafat's Ram Allah compound.  Israel did not bring the terrorists to justice.  It had the chance but lacked the will.

Today was September 22nd, for cursing.  And it was Day 265, for going down.  Hurricane Isidore unexpectedly dived down south into the Yucatan.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Foxes should be treated as they deserve just as terrorists should be treated.  But subjectivity has reduced the fox to an animal with rights and terrorists to religious zealots fighting for a cause.  Because of this subjectivity, governments are courting their own destruction.  It is as if they can't bear to live without an Arafat.  When terrorists and criminals are protected, it makes the government guilty of the very thing it pretends to hate.  Only Bible Doctrine in the soul can straighten out warped values.

Jesus Christ was the bread of life that came down from heaven.  He drew all mankind to Himself to offer them the gift of God, which is Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  He was the grain of wheat that died and rose again (John 12:24).  No one else has ever been resurrected, although some have been resuscitated.

Jesus Christ is the unique Savior of mankind.  Those who believe in Him will be saved.  They will be delivered from their life of Spiritual death into the kingdom of Eternal Life. Everyone born into this life is born with the sin of Adam.  That sin is passed down through the male sperm.  A person is born physically alive but spiritually dead.  He is cut off from God in darkness.  He cannot understand spiritual things without a spirit.  Spiritual regeneration is necessary to know God.  Anyone can know God who is willing to follow God's procedure for Salvation, which is:

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved" (Acts 16:31).  "Everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have Eternal Life" (John 3:16b).
Belief in Jesus Christ can be expressed in the privacy of the soul to God the Father:  "Father, I believe in Jesus Christ."  God will honor any request for Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Author:  Larry Wood