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God Sides with Microsoft

Example of Civil Law in Church Age

God Sides with Microsoft

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November 1 (Day 305, Grace or Giant):  The antitrust settlement between software giant, Microsoft, and the Justice Department and nine states was approved by a federal judge.  US District Judge, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, approved the deal, which may end most of the legal wrangling between disgruntled competitors against Microsoft.  Although Microsoft stock fell for the day, it rose $2.30, or 4.3 percent, to $55.30 in trading following the judge's decision.  Here, the numbers mean:  a Spiritual uptrend ($2.30); grace blessing in suffering (55), and a priest (30).  The 9 states represented the Plagues of Egypt.

As proved by the numbers, God backed Microsoft.  The reason has nothing to do with Microsoft's worthiness.  It is an example of what God can be expected to do in civil law.  God's position in civil law is documented in the epistles to the Church.  God, who is the ultimate Judge, presides over all courts.  He personally presides over Marriage Law, as well as criminal and civil law.  He appoints government officials to administer criminal law, but he personally judges civil law.  He allows courts for civil law in His permissive will, but that is far from His directive will.  God is not opposed to civil law, but He is the real judge over civil disputes - not judges and juries.

Christians are prohibited from filing civil lawsuits.  Unbelievers are not prohibited because the Bible is not for unbelievers.  However, if God is opposed to Christians going to the civil courts of the unbelievers, He is just as opposed to unbelievers doing it.  If it is wrong for the Christian, it is wrong for the world.  Consequently, in most civil cases, God will side with the defense.

The basis for jurisprudence derives from the sacredness of human life and property.  Criminal law is designed to protect life and property.  The state, and not the Church, is authorized to administer criminal law.  There was both a criminal code and a civil code in the Mosaic Law of Client Nation, Israel.  However, in the Church Age doctrine for the Church, the civil code is taken from the government and administered directly from the Supreme Court of Heaven.  Yet, since governments don't know God, they are none the wiser and continue to judge cases of civil law.  And Christians who are none the wiser don't know civil lawsuits are not sanctioned in the Church Age.  They are a violation of the separation of Church and state because they are infringing upon the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Heaven.

Granted some regulation of civil law is necessary, but much of the bankruptcy of the nation is due to the court system operating in the realm of civil law outside of true authority.  Insurance companies, doctors, and big businesses are being sued by greedy morons.  Juries are awarding huge sums of money.  There are often Christians on these juries who have never been taught that they are sinning against the Supreme Court of Heaven by playing judge over civil matters that are outside the scope of the Christian Life.  In other words, their decisions are from the darkness of the Cosmic System.

Marriage Law was taken out of the government domain during the period of the Hypostatic Union when Jesus Christ refused to judge the woman caught in adultery.  She had sinned, and the state had no business judging her.  Almost all divorces are flagrant violations of Marriage Law.  Yet judges think they are authorized to hand out divorces and assess child support.  They are not.  God never gave them that authority.  And there is no authority except from God.  Rebellious females know that ignorant judges will listen to their gripes, and working men are destroyed financially by the legal system.

State governments take it upon themselves to regulate insurance companies.  They have no such authority, although they do have the power from immoral laws passed by state legislatures.  Government regulation of insurance companies in the state of Florida is major disaster.  The bottom line in most civil suits is the love of money, which is a root of all evil.  States and businesses convinced the US Justice Department that Microsoft was violating anti-trust laws, which themselves were illegitimate aberrations of civil law.

The ruling today in Microsoft's favor came on November 1st, where the 11th month stands for a witness, as in court, and 1 is for unity.  They agreed.  It was Day 305, for judgment (300) of a giant (5).  The giant was Microsoft, but a giant also represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  These numbers came from the Sovereign Design of God.  They are divine fingerprints.  God defended Microsoft because He was opposed to the civil lawsuits in the first place.


This analysis may upset even doctrinal believers who have never had the scripture accurately
communicated.  Christians should go to their own pastor-teachers for clarification.

Dow Up 120

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 120.61, or 1.4 percent, to close at 8,517.64.  The numbers mean:


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported in the USA.

The trunk of a weather elephant in the Atlantic stretched through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Hurricane Huko

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Hurricane Huko is in the central Pacific south of Hawaii.  It is moving west with 75 knot winds.  Huko is Hawaiian for Hugo, which is Germanic for heart, mind, or spirit.


A federal judge upheld the settlement in the Microsoft antitrust case.  This was a victory for the few doctrinal believers in the nation who understand the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Heaven over civil law.  Perhaps these Christians will get special battle stars in Heaven, and all the ignorant Christians will come by and ask, "Vat's dat?"  This would be a good topic for Sunday's sermon for those pastors who have never taught it.

The Dow rose up 120.61, for authority (12); and income tax (61).  Governments have the authority to levy taxes.  And the Dow closed at 8,517.64, for an eye or spy (85); lawlessness (17); and weakness (64).

It was November 1st, for a witness of the 11th month and unity (1).  The judge ruled on the Microsoft settlement.  And it was Day 305, for Judgment (300) of a giant (5), Microsoft.  A giant also represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The Bible upholds civil law, but not civil lawsuits.  The Supreme Court of Heaven actively judges all infractions of civil law.  There is a separation of Church and state, and the state in the USA has overstepped its bounds in civil law.  The US legal system has stepped into the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Heaven.  The laws of the land are one of the primary contributors to the bankruptcy of the nation.  Legalism is no better than anarchy.


Author:  Larry Wood