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California Mass Wreck

Israeli Power Struggle

Elephant, 11-3-02, 2224 GMT, Navy

California Mass Wreck

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November 3 (Day 307, Categorical Judgment):  A massive wreck of 194 vehicles in California in early morning fog injured 41, nine critically.  The chain reaction began shortly before 7:00 AM PST (1500 GMT) when visibility was about 50 feet.   There were two crash scenes.  The smaller one near Del Amo Boulevard involved about 20 vehicles.  Interstate 710 was blocked between Interstate 405 and Highway 91, where the numbers mean a strait (71), weakness (4) of a giant (5), and a coup de grace (91).  The wreck was at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 118 W., for the witness of a pillar, for maximum historical impact.

Netanyahu Demands Israeli Elections

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After former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was interviewed for the position of Foreign Minister in the new administration of Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, Netanyahu agreed to serve if Sharon would call for early elections.  He obviously wants to run against Sharon.

Alaska Earthquake - 7.9

Links:  | AP | USGS | 22:12/40 UTC, 7.9 Richter, 63.743N 147.687W
A strong 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck 35 miles east of McKinley Park, Alaska at 1:12/40 PM AST (2212/40 UTC) at 63 N., for an outcast, and 147 W., for peace.  The epicenter was about 90 miles south of Fairbanks.  The earthquake was under a weather elephant, the sign of a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Ecuador Capital Covered in Volcanic Ash

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The eruption of the Reventador volcano in Ecuador has covered the capital city of Quito with ash.  The latest eruptive period began in 1998 with phreatic explosions and magmatic eruptions in October 1999.  Ecuador is in the region that corresponds to Benjamin in South America.


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported in the USA.

Strong thunderstorms pounded southern Texas.

Hurricane Huko

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Hurricane Huko is in the central Pacific south of Hawaii.  It is moving west with 75 knot winds.  Huko is Hawaiian for Hugo, which is Germanic for heart, mind, or spirit.


A massive wreck of 194 vehicles occurred in California on Interstate 710, for a strait.  An entire section of the highway had to be closed.  California is in the region of the USA that corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  The massive wreck represents a strategic failure.

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, agreed to serve as Foreign Minister under Ariel Sharon if early elections were held.  That was a bombshell that illustrates the power struggle in Israel.  The government of Ariel Sharon collapsed after Labor pulled out.  This is in conjunction with the US elections.  The Lord is changing out the government leaders in Israel just as He is in the USA.  The Lord appoints national leaders from His Sovereign Design, regardless of those who think elections are free.  There is no authority except from God.

A major earthquake struck Alaska at 63 N., for an outcast, and 147 W., for peace.  This is a warning of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline heralded by the peace process.  It is also what happened to Benjamin Netanyahu, who was cast out as Israeli Prime Minister after he signed the Wye Memorandum.  Alaska is in the region of Benjamin. Both the Alaska earthquake and the California mass wreck correspond to Benjamin Netanyahu's rejection of the request to serve Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.  Netanyahu is the Israeli Prime Minister to shook hands with Yasser Arafat over the Wye Memorandum that set the stage for the latest Intifada.

The eruption of the Reventador volcano in Ecuador has covered the capital city of Quito with ash.  Ecuador is in the region of Benjamin in South America.  A volcano represents Fire Testing associated with the holocaust.  This was also related to Benjamin Netanyahu.

It was November 3rd, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  And it was Day 307, for Categorical (7) Judgment (300), which is like momentum testing.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The mass wreck in California represented a strategic failure in Israel.  The Alaska earthquake represented the Fifth Cycle of Discipline associated with the peace movement.  And the eruption of the volcano in Ecuador represented Fire Testing.  Both were in the region of Benjamin.  Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Ariel Sharon's request for help in a tricky way.  The Lord removed Netanyahu from power after he signed the Wye Memorandum.  The Israeli power struggle is in parallel with the US mid-term elections on November 5th.


Author:  Larry Wood