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NASA STS-113 Mission

NASA STS-113 Mission Patch

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STS-113 Landing KSC, 12-7-02, 1737 GMT, NASA


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December 7 (Day 341, Happiness):  The Orbiter Endeavour landed successfully on Runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center, Florida to complete the STS-113 Mission.  The Florida weather was good with scattered clouds and winds of 8 knots gusting to 13 knots with 7 knot cross winds.  The crew spent three extra days in orbit waiting for the weather elephant over Florida to clear to permit a landing under NASA's conservative flight rules.

Land times were:

  1. Main gear touchdown:  2:37/12 PM EST (1737/12 GMT); Mission Elapsed Time (MET) - 13 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes and 25 seconds.
  2. Nose gear touchdown:  2:37/23 PM EST (1737/23 GMT); MET - 13 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes and 36 seconds.
  3. Wheel stop: 2:38/25 PM EST (1738/25 GMT); MET - 13 days, 18 hours, 48 minutes and 38 seconds.
The ground track extended from the corner of the Yucatan Peninsula to Florida.  The track was very nearly the same as the path of Hurricane Mitch, which heralded the signing of the Wye Memorandum.  The corner of the Yucatan represents a  trumpeter swan, which symbolizes the Cross and Christ, the cornerstone, who brought the two walls of Jews and Gentiles together (Ephesians 2:12-21).  The constellation, Cygnus, the Swan, is part of the Star Gospel.


Astronauts waited for three days to land after NASA flight controllers in Houston played it conservative as usual.  Instead of landing in front of the weather elephant, the landing of STS-113 was three days later after the weather elephant passed.  All this was obviously factored into the Sovereign Design of God.  Today, was the last US Senate runoff in Louisiana.  The first weather delay was from a weather elephant over Louisiana, and the landing was during the Louisiana runoff election for the Senate.  The NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, is from Louisiana.  This should remove all doubt that Louisiana, which represents Simeon criminality, is now an issue in the Spiritual Warfare associated with NASA.

Landing was at 2:37/12 PM EST, where 37 is for a warrior, and 12 is for authority.  Iraq turned in their weapons list today to the United Nations.  This is significant because UN Resolution 1441 required Iraq to turn over the list by tomorrow, Day 342, for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  However, today was Day 341, for happiness.  The signs continue to indicate that God has spared Iraq.

Today was December 7th, for the completion of a category.  NASA's STS-113 Mission was completed along with the work of the Expedition 5 Crew, which returned today.

Landing Waveoff #1

Titusville, Florida Sunset, 12-4-02, 1745 EST

Landing Waveoff #1

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Elephant, 12-4-02, 2245 GMT, NOAADecember 4 (Day 338, Purifying Judgment of Dying in the Wilderness):   NASA waved off two opportunities to land at Kennedy Space Center due to low clouds.  The first landing opportunity was borderline, but it was the best opportunity forecast for the next two days.  The second opportunity was a little worse.  The picture of the Florida sunset at the time of the second landing opportunity does not reveal any foreboding clouds.  The Orbiter could have landed easily in spite of a few clouds.  It is even equipped with a microwave scan beam landing system that has never been used for landing.


Today was December 4th, for weakness.  With a huge weather elephant on the way from Louisiana, NASA's management policies were used as excuses for not landing.  The conservative management call was typical of an agency that long ago stopped proving what it could do and started making excuses about what it couldn't do.  It couldn't accept the blame for a system that failed to fire on the previous launch.  This mission was launched with an unexplained anomaly in the firing system for the ground hold down posts.  The same people who said it was OK to launch with a system that failed when it was designed to preclude failure are the same ones who would not land the Orbiter with scattered clouds.

It was Day 338, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit of Dying in the Wilderness.  The weather elephant over Louisiana sent the clouds to Florida that scared NASA.  This story has been repeated many times in the Shuttle history.  Whatever Christian is supposed to provide the blessing for landing appears to have never arrived.  The weather elephant over Louisiana correlates to the new NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, who is from Louisiana.  Deming always said, "Quality comes from the top."  O'Keefe is a professor of economics.  What's he doing in charge of NASA?  According to Romans 13, the Lord appoints authorities for the job that needs doing.  That job appears to be economics.

Change of Command

Change of Command

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November 29 (Day 333, Hurricane):  The change of command ceremony for the Expedition 5 and 6 crews was held today.  It marked a significant occasion because the number, 5, has represented the curse of the giant, Baal.  The number, 6, stands for a man.  Today was Day 333, which represents the purification of the Holy Spirit, which is like a hurricane, or whirlwind.


NASA STS-113 Launch, 11-23-02, 1949/47 EST


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November 23 (Day 327, Horn):  The STS-113 Space Shuttle was successfully launched from Kennedy Space Center Florida tonight at 7:49/47 PM EST (0049/47 GMT) under partly cloudy skies.  There were a couple of technical problems, which posed no threat to the mission.  There was in internal hydraulic leak in the Orbiter Access Arm, and the a ball valve in the Right Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) indicated that it was stuck open at 96 %.  However, the Left OMS engine was fired in the cross feed configuration for the OMS burn, and it worked fine.

In keeping with the spirit of the STS-113 Mission, which features a horn through a ring, the symbol of adultery, on the mission patch, NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, wore his horn symbol and made a horn sign during a news conference.  His maroon colored shirt represented justice, or judgment.  Today was November 23rd, for a Spiritual uptrend.  It was Day 327, for the judgment (300) of a horn (27).


Launch of STS-113 was at 7:49/47 PM EST, where 49 stands for the time before Pentecost or the Church, and 47 is for peace.  Peace points to the Israeli-Palestinian Peace plan, which has led to a dramatic escalation in terrorism in Israel.  The number, 113, stands for the witness of the double blessing of Israel.  The STS-113 mission will relieve the Expedition 5 Space Station crew, where 5 is for a giant, such as Baal.  NASA is in a partnership with Russia in the Space Station, and Russia is under the power of Baal.  Baal is also the tempter in adultery.  The Church must handle the Spiritual Warfare to enable NASA to succeed.

In flight, the Left OMS engine was used for the OMS burn after a ball valve apparently stuck in the Right OMS.  The Port 1 (left) Integrated Truss Assembly (P1) will also be installed during this mission.  Thus, the emphasis is already on the left.  The left side represents the temporal, while the right represents the spiritual.  The failure in the Right OMS represents a spiritual failure that was not handled and, thus, impacted the left side.  In Marriage Culture, the woman is symbolically on the right and the man on the left.

Shortly after launch, a jet fuel spill shut down Terminal B of Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport around 9:00 PM CST.  The spill was caused by a stuck valve, which is similar to the problem with the OMS valve in the Shuttle.  The pollution of the fuel leak is also similar to the fuel oil that polluted the beaches in Spain.  The previous launch attempt was scrubbed due to rain in Spain. The pollution in Houston and Spain represents female fornication in Marriage Culture (Jeremiah 3:1-9).  The STS-113 Mission patch features a horn through a ring, the symbol of adultery.  Houston is the home of the lead NASA center for the Shuttle Program.

Scrub #2

Scrub #2

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November 22 (Day 326, Political Babylon):  The Launch of STS-113 was scrubbed for the second time due to rain at the Transatlantic Abort Landing sites in Zaragoza and Moron, Spain.  Another launch attempt is planned for tomorrow.  A weather elephant was over Spain.


The launch was scrubbed due to rain in Spain.  The rain was associated with a weather elephant, which represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A tanker sank off the coast of Spain November 19th after a leak covered the coast with oil.  The oil pollution represents female fornication in Marriage Culture (Jeremiah 3:1-9).  The mission patch features the symbol of adultery.  Spain is in the same location in Europe as Israel in Asia.  Today was November 22nd, for cursing.  The cursing is related to the cursing of Israel from the Palestinian terrorists.  It was Day 326, for the judgment (300) of Political Babylon (26).

Launch Scrub

NASA STS-113, 11-10-02, 2200 EST


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November 10 (Day 314, Passover):  The launch of STS-113 was scrubbed due to a gaseous oxygen leak.  The leak is in a line that supplies oxygen to the crew cabin.  Additional troubleshooting will be required to isolate and correct the problem before a new launch time is announced.  The current plan is to attempt to launch the night of November 18th.

A small leak of 600 Standard Cubic Inches per Minute was detected in Gaseous Oxygen Supply System 2.  The leak has been isolated to a part of the midbody under the Payload Bay.


Today was November 10th, for the Laws of Establishment.  And it was Day 314, for the passover.  NASA passed over its launch attempt.  The next launch attempt is scheduled for November 18th, Day 322, for cursing.

Launch Countdown

Launch Countdown

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November 8 (Day 312, Authority):   The Launch Countdown for NASA's STS-113 Mission is underway with Launch scheduled for November 11th 12:58/40 AM EST (0558/40 GMT).  Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105) will deliver the Expedition 6 crew to the International Space Station and the Expedition 5 crew will return to Earth.  The Port 1 Integrated Truss Assembly (P1) will also be installed.  It will be the first truss segment on the left side of the ISS. P1 will provide three additional External Thermal Control System radiators to the three radiators on the Starboard 1 (S1) Integrated Truss Assembly.  The installation of P1 will require three space walks.  This will be the 16th Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

Two of the original astronauts scheduled to fly on STS-113 had to be removed for health reasons.  During the summer, Donald Thomas was removed and a couple of weeks later in August, Shuttle pilot Christopher "Gus" Loria hurt his back at home and was removed.  They were replaced by Donald Pettit and Paul Lockhart.  Pettit will go up as an Expedition 6 crew member, and Lockhart will be the Shuttle pilot.

Mission Patch

The STS-113 Mission patch features the astronaut emblem, which is a horn through a ring with a pentagram.  This is the symbol of adultery.  The pentagram, 5-pointed star, represents a giant, such as Baal.  The ring represents the Marriage covenant. The astronaut emblem is in yellow, which represents a capacity for life test.  The three vapor trails of the horn represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon of the Cosmic System.  The names of the crew are on the solar arrays in red, for suffering.  The constellation, Orion, on the patch represents the Lord Jesus Christ as the Mighty Warrior, who will return at the Second Advent to conquer the enemies of Israel (Psalm 110:1; Rev. 19:11-16).  The seven stars of Orion are divided from three other stars by the astronaut emblem.  The three stars represent the Justice of the Holy Spirit in suffering.  The two groups of stars represent the number, 73, for freedom.

The number, 113, stands for the witness of the double blessing of Israel.

Expedition 6 Patch

ISS Expedition 6 Patch, NASAThe Expedition 6 patch is shaped like an arrow or spear head with smooth corners.  A spear is used for close fighting in combat.  The evil king has to be defeated in hand-to-hand combat.  The patch features the strategic path of the US-Russian partnership with the two flags through the bottom corners.  This is a partnership with Baal.  It is like a marriage under Baal.  The silhouette of the Space Station at the top of the patch and the orbital trajectory represent the return of the Lord Jesus Christ at the Second Advent to conquer the enemies of Israel.  The Sunburst represents an explosion.  The number, 6, represents man.  The Space Station silhouette can also represent a Global Positioning Satellite or even a helicopter in a battle scene.


The STS-113 Mission will deliver and install the P1 Truss for the Space Station, which will provide 3 additional External Thermal Control System radiators, for a total of 6 on the S1 and P1 Trusses.  The Expedition 6 crew will be taken to the Space Station aboard Orbiter Endeavour (OV-105), and the Expedition 5 crew will return to Earth.  The number, 5, stands for a giant, such as Baal.  The curse of Baal has been heavy during the stay of the Expedition crew aboard the International Space Station.  Today, the 5th fugitive of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) was caught.

Not since Apollo 13 has a NASA astronaut had to be removed for health reasons.  This time there were two.  The last was removd with an injured back, which represents being taking out of the battle as with a broken back.  The red name plates on the STS-113 Mission patch represent suffering.

Both the STS-113 Mission patch and the Expedition 6 International Space Station patch represent the Battle of Armageddon at the Second Advent.  Orion, the Mighty Warrior, is featured on the STS-113 Mission patch, and a spearhead and orbital path from the north are featured on the Expedition 6 patch.  Heaven is in the north.  Every eye will see the Lord, the Mighty Warrior and Son of Man, at the Second Advent because  He will orbit the globe (Revelation 1:7; Daniel 7:13).  The number, 113, stands for the witness of the double blessing of Israel, and 6 stands for man.  During Expedition 5, NASA canceled large projects due to cost overruns from dealing with the Russians.  During Expedition 6, there will be large layoffs (manpower reductions in force (RIF's)).

Author:  Larry Wood