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Veterans Day 2002

Elephant, 11-10-02, 2315 GMT, PSC SPC Storm Report, 11-10-02 Tornado Deaths, 11-11-02

Tornadoes Devastate Eastern USA

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November 11 (Day 315, Covering):   Killer tornadoes devastated the eastern USA overnight.  With the death toll still rising, 35 people were killed and around 200 injured.  Worst hit areas were Ohio with 5 dead, Tennessee with 16 dead, and Alabama with 12 dead.  The worst hit area in Tennessee was Morgan County west of Knoxville where the small community of Mossy Grove was devastated.  Of about 20 homes, 12 were destroyed and 4 people were killed.  About a third of the town of Carbon Hill, Alabama was devastated.  A movie theater in Van Wert, Ohio was destroyed where children had been watching "Santa Clause 2."  The manager herded the people into bathrooms and brick hallways, which kept them safe.

In Carbon Hill, Alabama two tornadoes, one behind the other, scooped up lumber and tin from a lumber yard on the west side of town.  They deposited a small mountain of the lumber and tin on the lawn of City Hall as they tore the roof off the old town hall building.  The wood represents dead works (1 Corinthians 3:12), and the tin represents the dross from failing Fire Testing.  The roof represents authority.

Before the tornadoes, Memphis had a record high of 82, for a breakpoint in history.  As the cold air from Canada was churned into the hot air from the Gulf by the jet steam, swarms of tornadoes were spun off.  There were at least 61 tornado reports from St. George's Island, Florida, where a waterspout came ashore, to Ohio.

Iraqi Parliament Debates UN Resolution

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The Iraqi Parliament began debate on Security Council Resolution 1441.  President Saddam Hussein requested a recommendation from the Parliament on the UN Resolution.  The Parliament opened with harsh words for the Resolution, which it said was full of lies.  However, the rhetoric does not necessarily mean the Parliament will reject the Resolution.

Veteran's Day 2002

The armistice that ended World War I was signed on the 11 hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, where 11 is for a witness and 18 is for a pillar, for maximum historical impact.  The Bible teaches (Leviticus 26) that wars are due to the failure of believers to execute Bible Doctrine.  US Veterans have suffered extensively to preserve the nation's freedom and the freedom of the decadent Europeans.

This Veterans Day the nation woke up to tornado devastation, which was divine punishment for Christian failure.  The war has not yet begun for a new generation of veterans to try to take up the slack for Christian failures.  Christian failures are those who cannot differentiate Light from darkness.  Light is on the Stage of Life.  Christians who cannot see it are in the darkness of the Cosmic System.  A Christian who never Rebounds is a casualty in the Angelic Conflict.  However, Rebound only powers on the system.  The eyes must be opened to see the Light.  A Christian can be filled with the Holy Spirit and still not see the Light.  Those who are asleep with their eyes closed will never see a thing.  Those who didn't see the elephant that caused the tornadoes last night had their eyes closed.  They are in the dark.  Thank God for veterans.  If only there were a Christian awakening day!

Satterfield Arrives in Middle East

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US envoy David Satterfield arrived in the Middle East to push the road map for peace.
Elephants, 11-11-02, 2315 GMT, PSC


Sixty-one tornadoes were reported in the USA.  The tornadoes hit Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  Later this morning tornadoes also hit South Carolina.  Those will be on tomorrow's report. At least 35 were killed.  Worst hit were Tennessee, Alabama, and Ohio.  There were at least 163 hail and 255 wind damage reports.

The image of an elephant was over the Pacific northeast, and another elephant stretched along the eastern seaboard.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Killer tornadoes devastated the eastern USA.  The tornadoes stretched from St. George's Island, Florida in Franklin County #59, at 29 N. and 84 W. to northern Ohio at 41 N.  The tornadoes were associated with a weather elephant that stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.  Tennessee was the hardest hit for the second day in a row.  Nineteen people were killed by tornadoes in Tennessee in the past two days.  The statement has now been made twice.  Tennessee is the issue.  Tennessee represents the criminal justice system.  This statement defies United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441, which was passed November 8th.

The worst tornadoes were last night, November 10th, for the Laws of Establishment, and Day 314, for the judgment (300) of the passover (14).  The tornadoes stretched from St. George's Island, Florida to Ohio at 41 N.  The numbers, 14 and 41, make up the beginning and end of UN Resolution 1441.

The tornado devastation was tied to UN Resolution 1441.
The United Nations is an evil affront to the Sovereignty of God.  The Bush Administration pushed through the UN Resolution, which was evil.  Now, the tornado angels have boomeranged the cursing back on the USA.  The US was attacked by terrorists - not Iraq.  The Bush Administration is talking tough against Iraq, which is a second rate wimp.  Why isn't it talkiing tough against the terrorisits?

Tornadoes represent the breakdown of Marriage Culture from the uncircumcised male - i.e. uncircumcised in heart.  The uncircumcised male is full of scar tissue of the soul.  He leads his family into slavery to Baal.  For example, a movie theater in Van Wert, Ohio was filled with children watching Santa Clause 2.  Santa Clause is Baal, the god of children.

This was November 11th, for a witness, as in court.  Today was Day 315 for the judgment (300) of covering (15).

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The message from the tornado angels from Florida to Ohio was cursing associated with UN Resolution 1441.  Tornadoes hit on the 14th and extended to 41 N.  The combination is the sequence, 1441.  Worst hit was Tennessee, which represents the criminal justice system.  This is the issue in fighting terrorism - not Iraq.  The war against terrorism will only be won by police work and the courts - not the military.  But the police and the courts will not win until Christians see the Light.


Author:  Larry Wood