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Bush in Bohemia

Netanyahu Opposes Palestinian State

Bush in Bohemia

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November 20 (Day 324, Strategy):   President Bush was in former Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, for a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meeting.  He was wined and dined in Prague, the Bohemian capital, as he used the opportunity to try to stir up the liberal Europeans into supporting his war plans for Iraq.  He is challenging NATO to support his war with Iraq.

The irony is that Bohemia is known in history as the land of the gypsies and libertines.  Bohemians are known as free-thinking and free-living people somewhat like the Beatniks of the 1950's and '60's.  These people don't know the meaning of national allegiance, let alone war.  Bush is proclaiming war by day and dining by night at tables set with 5 different kinds of drink.  In Bohemia he talks war.  There's humor in this script for the World Stage.

Netanyahu Opposes Palestinian State

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Former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, came out swinging today, as he openly stated his opposition to a Palestinian state.  Coming from the person who signed the Wye Memorandum, however, that still leaves doubts.  In addition, a petition was filed today by members of the  Likud Central Committee to force party chairman, Ariel Sharon, to oppose a Palestinian state as stated in the Likud charter.

Rainbow Over Oily Beach

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A rainbow appeared over the oil slick beach at Trabas, northern Spain today.  The oil was from the tanker, Prestige, which sank yesterday 150 miles off the coast.  A rainbow represents the end of judgment.


No tornadoes or severe weather were reported.

The image of a small, faint weather elephant again lurked over Georgia, Alabama, and the Gulf Coast.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Cyclone Boura

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Cyclone Boura is in the south Indian Ocean east of Madagascar.  It is moving west with 75 knot winds.


President Bush in Bohemia made speeches about Iraq and the necessity of war should Saddam Hussein fail to disarm.  The irony was not missed in this script for the World Stage.  Bohemia is the land of the gypsies and libertines - people who could care less about their county, let alone a war.

Israel's Likud Party fired a shot across the bow today with a demand that party leader, Ariel Sharon, oppose a Palestinian state as per its charter.  Challenger, Benjamin Netanyahu, is strongly opposed to a Palestinian state.  This new dagger came on November 20th, for going out and coming in from war; and Day 324, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  Satan supports a Palestinian state.  So does President Bush.  And Ariel Sharon has said that he would support a Palestinian state under certain conditions.

A rainbow appeared over the oil slick beaches of Spain today.  The oil is from the tanker, Prestige, that sunk yesterday.  A rainbow represents the end of Judgment.  The sinking of the tanker symbolized Iraq's defeat as  UN arms inspectors held initial meetings in Iraq.  The UN inspectors have left Iraq now for further preparations to return.  The pollution of the coast symbolized cursing in Marriage Culture due to female fornication (Jeremiah 3:1-9).

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Human history is scripted in the Sovereign Divine Design.  There was irony today on the World Stage as President Bush in Bohemia talked about war with Iraq.  The signs thus far have indicated that the Lord has spared Iraq just as He spared Nineveh in the time of Jonah.


Author:  Larry Wood