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Total Solar Eclipse

United Airlines Loan Rejected

Total Solar Eclipse

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December 4 (Day 338, Purifying Judgment of Dying in the Wilderness):   A total eclipse of the Sun was visible from southern Africa to Australia.   The greatest eclipse was at 07:31:11.0 UT  at 39°29.4´S, 059°33.1´E (39.49 S, 59.55 E) with a duration of 2 minutes 3.8 seconds.  The significant numbers mean:  31, an evil king; 11, a witness; 39, sin unto death; 59, Simeon criminality.

A solar eclipse represents the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and eclipse testing of the Right Man (reference August 11, 1999).

United Airlines Fails to Get Loan

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United Airlines failed to get $1.8 billion in federal loan guarantees.  The Air Transportation Stabilization Board said the company was financially unsound.  United Airlines had asked the government to guarantee $1.8 billion of a $2 billion private loan.  This could mean United Airlines is headed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Sharon Defies Abrahamic Covenant

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Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, vowed to seek Knesset approval of the Bush Administration's road map to peace following the January 28th election.  He intends to form a unity government and to work toward contiguously linked Palestinian territory.  In other words, he's willing to give the Palestinians the land deeded to Abraham.

Dow Down 5

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell down 5.08, or 0.1 percent, to close at 8,737.85.  The numbers mean:

Elephant, 12-4-02, 2245 GMT, NOAA


No tornadoes or severe weather were reported in the USA.

A weather elephant was over Louisiana.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The total solar eclipse represented Eclipse Testing of the Right Man in Marriage Culture.  The eclipse was visible over southern Africa and southern Australia.  Both are countries of the South on the World Stage.  Significant numbers associated with the eclipse were:  31, an evil king; 11, a witness; 39, sin unto death; 59, Simeon criminality.  Today, Saddam Hussein, an evil king (31), threatened war because the UN arms inspectors were said to be spying for the US and Israel.  United Airlines appears to be headed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after federal loan guarantees were rejected today.  And NASA failed to land the Orbiter in Florida due to the weather, which came from a weather elephant over Louisiana in the region of Simeon (59).

The Dow fell 5.08, for a giant (5), and the new birth (8).  NASA failed to land Endeavour (OV-105).  It was carrying the Expedition 5 crew.  The Dow closed at 8,737.85, for a donkey (87); warrior (37); and the an eye or spy (85).  Saddam Hussein threatened war today, which amounts to a military (37) mobilization as symbolized by a donkey (87), the pack animal of Israel.  He accused the UN inspectors of spying (85) for the US and Israel.

Ariel Sharon is openly defying the Abrahamic Covenant.  The Abrahamic Covenant and the Davidic Covenant are two of the greatest unfulfilled covenants of God.  God does not renege on His covenants.  He always keeps His word.  And He is not about to bend on the Abrahamic Covenant.  Woe to anyone or anything that gets in His way!  The US came up with this stupid idea under the power of the Cosmic System.  Now, Israel lacks the strength to resist worldly, human viewpoint.

When a person breaches a contract, he may be hauled into court.  Of course the courts have no authority to hear such cases according to 1 Corinthians 6.  Nevertheless, those who breach contracts are considered the worst of all failures.  If God did not deliver on His promises, what would He be?  God never ever fails to live up to his contractual obligations.  The Abrahamic Covenant is God's contract, and He will deliver!  Bush and Sharon will regret the day they decided to go along with the road map for peace.

Today was December 4th, for weakness.  The Light from God was symbolically cut off from the Right Man by the total solar eclipse.  Women are allowed to take their best shot at destroying the Right Man when they listen to the devil and try to usurp his authority.  But the Right Man with Bible Doctrine will withstand the test that Adam failed.  The woman learns that there is one person in this life she cannot defeat even with the devil's help.  She may have a healthy respect for her Right Man after she tries to destroy him and fails.  And it was Day 338, for the purifying Judgment of the dying in the wilderness.  The world is better off with some people dead, namely terrorists and criminals.  Peace with terrorists is a policy from Hell!

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Human history is designed by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Today was a part of divine design.  The Christian with Bible Doctrine should be able to understand the importance of God's covenants.  What God promises, God delivers.  Abraham received the greatest covenant of human history - not because of Abraham but because of the Sovereign Design of God.

The solar eclipse was a reminder of a time in life when the woman tries to destroy her Right Man because of her involvement in the Cosmic System.  The Right Man goes to the cross for his Right Woman like the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross.  Light is the issue during the eclipse, a subject which is not understood in the theology of the Church Age.  When the Right Woman puts the man's Light out, that Light is not only in the human Spirit and soul, but also in the biological life of the body.  The woman's body, soul, and human Spirit are in darkness.  After Eclipse Testing, Light is given to the woman because the man passed the test. Woe to the woman whose Right Man lacks the Bible Doctrine to rescue her from the darkness of the Cosmic System and the lies of the devil.  Her body will remain in darkness, and she will be plagued with health problems.  Her body will be under the power of the Old Sin Nature and not the Light that strengthens biological life from the fountain of youth.


Author:  Larry Wood