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Christmas Albatross

US Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash - Another Florida Christmas Party Crash

Honduras Helicopter Crash Kills 5 US Soldiers

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December 11 (Day 345, Victory Over the Stronghold):  Five US Soldiers were killed in a Black Hawk helicopter crash in Honduras.  The helicopter crashed about 9 PM local time on a routine training mission.  The crew was from the 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment, based at Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico.

SUV Crashes into Holiday Crowd

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An SUV crashed into a crowd of holiday merrymakers in Lady Lake, Florida and killed 2 and injured 17.  The driver had an epileptic seizure, and his blue Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo ran over a traffic cop, clipped a tree, and ran into a vendor's tent.  The crowd was celebrating the Winter Wonderland festival at The Villages.  People who had been drinking and dancing in front of artificial snow dragged the driver from the SUV and began to beat him before police arrived.

Killed were Robert Dittmeyer, 73, who had been directing traffic, and Sue Feely, 47, of Georgia, who was near the vendor tent.  The driver of the SUV was Alan Tomlinson, 54, from Georgia.  The tree fell on Harold Thomson, 72, and his wife Dorothea Thomson, 69.

Return of the Albatross

December 12 (Day 346, Pregnancy):  The image of an albatross appeared over the southeastern USA.  The albatross does not cross the USA, much less land on the mainland.  The bird stays over water except for its returns home to nest with its original mate every two years (reference August 24, 2002).  The irony of the albatross in the USA is an angelic denunciation of Christians returning home for Christmas.  Going home for Christmas is a great tradition like the albatross returning to mate every two years.  However, it means about as much as an albatross over the US mainland.

Bird, 12-13-02, 0345 GMT, NOAA


No tornadoes or severe weather were reported in the USA.

A large bird that resembled an albatross was over the southeastern USA, and a weather elephant was over the Pacific northwest.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Five US soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Honduras.  The number, 5, stands for a giant, such as Baal.  The crash was at 14 N.., for the passover, and 87 W., for a donkey.  A donkey symbolizes a pack animal, which can signify a deployment.  The US is busily deploying soldiers for war with Iraq.

An SUV plowed into holiday merrymakers in Lady Lake, Florida.  A 73-year old man and 47-year old woman were killed.  The numbers mean:  73 - freedom; and 47 - peace.  Peace relates to the Middle East peace process, which is the lie of Baal; and 73 is for freedom, the true issue.  The woman who was killed and the driver of the SUV were both from Georgia, which corresponds to security in the land.  After the SUV ran into the crowd, the revelers pulled the driver out and began to beat him.  They had been drinking and dancing around artificial snow a few seconds before.  A tree was knocked down on another couple.  The man was 72, for the internal gates of the criminal justice system, which is the true issue in the war on terrorism - not the military deployment to attack Iraq.  The green tree represented a phallic reversionist.  Christmas trees also represent phallic reversionism.

Lady Lake represents the female response in Marriage Culture.  It is at 28 N., for a cosmic stronghold, and 81 W.  The wreck was on December 11th, for a witness, as in court.  It was Day 345, for victory over the stronghold.  This was the second Christmas party crash in Florida.  The previous one was December 5th.

This is typical of a Christmas celebration.  Like the vast majority of Christmas feasts and parties, the Lady Lake celebration was  typical, whacky, worldly reveling in honor of Baal, the god of Christmas.  Those who had been celebrating pulled the driver out of the SUV and began to beat him.  In their merrymaking, they were under the power of the devil as the goddess of love.  In their anger, they were under the power of the devil as the god of war.  Their celebration was just as evil as their criminality.

Christmas is the number one holiday in the USA and most other countries of the world.  However, it is nothing short of a religious farce.  Christianity is a love relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is not just another religion.  Religion is man seeking to impress God.  But God is not impressed with anything man can do.  Grace means that God does it all, and man receives what God freely gives.  The only way to respond to God is through grace.  Christmas celebrations are far from grace, and far from God.  Most churches are closed on Christmas unless it falls on Sunday.

Christians are told to celebrate the death of Christ on the Cross, not His birth.  Leave it to religious people to get it backward, and watch the world add its evil to suit its own tastes.  The driver of the SUV in Lady Lake was 54, for redemption.  That was God's statement of the true meaning of Christmas:  Remember the Cross!

The image of an albatross over the southeastern USA was not only an anachronism.  It was angelic irony.  Christians should always obey the Holy Spirit when they travel.  Did the Holy Spirit say go home for Christmas this year?  If so, why did the angels paint an albatross over the US mainland?  Most Christians don't know they have a heavenly family that is much more important than their earthly family.  They are so steeped in worldly family tradition they wouldn't have the moral courage to obey the Holy Spirit on Christmas even if they could understand His command.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The true colors of the Christian shine at Christmas.  Those with artificial snow and artificial light will be lost in the darkness of the devil's world.  Like an albatross over the US mainland is a Christian who flocks to his earthly family when the Holy Spirit says, "No!"


Author:  Larry Wood