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Bush Meets with Peace Quartet

Senator Lott Steps Down

Bush Meets with Peace Quartetx

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December 20 (Day 354, Redemption):  President Bush met with the Middle East Peace Quartet in the Oval Office.  The Quartet is composed of diplomats from the United States, United Nations, European Union, and Russia.  They discussed the US-sponsored road map.  The road map, however, is still not ready and will not be presented until after the Israeli election on January 28th.  President Bush reaffirmed his commitment to two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace.

Senator Lott Steps Down as Majority Leader

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Senator Trent Lott resigned as Senate Majority Leader effective January 6th amid racial accusations from Democrats and a power struggle and conspiracy of silence from Republican leaders.  Lott said he would not seek to be Majority Leader for the 108th Congress, where 108 stands for the new birth.  Tennessee Senator Bill Frist already has the votes to succeed him.  Frist is a former heart surgeon.  He is a Presbyterian born February 22, 1952, Day 53, where 22 is for cursing; 52 is for a wall; and 53 is for a large fish or ship.  Tennessee represents the criminal justice system.

Dow Rises 146

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 146.52, or 1.8 percent, to close at 8,511.32.  The numbers mean:
Elephants, 12-20-02, 2331 GMT, NASA


Four tornadoes were reported in the USA.  Three of the tornadoes were in Mississippi and one was in Louisiana.  All were at 31 and 32 N.  One in Newton, Mississippi injured 70 people.  There were at least 1 hail and 11 wind damage reports.

The image of an elephant stretched from Montana to Arizona, and another was off the east coast of the USA.  A whirlwind was over the Great Lakes and surrounding states.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


President Bush met with the Middle East Peace Quartet and proclaimed his vision of a Palestinian state.  That foreign policy is evil and contradicts the Abrahamic Covenant.  A photo of the meeting shows Bush and Kofi Annan with crossed legs, the sign of blocking and rejection. It appears that President Bush is not fully behind the peace policy of the Quartet, nor his State Departments road map for peace.  He is an accomplished fence sitter, which is likely to lead to being hit by both sides.

After tornadoes smashed Mississippi yesterday, this morning Senator Trent Lott announced his resignation as Majority Leader in the 108th Congress beginning January 6th.  Yesterday afternoon a tornado hit Newton, Mississippi and injured 70 people.  Newton is at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 89 W., for an authority counterattack.  Bill Frist of Tennessee already has the votes to succeed him.  Tennessee represents the criminal justice system, which symbolizes the real issue in the war on terrorism and the security of this nation and Israel.  Terrorists attack civilians - not the military.  And the military cannot defeat them.  When leaders are replaced, regardless of the method, it is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ per His Sovereign Design.

There was also a tornado in Dixie, Louisiana at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 93 W., for guilt.  Louisiana represents Simeon criminality.  Today, the nation's biggest brokerage firms agreed to pay $1.4 billion in fines to end investigations into whether they issued misleading stock recommendations.

A weather elephant stretched from Montana through Utah and Colorado to Arizona.  Arizona is in the region of Gad, the raiding band or terrorists.  The Peace Quartet does not define the Palestinians as terrorists.  On the contrary, it seeks to reward them with a state.  Another weather elephant off the east coast, was over New York and Washington, DC earlier.  And a large whirlwind was over the Great Lakes and region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  The members of the peace crowd "sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind" (Hosea 8:7a).

Thus, the two elephants represented the Palestinian terrorists and the UN/US Peace Quartet with a whirlwind associated with peace in the middle.  This is angelic art.
The Dow rose 146.52, for pregnancy (46), and a wall (52).  Pregnancy is the beginning of a project.  Senator Bill Frist, who is trying to be Senate Majority Leader, was born in 1952.  The market closed at 8,511.32, for a spy (85); witness (11); and a conspiracy (32).

It was December 20th, for the external gates of the military.  And it was Day 354, for redemption.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  President Bush proclaimed again today his vision of a Palestinian state.  He had no opposition from the Peace Quartet, who are tried and true followers of Satan's policy of world rule.  President Bush's foreign policy is defying the Abrahamic Covenant.  The Lord will defend the Abrahamic Covenant with no help form anyone.  The Covenant is unconditional.  Those who oppose it will receive the curse of Abraham (Genesis 12:3).


Author:  Larry Wood