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Texas Tornadoes

Frist Elected Senate Majority Leader

Door, 12-23-02, 2215 GMT, PSC

Texas Tornadoes

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December 23 (Day 357, Zebulun):  Tornadoes, large hail, and storm winds of 60 mph drove through Texas.  Eleven tornadoes in southeast Texas and strong winds knocked out power in Houston Malls filled with holiday shoppers and knocked down brick walls.  Main traffic arteries north of Houston, including Interstate 10 and Highway 59, were closed.  Inbound Highway 59 remained closed overnight after an 18-wheeler carrying 21 tons of baled cotton wrecked and burned on the freeway.

A wall was damaged at West Oaks Mall, and part of a brick wall was knocked down at San Jacinto Mall.  Trees were toppled at Memorial City Mall and lights were knocked out, which left many holiday shoppers in the dark.  Darkness is the judgment of Political Babylon.  A wall represents the security of the nation.  A breached wall represents a security breach.  An elderly person was injured at a nursing home in New Braunfels, Texas, and another was injured in Palacios, Texas when a television tower fell on a trailer.

All except one of the Texas tornadoes were at 30 N., for a priest.  The tornadoes were spawned by a fast-moving storm front in the image of a bull that dropped the temperature 14 degrees Fahrenheit in Houston in an hour.  The weather images of the storm also included an open door, the symbol of maximum historical impact.  The west side of the weather image stretched into Arizona and resembled a large cat, like a leopard.  Arizona is in the region of Gad, the raiding band or terrorists.

Frist Elected Senator Majority Leader

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Tennessee Senator Bill Frist was elected Senate Majority Leader to replace Trent Lott.  He was elected on a voice vote on a conference call that included more than 40 senators.  Lott voted for him.  Frist is a former heart surgeon.  He is a Presbyterian born February 22, 1952, Day 53, where 22 is for cursing; 52 is for a wall; and 53 is for a large fish or ship.  Tennessee represents the criminal justice system.  Frist, who is 50, will soon be 51.  There are 51 Republican senators.

Philippine Bomb

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December 24 (Day 358, Levite):  A terrorist bomb blast in the southern Philippines upon the house of the local mayor has killed 13 and injured 12.  Mayor Saudie Ampatuan in Datu Piang in Maguindanao province, along with a town councilor, the treasurer, and a bodyguard were killed.

Study Correlates Santa Claus and Sex

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A study by Mississippi State University sociologists has found that teens who are dating seriously choose December as the time to fornicate for the first time.   They predict that teens with romantic partners are nearly three times more likely to fornicate for the first time in December than those dating casually.  The data was drawn from the responses of nearly 21,000 teens, as young as seventh-graders, collected in the mid-1990s.  The data included the time of sexual intercourse for the first time between a boy and girl.

The holiday season inspires teens in serious relationships to fornicate.  This can be explained as the influence of Baal, who is the enemy of marriage.  Santa Claus is the symbol of Baal, and Baal inspires teen fornication in a holiday setting. The setting includes Christmas trees, the symbol of Phallic Reversionism, and a holiday mood of festivity, not from Christianity, but from worldliness.

Dow Falls 45

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 45.18, or 1.8 percent, to close at 8,448.11.  The numbers mean:
Hog, 12-24-02, 2215 GMT, PSC


Fourteen tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All were in Texas, except for 3 in Alabama.  The Texas tornadoes were all at 30 N., for a priest.  The Alabama tornadoes were all at 31 N., for an evil king.  There were at least 53 hail and 53 wind damage reports.

The image of a hog stretched across the eastern US from New York to Florida, and a weather elephant stretched through southern California.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A hog represents a Jewish reversionist.


Tornadoes struck Texas and Alabama.  Strong winds damaged two walls at Houston area malls.  A wall represents national security.  A breach in a wall symbolizes a security breach.  Bill Frist, who was elected Senate Majority Leader, was born in 1952, where 52 stands for a wall.  Just as the fall of Trent Lott was heralded by devastating Mississippi tornadoes, the rise of Bill Frist was accompanied by tornadoes and weather damage in Texas.  The fall of Lott and rise of Frist were not symbols of blessing.  The same evil that toppled Lott elected Frist.  But authorities are appointed by divine design.

Frist is from Tennessee, which represents the criminal justice system, the real issue in the war against terrorism.  Interstate 10, for the Laws of Establishment, and Highway 59, for Simeon criminality, were blocked in Houston.  And the lights went out and left shoppers in darkness at the Memorial City Mall.  Darkness is a judgment of Political Babylon.  This happened after Washington politicians elected Bill Frist.  Frist was born on February 22nd, for cursing.  It should come as no surprise that his rise to power was associated with cursing.  Frist was elected on Day 357, for Zebulun, which is associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  So, the cursing that brought him to power was associated with the Middle East conflict.

A bomb blast in the Philippines killed 13, including a local mayor.  The Philippines are islands off the region of Zebulun in Asia.  Zebulun is associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.

The Dow fell 45.18, for victory over the stronghold (45), and pillar (18), for maximum historical impact.  The market closed at 8,448.11, for suffering (44); Inheritance of the Levites (48); and a witness (11).  The number 8448 represents the beginning and end of a sequence.  The beginning is 84, for the weakness of the church, and the end is 48, for the inheritance of the Levites, which is an icon of the Promised Land.

It was December 24th, for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  And it was Day 358, for the Levites.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Texas tornadoes were associated with the election of Bill Frist as Senate Majority Leader.  Walls of Houston malls were damaged, the symbol of national security breaches.  The inside of Berachah Church in Houston bears a striking resemblance to the floor plan of the US Senate Chamber.  When leaders are replaced, regardless of the method, it is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ per His Sovereign Design.


Author:  Larry Wood