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Kentucky Tornadoes, Candles, and Miss Universe

Kentucky Tornadoes, Candles, and Miss Universe

Kentucky Tornadoes, Candles, and Miss Universe

December 15, 2021 (Day 349, Time before Pentecost):  The death toll continues to rise from the tornadoes that struck Kentucky and other states on December 10.  The Mayfield tornado has been upgraded to an EF4.  As of December 15, the US death toll was 88 with 74 from Kentucky (updated Dec.18 to 93 with 78 from KY).  The massive destruction was evidence of the wrath of God against Satan's kingdom as will occur in the Tribulation.

After the tornado devastated Mayfield, Kentucky during the night of December 10, 2021, more symbolism related to the Angelic Conflict has emerged.  In keeping with the original theme of the woman, the Miss Universe pageant was held two days later in Eilat, Israel.  The pageant was held in the middle of the night to accommodate prime time viewing in the US, which is seven hours behind.  The pageant was virtual due to the pandemic.  Since there was no audience to entertain, it was important to cater to the virtual audience.  

Hamaaz SandhuThe Miss Universe pageant was held the night of December 12, and the new Miss Universe was finally crowned about 5:01 AM Israeli time, which was 10:01 PM EST (3:01 GMT).  That corresponded to the time the tornadoes struck Kentucky.  The Mayfield tornado struck at 10:26 PM EST on December 10, 2021.  Both the beauty pageant and the Mayfield tornado occurred about the same time in the middle of the night.

The Mayfield tornado destroyed a large candle factory with over 100 people inside, of which 8 were killed when the building was devastated. 

In order to try to understand the wrath of God that brought death and destruction to destroy the devil's kingdom, we will try to understand the events in the Spiritual World.  The Spiritual World is the realm of God, Satan, angels, and demons.  It is not just a new paradigm.  It is another world.  We live in the Temporal World, and our understanding of the Spiritual World is very limited.  We will make mistakes, but we may gain some insight as to what would cause God to vent His wrath in such an awesome way.  The tornado destruction was extreme.  Why?

First, the ground rules for the new Spiritual World are:  God, Satan, angels, and demons are running the show.  The people are pawns.  In this realm it is as if the people are not real.  When people talk, angels and demons are giving the words and making the words come out.

God decreed the events.  The weather angels made the tornadoes.  Michael and his army killed people and took them to Heaven or Hell while Satan and his demons lost the subjects and trappings of their kingdom.  Everything had symbolic meaning far beyond man's ability to understand.

The candle factory was a symbol of the Cosmic System.  Satan and his demons run bee hives.  The bee hive is ruled by the queen bee, and all the other bees serve her.  She mates with drones (male bees), which die afterward.  She has no husband and answers to no authority.  The rules by power.  She lays eggs to produce bees.  The bees gather nectar from flowers, produce honey, and seal it in six-sided, wax cells (the honeycomb).

Honey is full of symbolism.  It is food for bees.  It is a sweetener.  It symbolizes the female response.

Ancient Babylon was patterned after the bee hive.  The high priestess of Babylon had no husband.  She ruled the temple prostitutes and the civil government as the chief Prostitute of Babylon.  She cohabited with Satan as god.  And once a year on New Year's she cohabited with the King of Babylon to bring a prosperous year. 

Candles were made of bees' wax.  The light from the candle symbolized Satan as an angel of light and the glory of the world.  Candles were not used in the Tabernacle.  Olive oil lamps were used in the Golden Lampstand to symbolize Christ, the Light of the world. 

Candles made by the Mayfield candle factory were scented.  This symbolizes burning incense.  Burning incense is used for worship.  The women of Judah burned incense to the Queen of Heaven (Jer. 7:18), who was symbolized by the Moon and the Morning Star in the Satanic pantheons.

Now, burning a candle in the Temporal World is not evil, but in the Spiritual World it can be very evil and attract demons.

Regarding the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the middle of the night.  The 2021 pageant was won by Hamaaz Sandhu, 21, from India.  It had been 21 years since one from India won.  The number, 21, stands for providential preventative suffering.  Hamaaz Sandhu is a Sikh, which means a seeker or disciple.  The Sikh religion is an offshoot of Hinduism that came from a guru.  Gurus are false teachers who have charisma, or glory, from Satan as an angel of light.  Sikh men wear turbans like the men of ancient Babylon.  The turban symbolizes a hornet's nest or bee hive and sets the man apart in society as belonging to Satan's Cosmic System.  One of the recent fashion fads in this country is for women to wear small top knots or larger ones, both of which symbolize bee hives and identify the women as bees in Satan's kingdom.

Hamaaz Sandhu had glory that made her stand out, and she espoused the worldly beliefs of doctrines of demons of a Cosmic Evangelist.  Examples included climate change and phrases like "Phoenix rising from the ashes."  She was assertive and confident, which appeared to be signs of strength and inner beauty to the unenlightened. 

The title of Miss Universe is simply another name for the Queen of Heaven.  Like the high priestess of Babylon, Miss Universe does not have a husband.  Her husband would have to be Satan, who is a spirit.

Hamaaz Sandhu is from India, the source of the most virulent variation of the COVID-19 strain.  That variation is still sweeping the globe.  The South African variant, which is the most contagious, is beginning to take over.  The second runner-up for Miss Universe was from South Africa.  The spread of the coronavirus is accomplished by Elect Angels.


Miss Universe ChartThe astrological chart at the time of the coronation of Miss Universe 2021 contains a Bowl on the  dark side of the chart.  The pageant was in the middle of  the  night.  The Red Planet was rising on the Ascendant, for Satan as a murderer or for suffering from Satan.  This is the only planet that is not in darkness.  The Almighty God was in Aquarius, for the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters (Rev 17:1). 

The Sun was in Scorpius, for Satan who pretends to be an angel of light.  This is Satan presiding over the Miss Universe pageant and Satan who gives light to gurus.  Satan gives light to the Prostitute of Babylon and to his subjects.  He gives the glory of the world.  He can make a winner.

The Moon was in Pisces for a congregation of believers.  This could be the Church or even a temple.  The Redeemer Planet in Aquarius symbolizes being redeemed from Sheol (the grave).       


In keeping with the symbolism of the woman associated with the Mayfield, Kentucky tornado, the candle factory in Mayfield and the Miss Universe pageant also symbolize the role of the woman in Satan's Cosmic System.  Candles are associated with the symbolism of Satan's Cosmic System, and Miss Universe symbolizes the Queen of Heaven in Satan's pantheon.

The tornadoes on Dec. 10, 2021 destroyed parts of Satan's kingdom associated with people in the tornado zone.  The destruction of people's lives and property also destroyed the rule of Satan in these parts of his kingdom.  The people did not cause the destruction.  They were just part of the picture.

On Dec. 10 the Sun was in Scorpius, for Satan as an angel of light, corresponding to a candle and the glory of a guru.  The Almighty God planet was in Aquarius, for the Prostitute of Babylon, who sits on many waters.  Miss Universe corresponds to the Prostitute of Babylon.  No human would be so fat-headed as to claim a title like Queen of  Heaven or Miss Universe.  This was the idea of Satan.  The tornadoes, like the pandemic, were sent to destroy the works of Satan (1 Jn 3:8). 


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Released December 15, 2021 - Revise Dec. 18, 2021

Author:  Larry Wood