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Peruvian Airliner Missing

F-4's Crash in Turkey - Hindu Idol Falls

Peruvian Airliner Missing

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January 9 (Day 9, Plagues of Egypt):   A Peruvian airliner disappeared in the mountains of the Amazon jungle with 46 people onboard.  Flight 222, a Fokker F28, was about 3 minutes from its scheduled landing at 8:43 AM in Chachapoyas, Peru when it disappeared.   There were 42 passengers and 4 crew onboard.  The twin-engine turbo jet was built in 1965, which stands for going down.  This is the third airliner that has likely crashed in the last 24 hours.  Peru is in the region of South America that corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  The number, 222, stands for intensified cursing.

Turkish Jet Fighters Collide

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Two Turkish F-4 jet fighters collided and killed all four onboard.  The planes collided in mid-air on a training exercise in thick fog in the south-eastern province of Malatya.

Hindu Idol Falls

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On January 6th, a giant Hindu idol of Krishna fell in Narsinghpur, India and killed one and injured 14.  The 108-foot idol of concrete and iron fell as more than 25 artisans were putting the finishing touches on it.  Nirmal Mandal, 19, was killed.  The idol has been under construction for eight years.


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported in the USA.


The third airliner in 24 hours is believed to have crashed in Peru.  Flight 222 disappeared about 3 minutes before its scheduled 8:43 AM landing this morning.  There were 42 passengers and 4 crew onboard.  The number, 42, stands for Baal, the bear, and Russia, and 4 is for weakness.  The number, 222, stands for intensified cursing.  Peru in South America corresponds to the location of Israel in Asia.  The missing plane was built in 1965, which stands for going down.

Yesterday, a US Air flight crashed in Charlotte, North Carolina and a Turkish Airlines flight crashed in Turkey.  The third airliner crash in 24 hours calls attention to the meaning of the year, 2003, which is the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  There were also 2 F-4 jets that crashed in Turkey, which brings the total crashes in the last 24-hours to 5, the number for a giant, such as Baal.  Turkey corresponds to the region of Benjamin in Asia, which stands for the spoils of victory.  Turkey would be key to a US invasion of Iraq.  Fiery plane crashes represent Fire Testing.

A giant idol of Krishna fell on January 6th in India and killed one person. There have now been 5 plane crashes in the last 24-hours, where 5 is for a giant.  One of NASA's astronauts on the upcoming STS-107 mission, Kalpana Chawla, is from Karnal, India.  

Today was January 9th, for the Plagues of Egypt.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  After the plane crashes yesterday in North Carolina and Turkey, today two F-4 fighters crashed in Turkey and an airliner is missing in Peru.  Peru corresponds to the location of Israel.  All the crashes represent Fire Testing and the Justice of the Holy Spirit, who is symbolized by the air.  The missing Peruvian airliner was Flight 222, which stands for intensified cursing.  This is yet another curse associated with Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:3).


Author:  Larry Wood