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Colin Powell Exposes Iraq at UN

Columbia Nose Cone Recovered

Colin Powell Exposes Iraq at UN

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February 5 (Day 36, Ai):  US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, presented clear and convincing proof of Iraq's lies of deception before the United Nations.  In a world-class performance, Powell laid out the evidence against Saddam Hussein.  Displaying evidence from intelligence reports, Powell played Iraqi radio communications, showed satellite pictures, and confirmed claims by testimony from Iraqi defectors and captured al-Qa'eda operatives.  Backed up by US CIA Director, George Tenet, Powell proved Iraq's possession of chemical weapons, quest for nuclear weapons, and links to al-Qa'eda.  His pitch was a model of excellence.  It was one of the great performances of US Secretaries of State in history.

Yet, France, China, and Russia were not convinced of the need for war.  Three of the 5 UN Security Council members with veto power rejected Powell's iron-clad case.  Powell had done a good job, but like Vice President Cheney and CIA Director, George Tenet, in the Middle East, he failed, not because of what he said, but because others weren't listening.

This was February 5th, for a giant, such as Baal.  And it was Day 36, for Ai.  The Army of Joshua lost at Ai because of corruption in the Army.

NASA Recovers Columbia Nose Cone

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The nose cone of Columbia was retrieved from the woods near Hemphill, Texas.  Two trees were cut down to facilitate removal of the nose cone (reference photo 1).  The two trees side-by-side represented a witness.  Ilan, the name of the Israeli astronaut, means tree, which is one of the symbols of the Trinity.  Today, the remains of the Columbia astronauts were shipped from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana to the 436th Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware aboard C-141's.  The remains of the US astronauts were to be placed in one casket and the Israeli astronaut in another.

A board stood before the tree stumps before the Columbia nose cone.  The board resembled the headboard of a bed or headstone of a grave as the covered nose cone sat on a pallet.  This represented the bed of Reuben, the adulterer, the symbol of Texas.  The plaid pattern of the tape around the nose cone packaging was the symbol of a dragnet, which represents Judgment.  The tape was red, for suffering.  The white and red plaid pattern of the nose cone packaging corresponds to the coffins draped in American flags, which will be seen later.  The mission patch of the Challenger disaster, 51-L, contained a flag draped over a coffin.

The two trees represented the US and Israeli astronauts.  The tree on the right was larger and hollow.  It was rotten inside.  Chopping down a tree is a sign of slaughter.  It is also the special sign of the Judgment of those who oppose Sovereignty.  Satan was cut down from Heaven (Isaiah 14:12).  And King Nebuchadnezzar was cut down like a tree until he got over his arrogance and decided to submit to the Sovereignty of God (Daniel 4:1-37).

Elephant, 2-5-03, 1715 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported in the USA.

A weather elephant that was over Texas stretched through Mexico.  The trunk of another weather elephant off the east coast stretched through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Colin Powell delivered a world-class presentation to the United Nations to expose the deception of Iraq.  However, three of the five nations with veto power in the Security Council did not agree that Iraq's actions were grounds for war.  It was Powell's idea to take the Iraqi problem to the UN in the first place.  Since the UN lacks authorization from the Sovereignty of God, Powell was doomed before he began.  Powell played his hand on February 5th, for a giant, such as Baal.  It was Day 36, for Ai, where the Army of Joshua lost because of lack of sanctification.

Opposite New York, in Florida, the trunk of a weather elephant stretched through the center of the state.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Palestinians are the leaders in the war of terrorism - not Iraq.  This sign explained the opposition of the weather angels to Colin Powell's UN speech in New York.

Another weather elephant was over Texas.  In Hemphill, Texas the nose cone of Columbia was recovered.  Two trees were chopped down to remove the nose cone.  Cutting down a tree symbolizes slaughter and strong Judgment.  Nebuchadnezzar's judgment for failing to recognize the Sovereignty of God was symbolized by cutting down a tree.  The issue associated with Iraq is that God in His Sovereignty has not decided to destroy Iraq.  The Bush Administration has not considered the Sovereignty of God in the matter.  All that Powell said is probably true, but that does not mean that God has authorized the destruction of Iraq.  On the contrary, God has authorized the destruction of the Palestinians and no world leader has the courage to do it.

Under the weather elephant in Texas, two trees were cut down in Hemphill as two caskets left Barksdale AFB and were flown to the 436th Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base.  Today was Day 36, for Ai.  The hauling of the nose cone out of the woods in Hemphill symbolized the hearses hauling the caskets at Barksdale AFB to the waiting C-141 for the trip to Dover.  Ilan, the name of the Israeli astronaut, means tree.  He was cut down in the Columbia disaster.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Colin Powell did a good job, but failed at the UN.  The issue was symbolized by the trunk of a weather elephant through Florida, which represented the counterattack of the Palestinian terrorists, who are the real issue in the war against terrorism - not Iraq.  And the recovery of the nose cone of Columbia in Texas involved cutting down two trees.  The two trees represented the two caskets of remains of the US and Israeli astronauts.  The cutting down of the trees was a dire warning of violating the Sovereignty of God and being cut down like Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.  Saddam Hussein currently corresponds to the evil King of Babylon.  Just as Satan was cut down from Heaven and Nebuchadnezzar was cut down, so will anyone be who assumes the prerogative of the Sovereignty of God.


Author:  Larry Wood