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The Lion and the Lamb

Millions Protest War

Lion, 2-15-03, 1800 GMT, PSC Lamb, 2-15-03, 2200 GMT, PSC Lamb, 2-15-03, 2215 GMT, PSC

Lion and the Lamb

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February 15 (Day 46, Pregnancy):  As millions of anti-war activists protested around the world, the images of a lion and a lamb appeared on the weather map over the west coast.  The same activists who protest everything else turned out for the demonstrations.  More than 6 million protesters demonstrated against the war with Iraq.  The largest protests were in Europe.

The symbolism of the lion and the lamb on the west coast over California and a calf over the Mississippi valley represented the Millennium.  In the Millennium the lion, wolf, and other wild animals will lose their aggressive, warlike nature, and the lamb and the calf will dwell with the wolf and the lion (Isaiah 11:6-8; 65:25).  The Millennium will follow the Second Advent.  However, until then, there will wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6).  There will be hot and cold wars.

Activism is a violation of grace and characteristic of involvement in the Cosmic System of Satan.  The peace activists were actually demanding the Millennium, now, before its time.  Thus, the peace protesters were actively supporting Satan as the anti-Christ.  There was nothing Christian about supporting the devil's millennium and rejecting God's.  However, God allowed this in His permissive will.  The lion represented war, as proposed by the Bush Administration, and the lamb represented peace, as proposed by Iraq and France.



No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 7 hail and 1 wind damage reports in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas.

The image of a lion and later a lamb were over the west coast, while a calf was over the Mississippi Valley.  A lion represents a Throne Angel; a lamb represents the Lord Jesus Christ, who provided unlimited atonement for the sins of the world; and a calf represents Redemption.

Today, a snowstorm associated with the calf snarled traffic in Iowa and Illinois.  This is shaping up to be one of the winter's worst snowstorms.


As millions of peace activists protested the Iraq war, the images of a lion and a lamb over California symbolized the Millennium.  The weather angels called attention to the Millennium to expose the leader of the peace protests, who is Satan as the goddess of love.  Satan is trying to usher in a false millennium apart from the fulfillment of the unconditional promises to Israel.  The Lord permitted the protests in His permissive will because He has not yet called for the destruction of Iraq.  However, He will destroy the enemies of Israel.  The enemies are of two types, the terrorists and the supporters of terrorists.

The images of the lion and the lamb were over California because California in the USA represents Israel in Asia.  The Lord Jesus Christ will return to the Mt. of Olives to rescue Israel and annihilate the enemies of Israel at the Second Advent.  After the enemies of Israel are killed, there will be the Baptism of Fire, in which unbelievers will be taken off the earth and Jewish believers will be delivered through the fire to populate the Millennial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will reign on the Throne of David.  Then, there will be peace for 1,000 years.  Until then, there will be wars and rumors of wars.

Today was February 15, for a covering, which solves all problems.  And it was Day 46, for pregnancy, or the beginning of a project.  The anti-Iraq peace movement was conceived to try to prevent the birth pangs of war.  Of course, God will decide in His Sovereignty whether there will be war or peace.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Activism is a sign of the rejection of grace and entrance into the Cosmic System of Satan.  Activist anti-war protesters are supporting Satan's plan to usher in a false millennium apart from fulfilling the unconditional covenants to Israel.


Author:  Larry Wood