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Washington Snowstorm

President Snowed Out - Florida Tornadoes

Washington Snowstorm

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February 16 (Day 47, Peace):  The worst snowstorm of the year belted the eastern USA.  Snowfalls measured in feet closed airports, highways, and churches.  Billed as the harshest winter storm in seven years, Washington, DC was eerily quiet with snow-covered streets and monuments.  The President, who was spending the President's Day weekend at Camp David, was snowed out of Washington.  When his helicopter couldn't fly, he was forced to make the trip back to the real White House by car, which took 2 1/2 hours.

The snow was produced by the huge weather elephant over the eastern USA.  The tail of the elephant spawned tornadoes and waterspouts in northwest Florida.  The first tornado took out the windows and siding off a home in Vernon in Washington County #50.  Vernon is French for an alder tree.  A tree is one of the symbols of the trinity, which corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2003.  A waterspout came ashore in Port St. Joe, Florida in Gulf County, #66.  And strong winds damaged cars at Tyndall Air Force Base near Panama City, Florida in Bay County #23.

Israel Enters Gaza Strip

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The Israeli Army entered Gaza City with tanks to deal a convincing blow to Hamas terrorists.  The retaliation comes after 4 Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday in northern Gaza when their tank was hit by explosives.

Waltrip Wins Daytona 500

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Michael Waltrip won his second Daytona 500 after the weather angels stopped the race with rain at the end of 109 laps.  Waltrip last won the Daytona 500 in 2001 in the race in which Dale Earnhardt died.  Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was leading today's race until his alternator failed (Ecclesiastes 9:11).  Waltrip's victory today was his 3rd win at Daytona.  He won last year's Pepsi 400.  Waltrip only has 3 career victories in 535 starts.  The number, 3, corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2003, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  And 109 stands for the Plagues of Egypt.

Michael is the name of the archangel, who is the angel of Israel and the angel of death.  Waltrip could be parsed as wal (ruler) and trip, i.e. trip ruler.  That has come true 3 times at Daytona.  The dead alternator on Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s car represents the judgment of Political Babylon.  Waltrip won in car #15, for a covering.  The Daytona track was covered with rain, and Washington, DC was covered with snow.

Elephants, 2-17-03, 0015 GMT, PSC


One tornado and one waterspout were reported in the USA.  The tornado was in Vernon, Florida in Washington County, #50, at 30 N., for a priest, and 85 W., for an eye or spy.  The waterspout, which came ashore and blew a carport down on a car, was in Port St. Joe, Florida in Gulf County, #66, at 29 N., for victory over Edom, and 85 W.  There were at least 2 hail and 15 wind damage reports.

The image of a large weather elephant was over the eastern USA with trunk through Florida.  And a pair of weather elephants were over Montana.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The huge snowstorm shut down Washington, DC, and forced the President to make a 2 1/2 hour return trip by car from Camp David.  The storm was produced by a weather elephant, the symbol of a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Snow represents sanctification.  Today was February 16th, for sanctification.  The snow sanctified Washington.  It shut it down.  The snow came on President's Day weekend.  It made the White House a reality.

To prove that the weather angels meant business, one of the first tornadoes of the year hit a lone house in Vernon, Florida in Washington County #50, for the Church.  Washington was the first US President, and this was President's Day weekend when the snowstorm shut down Washington, DC.  A waterspout came ashore in Port St. Joe, Florida in Gulf County, which correlates with the US troop build up in the Persian Gulf.  And there was wind damage to cars at Tyndall Field in Florida.

Today was Day 47, for peace.  Yesterday, was perhaps the world's biggest peace protest.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Today, the Israeli Army entered Gaza City to deal with the Hamas terrorists.  If the army had dealt with the terrorists in the first place, they wouldn't still be causing trouble.  The Florida tornadoes were a reminder that the Bush Administration has been defeated by Florida again.  The truth just won't depart.  No matter how often the lies are spun.  The truth is that the Palestinians and the peace process are the cause of the current cursing on the USA, not Iraq.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The weather angels shut down Washington, DC on Day 47 for peace, and shut down the Daytona 500 to give Waltrip another victory after only 109 laps.  The Plagues of Egypt were to implement the Abrahamic Covenant.  The cursing of the USA, similarly, is due to rejection of the Abrahamic Covenant.


Author:  Larry Wood