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New Israeli Government

Jeb Bush's Plane Struck by Lightning

New Israeli Government

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February 27 (Day 58, Levite):  The new Israeli government coalition of Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, with 68 seats was approved by the Knesset by a vote of 66-48 shortly after midnight (February 28th).   The numbers mean:  68 - serving in Edom; 66 - worldliness; 48 - the inheritance of the Levites.  Sharon is 75, for Sovereignty.  The new government has moved strongly to the right and is expected to take a hard line toward the Palestinians.

The Likud Party of Sharon has built a coalition of 68 seats with the centrist Shinui party, the ultranationalist National Union and the National Religious Party, a champion of Jewish settlements.  The National Union party, with seven seats, advocates pushing Palestinians out of the West Bank and annexing the land.   Any agreement on a Palestinian state would require special approval of the Cabinet and would not likely be approved.

Governor Jeb Bush's Plane Struck by Lightning

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Governor Jeb Bush's plane was struck by lightning today.  The lightning put a hole in the wing as the Governor flew from Tallahassee to Orlando.  He was forced to leave the Beechcraft King Air plane in Orlando and take another plane to Miami.  The close call was enough to paralyze his press secretary with fright.  In Miami, Bush was to meet with Manuel Angel Nunez Soto, governor of the state of Hidalgo in Mexico.

UN Security Council Chaos

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UN Security Council consideration of what to do about Iraq today was described as chaos.  The US-Great Britain proposal received much opposition, and an alternate proposal for more inspections was offered by the France and Germany.  In order to sway the next report of Arms Inspector, Hans Blix, in two days, Iraq agreed "in principle" to destroy its Al Samoud missiles.
Elephant,2-28-03, 0315 GMT


No tornadoes or other severe weather were reported in the USA.

A large weather elephant along the eastern seaboard stretched through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


A new right wing government of Ariel Sharon was approved by the Knesset in Israel.  The vote was 66-48.   The numbers mean:  68 - serving in Edom; 66 - worldliness; 48 - the inheritance of the Levites.  The new government will be strong on settlement activity and in no mood to negotiate with the Palestinians in spite of Sharon's statement that he supports a Palestinian state of peaceful Arabs.

The UN Security Council debate of the Iraq issue was described as chaos.  The US does not have backing for war in the Security Council.

Two weather elephants stretched through Florida today.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  As Governor Jeb Bush tried to fly through the weather elephants, his plane was struck in the wing by lightning.  The weather angels struck the plane as a warning.  The NASA Orbiter, Columbia, was destroyed by a wing problem, and now the Governor's plane was grounded after lightning drilled a hole in the wing.  The problem is the Palestinians, which the US government has not recognized as terrorists.  The Governor's brother, President Bush, has openly defied the Abrahamic Covenant.  A person's Spiritual stand can, indeed, bring blessing or cursing to other members of the family.  Bush is trying to start a war with Iraq, and the weather angels are warning him.

The bolt of lightning hit the wing of the Governor's plane on the day NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe testified before the US House Science Committee.  The Committee was upset at O'Keefe for not knowing about email of NASA workers who had predicted the failure scenario of Columbia's wing damage and destruction.

Today was February 27th, for a horn.  A bolt of lightning, like a horn, drilled a hole in the wing of Governor Jeb Bush's plane.  And it was Day 58, for the Levites, who were the priests of Israel.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  In spite of all the peace talk of the Clinton and Bush Administrations, the new Israeli Government is right wing and in no mood to negotiate.  Israel has been hardened by the lies of the devil and the politicians who say, "Peace, peace, when there is no peace."  President Bush is even trying to start a war to bring peace.  That's the devil's style of trying to bring the millennium apart from fulfilling the unconditional covenants to Israel.

What are the great Spiritual leaders saying about all this?  They're as quiet as the members of Congress.  Doesn't anyone listen to the Holy Spirit anymore?  Are Christians so naive they don't even know where the Spiritual battle lines are?  The US has over 200,000 troops in a very precarious position.  Isn't that enough for the so-called Spiritual giants to stand up and be counted?

The Iraq mess appears to have been designed not for the politicians in Washington, but for Christians.  Will Christians listen to the Holy Spirit, or will they cower and shrink back to destruction?  It's time to be counted.  Who came up with the idea of a Palestinian state?  Yasser Arafat and Allah.  What Christian with half a brain would back that combination?  Has God called for the destruction of Iraq?  On the contrary, He has consistently opposed the war.


Author:  Larry Wood