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Haifa Bus Bombing

Pit Mauls Florida Boy - Iraq War Events

Pit Bull Mauls Florida Boy

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March 4 (Day 63, Outcast):  A pit-bull dog attacked an 8-year old boy on the school ground in Orlando.  The vicious dog dashed from the door of a home across the street from Ridgewood Park Elementary School and pounced on Daniel Decembre when he tripped as he fled.  The dog ripped off the boy's left ear and injured his face and head.  The boy was left in critical condition.  The dog, Solomon, was usually kept chained across the street from the school.  The dog was later euthanized.  The school is at 3401 Pioneer Road, where 34 is for the division of the land.  The attack occurred at 3:30 PM EST (2030 GMT).

Haifa Bus Bombing

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March 5 (Day 64, Weakness):  A Palestinian terrorist blew himself up on an Israeli bus in Haifa and killed at least 15 and injured at least 55.  Egged bus No. 37 was filled with high school students when it was blown up by a powerful explosion at 2:17 PM on Moriah Boulevard.  The homicide terrorist was from Hebron.  In retaliation, tonight, Israeli tanks and helicopter gunships moved deep into the Jabaliya refugee camp next to Gaza City.

Supreme Court Uphold 3-Strikes Law

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The US Supreme Court in a 5-4 ruling upheld the 3-Strikes Law.  One of the appeals cases involved a man caught stealing 3 golf clubs.  This is part of the history of the year, 2003, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.

Iraq War Events

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After France, Germany, and Russia said they would oppose any UN resolution for war with Iraq, US Secretary of State, Colin Powell delivered a speech with new evidence against Iraq.  He made the case that Iraq had failed to use its last opportunity to disarm.  Meanwhile, the US is continuing to build up forces in Kuwait after Turkey refused to allow US troops in the country for the Iraq war.  Turkey is in the region of Benjamin, for the spoils of victory, which means the US war strategy has been deprived of victory.
Elephant, 3-5-03, 2315 GMT, PSC


There were no tornadoes or other severe weather reports in the USA.

The scene on the weather map portrayed a weather elephant that stretched from Washington, DC through Louisiana and Texas.  What appeared to be a lion was over the Pacific northwest, and an eagle was off the east coast of the USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  The lion and eagle represent a Throne Angel.


A Palestinian homicide bomber blew up a bus filled with high school students in Haifa on Moriah Boulevard.  This was the work of Baal.  The bus was No. 37, for a warrior, which points to the military buildup in the Gulf.  Moriah was the mountain on which Isaac was sacrificed and the Temple built.  Moriah is the Hoph'al participle of  ra'ah (to see) and jah (Jehovah, the LORD).  Thus, Moriah means "the seen of the LORD (Jehovah)," or "the revelation of the LORD."   This is further explained as Jehovah-jireh, "the Lord sees" (Genesis 22:14).  The LORD saw the bus bombing.

Israel is retaliating for the Haifa bombing by attacking the Jabaliya refugee camp next to Gaza City.  Yesterday, a pit-bull mauled an 8-year old boy in Orlando's Pine Hills suburb at 3401 Pioneer Road., where 34 is for the division of the land, which points to the Middle East peace process.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  Orlando is in Orange County #7, for Categorical Punishment.  Pine Hills refers to pining, and a hill corresponds to Mt. Moriah.  The dog had been kept on a chain, the symbol of slavery.  Keeping a dog on a chain creates a monster.  A dog represents a Gentile reversionist.  The Palestinians are Gentiles.

The Haifa bombing once again called attention to the war on terrorism, which is being led by the Palestinians, while the Bush Administration is too blind to see it.  This was God shouting again at President Bush to open his blind eyes.  A weather elephant on today's weather map stretched from Washingon, DC to Texas, the home state of President Bush.  Furthermore, Turkey's rejection of US troops represented a strategic failure of the Bush-Rumsfeld war strategy because Turkey represents the spoils of victory, which was removed from the US grasp.  The US troops in Kuwait are in a precarious position.  Rumsfeld is supposed to be a man of sanity, but this doesn't look like it.  There is no reason to put the US Army in Kuwait.

France, Germany, and Russia said they would oppose any US war resolution in the Security Council.  These three represent Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon in the Cosmic System.  The US has been defeated by the Cosmic System in the UN.  The stage is being set for the US to become an arrogant fool under the judgment of God.  There is no question that Saddam is guilty as Colin Powell continues to prove.  However, the Lord still has not authorized the destruction of Iraq.  That is His Sovereign decision, and there has not yet been any Spiritual proof that God is ready to destroy Iraq.

Today was March 5th, for grace or a giant, such as Baal.  The Haifa bus bombing was the work of Baal.  And it was Day 64, for weakness.  Evil rose up today from the Palestinians, France, Germany, and Russia, while the US and Israel were weak.  The combination of the 5th and Day 64 means "when I am weak, then I am strong" (1 Corinthians 12:10).

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The mauling of the 8-year old in Florida, and the Palestinian terrorist bus bombing in Haifa, coupled with the continued defeat of US war plans for Iraq are screaming out the truth.  The Palestinians are the terrorists - not the Iraqis.  Solving the Iraq problem does not require the US Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force.  The Lord will defend the Abrahamic Covenant.  Those who are letting the Palestinian terrorists continue may soon find themselves on the receiving end of the curse of Abraham.


Author:  Larry Wood