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Broadway Lights Go Out

Kentucky Beats Florida - Israel Kills Top Hamas Terrorist

Broadway Lights Go Out

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March 7 (Day 66, Worldliness):   The lights of Broadway went out in New York after the musicians went on strike, and actors and stagehands refused to cross picket lines. Eighteen shows went dark, and producers canceled all performances through March 9th. The strike affects about 325 musicians working in the 18 musicals. Broadway musicians last went on strike in September, 1975, when nine musicals were shut down for 25 days.

Broadway wasn't shut down by terrorists.  It was shut down by the love of money, which is a root of all sorts of evil.  The failure of entertainment is one of the signs of the Fifth Cycle of Discipline (Jer 7:34; 16:9; 25:10; Isaiah 24:7-8; Ezek 26:13; Hos 2:11; Rev 18:23).  The seed of society and foundation of a nation is Marriage Culture.  When Marriage Culture fails, polarized degeneracy of legalism and lawlessness expresses itself by the love of money and the love of honey (illicit female sexual response).  Both the love of money and the love of honey are outside the boundaries of true love when Marriage Culture fails (1 Timothy 6:10; 1 Corinthians 6:18).

Israel Kills Top Hamas Terrorist

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March 8 (Day 67, Giving):   Israel killed the top Hamas military terrorist and three of his bodyguards in a helicopter missile strike against his car.  Ibrahim al-Maqadma, 51, was a founder of Hamas and the most senior Palestinian terrorist killed by Israel.  The number, 51, stands for arrogance.

Today, Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat nominated Mahmoud Abbas, known by his nickname, Abu Mazen, as the first Palestinian prime minister.  Abbas, a senior PLO official and a leading moderate, has not yet accepted the post.  Ariel Sharon called Abbas an honorable person.

UN Leaves Iraq-Kuwait Border - Gaps in Fence

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The United Nations began withdrawing civilian staff along the Iraq-Kuwait border in fear of a US invasion of Iraq.  The the U.N. Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM) also ceased air and maritime patrols of the demilitarized zone as a precautionary measure.

A contractor is currently building 7 new gates in the fence separating Kuwait from Iraq.  The contractor has been hired by Kuwait to create 35 gaps in the electrical fence before March 15, 2003.  There were previously 19 gates.  Now there are 26 with the 7 new ones.  The number, 19, is for the federal judiciary; 35 is for rest from enemies; and 26 is for Political Babylon.  A gap in a fence symbolizes a breach in the security of a nation.  Gates are for going out and coming in from war.

Kentucky Beats Florida

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The Kentucky wildcats beat the No. 3, Florida Gators, to win the Southeastern Conference title with a record of 16-0.  Kentucky beat Florida 69-67 in Gainesville, where 69 means running the course and 67 corresponded today, Day 67, for giving of worldly possessions.  Kentucky won their 20th straight, for the external gates of the military.  And Florida's 19 game winning streak ended, where 19 is for the federal judiciary.  Kentucky became only the second team to go 16-0 in the SEC.  The last was also Kentucky in 1996 when it won its sixth national title.  Kentucky took the lead with 11:43 left in the first half and never lost it.  The number, 43, stands for fulfillment, and 11 is for a witness and the number for Alachua County where the game was played.

Military Jet Crashes in Florida

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A military T-38 training jet crashed in Valparaiso, Florida and hit two houses about 1:45 PM CDT (1945 GMT).  The pilot ejected safely and had only minor injuries.  No one on the ground was hurt.  Valparaiso is the city beside Eglin Air Force Base, which is about 53 miles east of Pensacola in Okaloosa County #43.  It is at 30 N., for a priest, and 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.   The T-38 trainer was based at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Elephants, 3-9-03, 0015 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 2 wind damage reports around Deltona, Florida.

The scene on the weather map portrayed weather elephants over the Pacific northwest, the southeastern USA, and the northeastern USA.   The semblance of a goat was over the Atlantic.   An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A goat represents an evil leader, which has been associated with bin Laden in the past.


The lights went out on Broadway due to a musicians strike.  This represented the destruction of the Client Nation in the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  The only thing that will turn around the cycles of discipline is Rebound and a return to Bible Doctrine.  Broadway musicians last went on strike in September 1975, when nine musicals were shut down for 25 days.  The numbers mean:  Sovereignty (75), Plagues of Egypt (9), and Sovereignty (25).  The strike was caused by the love of money, a root of all sorts of evil.

Israel killed the top Hamas terrorist, which overshadowed the nomination of Mahmoud Abbas as Prime Minister of the PLO.

Kentucky beat Florida to win the SEC title.  Kentucky won their 20th straight, for the external gates of the military.  Today, the 101st Airborne Division from Ft. Campbell, Kentucky finally received its equipment as a ship loaded with Black Hawk helicopters and armored vehicles arrived in a Gulf port.  The equipment was shipped from Jacksonville, Florida.  Signs of the Black Hawks appeared in the sky on February 12, Day 43 prior to President Bush's visit to Jacksonville.  Kentucky took the lead with 11:43 left in the first half and never lost it   Today a military training jet crashed in Valparaiso, Florida in Okaloosa County #43.

Florida's 19 game winning streak ended, where 19 is for the federal judiciary, which bears the responsibility for prosecuting terrorists, not the military.  There were 19 gates in the Iraqi-Kuwiat border fence before a contractor began opening more gaps in the fence.  Gaps in a fence represent a breach in the security of a nation, i.e. Iraq.  Florida represents air and sea defense, while Kentucky represents the womb, which is more closely associated with basketball.  For those with no imagination, the ball coming out of the bottom of a basket is like the head of a child coming out of the womb at birth.  The T-38 that crashed today in Valparaiso, Florida represented Florida's defeat.  The jet was from New Mexico in the region of Gad, the terrorists or raiding band.  Israel killed the top Hamas terrorist today.  The number, 38, stands for dying in the wilderness.  The US Army is now arrayed for battle in the wilderness and preparing to attack Babylon (Iraq).

Kentucky beat No. 3, Florida, where 3 corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2003, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  Kentucky was 16-0 in the SEC, which last happened in 1996, for the spoils of victory, when Kentucky won its 6th national title.

After yesterday's UN inspection report, President Bush frantically tried to rally support for a war against Iraq.  President Bush ran for office on a platform of "Compassionate Conservatism."  Bush has now lost the moral high ground on the World Stage.  If he doesn't shut up and go back to his original campaign platform, the ire of the entire world will be against the USA.  Using the US Army to attack Saddam Hussein's ragtag regime is like taking a cannon after a turkey.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The musicians quit producing the sounds of love and happiness due to the love of money, a root of all sorts of evil.  This represents the Fifth Cycle of Discipline.  Israel has finally worked up the courage to start killing the terrorist leaders, which is the only way to stop terrorism.  Kentucky beat Florida in basketball, but the game symbolized the military deployment in Kuwait.  Neither Broadway nor basketball can be understood without Bible Doctrine.


Author:  Larry Wood