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Casualties of War

Casualties of War

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March 23 (Day 82, Historical Breakpoint):   In the sharpest ground engagement of the war, US Marines faced a counterattack at An Nasiriyah, where a bridge over the Euphrates River was seized earlier.  Iraqi regulars, including the Sedaveen militia, faked surrenders and started firefights.  US Marines suffered 50 casualties, including about 9 dead, in a 10-hour battle, which the Marines won.  An Nasiriyah is at 31 N., for an evil king, and 46 E., for pregnancy.

A US Army supply convoy was ambushed near An Nasiriyah when the lead took a wrong turn.  Twelve soldiers were captured, and six vehicles were destroyed.  Some of the soldiers were killed, and five (4 men and a woman) were shown on Al-Jazeera television.  Two identified their unit as the 507th Maintenance at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas.

The 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade fought through the night until dawn this morning (believed to be in the An Najaf vicinity).  They destroyed 15 vehicles and killed at least 100 Iraqi militiamen and captured 20 prisoners.  There were no US deaths in the operation.  US forces are also at Al Kut, on the Tigris River about 120 miles from Baghdad.  And the US 101st Airborne has leap-frogged over other units and is now about 100 miles from Baghdad.

A US Air Force helicopter crashed in Afghanistan and killed all 6 onboard.  The HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter was on a medical evacuation mission when it crashed at about 11:20 AM EST (1550 GMT), about 18 miles north of Ghazni, Afghanistan.

Owl on the USS John S. McCain

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An owl perched on the USS John S. McCain somewhere in the Gulf region.  This is an example of Spiritual Warfare.  The owl was brought by an angel to symbolize a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Elephant, 3-24-03, 0115 GMT, PSC


No tornado or other severe weather was reported in the USA.

The scene on the weather map portrayed a weather elephant that stretched through Florida and another that stretched from the Great Lakes to California.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


There were two weather elephants, one over Florida and another that stretched from the Great Lakes to California.  California is associated with Israel and Florida with the Palestinians.  The elephant over Florida started thunderstorms in central Florida around 4:00 AM EST (0900 GMT) that lasted all day.  This weather elephant, which came all the way from Texas in 24 hours, was seen as a whirlwind in the image of Kuwait over Texas yesterday.  The two elephants were a simple reminder of the real issue, which is now forgotten in pursuit of the military objective, as if the war started itself.  The two elephants stand for Israel and the Palestinians as the primary issue in the attack of terrorism, not the war in Iraq.  The US government is proposing an evil solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In keeping with the theme of the weather elephants, the tide of battle in Iraq abruptly changed today, which was Day 82, for a breakpoint in history.  US forces took heavy casualties from Iraqi counterattacks.  The US is fighting a conventional war in Iraq.  The Iraqis, like other Arabs, do not fight conventional wars, nor do terrorists.  The Iraqis waved white flags, and then shot the Marines who tried to accept their surrender.  This blunder goes straight to the top because it lies in the strategy of using a conventional army to unseat an evil dictator.  That is not the purpose of war, and it will only get good soldiers killed.

Today, Iraqi haters of the US cheered, and paraded their catch before Arab audiences.  And God permitted their success.  This was March 23rd, for a Spiritual uptrend.  At the end of the day, the US prevailed; but not without heavy casualties.  During the day, an owl perched on the USS John S. McCain.  An owl is a creature of the night, a force of darkness, and a symbol of Baal.  The owl was yet another symbol of cursing from Spiritual Warfare.

A convoy was ambushed today near An Nasiriyah, at 31 N., for an evil king.  The war is against the evil king, Saddam Hussein. The ambush on the road to Baghdad was symbolic.  It represented a strategic failure as well as a tactical blunder.  The strategy must be right.  Otherwise, the war can be won and the peace lost, which is exactly what happened in the last Gulf War.  None of this makes the Iraqis right, however.  They have an evil army led by an evil king.  They deserve to be annihilated, not just defeated.  However, war should not be undertaken for political reasons, nor to settle grudges.

Yesterday, there was a whirlwind over Texas, and today US forces reaped the whirlwind.  Now that US troops are within a day of Baghdad, the weather in Iraq is about to change and bring storms upon the troops.  The weather angels have determined the outcome of many battles from Waterloo to Normandy.  Now, they are in Baghdad.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  When Christians fail, wars result.  The Iraq War took an abrupt turn for the worse on March 23rd, for a Spiritual uptrend, Day 82, for an historical breakpoint.  There was victory for the US, but it was achieved with heavy casualties.  The indicators are distinct for Christian warriors who can see Spiritually.  Military victory by itself means nothing when fighting Arabs.  It is an age old lesson of history.  The Spiritual solution is the only solution.  The human solution is no solution.  Great armies are nothing without the Lord (Jeremiah 17:5; Psalm 33:17; Proverbs 21:31).


Author:  Larry Wood