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US Seizes Baghdad Airport

F-18C and Black Hawk Down

US Seizes Baghdad Airport

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April 3 (Day 93, Guilt):   The US Army 3rd Infantry Division reached Saddam International Airport southwest of Baghdad.  US tanks advanced onto the tarmac after encountering only light resistance.  The US did not seize control of the entire airport tonight because it was a big job to search it all, and there was no apparent need to.  The 3rd Infantry Division had now met its objective after leaving Kuwait.  Leaders were dumbfounded after advancing all the way from Kuwait without a major battle.

F-18C and Black Hawk Downed

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A US Navy F-18C Hornet was shot down, perhaps by a US Patriot missile.  The pilot is missing.  And a Black Hawk helicopter went down over the battlefield between US and Iraqis.  The cause of the crash has not yet been determined, nor has the number onboard who died.  A US soldier was also killed by friendly fire on the ground as he was investigating a destroyed Iraqi tank.  Someone mistook him for an Iraqi and shot the tank.

Lights Go Out in Baghdad

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The lights went out in Baghdad about 8:00 PM for the first time since the war began.  The US said it did not target the electrical grid, and the Iraqis didn't mention it.  A power blackout symbolizes the judgment of Political Babylon.
Owl, 4-3-03, 1545 GMT, NOAA Horse, 4-3-03, 2345 GMT, PSC Elephant, 4-3-03, 2300 GMT, Ulm


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There was one hail report 25 miles east southeast of Redding, California.

The scene on the weather map portrayed a horse that stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas.  A creature that resembled an owl and later a horse appeared over Florida.  An owl and an elephant represent a demon Commander, such as Baal.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.


The US Army 3rd Infantry seized Saddam International Airport in Baghdad on April 3rd, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, which corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2003.  An airport is for planes, which fly through the air; and the air is a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  So, the US Army got to the airport right on schedule per the Sovereign Design of God.  And the Army arrived in Baghdad today without engaging in a war.  Air power destroyed the enemy to the extent that none of the battles resembled the clash of two armies.  They were simply fights with raiding bands.

An F-18C Hornet and a Black Hawk helicopter went down today.  They also fly through the air, and their judgment in the air corresponds to the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.  Most Coalition casualties have been self-inflicted.

On the weather map was a large horse west of the Mississippi that stretched from Texas to the Great Lakes.  Texas is the home state of President Bush, and the Great Lakes are in the region of Naphtali, the doe and symbol of peace.  The horse represents the adultery of Reuben and war.  It corresponds to the Iraq War.

First, an owl and then a horse appeared over Florida.  Florida, in Zebulun, is responsible for air and sea defense.  The owl and the horse over Florida corresponded to the judgment of the loss of the Navy F-18C and the Black Hawk helicopter.  Florida has also been associated with the issue of the Palestinians, who are leading the war of terrorism even though the Bush Administration and European Union don't seem to understand.

The image of an elephant was over Iraq.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tonight the lights went out in Baghdad.  This symbolizes the judgment of Political Babylon.  The Iraqi politicians are in Baghdad.  And US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, met with NATO members in Belgium to discuss the political future of Iraq.  He said the US Coalition would lead post war Iraq, although the United Nations would still have a role.

It was April 3rd, which corresponds to the meaning of the year, 2003.  And it was Day 93, for guilt.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The Iraq War has now been characterized as the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003 against Iraq and the USA.  This cannot be called a war.  It is fight between the world's most sophisticated army and a bunch of lawless raiding bands, who never fought in a military formation.  It is a non-war that may bear the brunt of jokes for years.


Author:  Larry Wood