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Kirkuk Falls

Concorde Retiring

Kirkuk Falls

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April 10 (Day 100, Maximum Divine Good Production):   The northern Iraq city of Kirkuk surrendered today to US-backed Kurdish forces without resistance.  After another round of bombing, the Iraqis threw down their weapons and ran, and Kurds walked into Kirkuk.  A few hundred Kurds with a hundred US Special Forces took the city.  Kirkuk is in a rich oil field

There were celebrations and dancing in the streets after the Iraqis left Kirkuk.  The people toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein, and looted Iraqi offices.  Reinforcements from the US 173rd Airborne Brigade were sent to the city.  The number, 173, stands for the production (100) of freedom (73).  Kirkuk is at 35 N., for rest from enemies, and 44 E., for suffering.

Concorde Retiring

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The Concorde supersonic jet is being retired.  Only 20 were built, and 12 remain.  The number, 20, stands for going out and coming in the external gates of a nation.  The Concorde was a joint venture between Britain and France.  It began commercial service in 1976 with 1960's technology, but it has not been very economical or safe.  The number, 76, is for skill, or technical excellence, which was the selling feature of the Concorde.  It was touted as a product of skilled engineering will Rolls Royce engines.   Round trip across the Atlantic is $9,300 regular fare.  The fuel-guzzling Concorde carries just 100 passengers, and it is not permitted to make overland flights because of its excessively loud engines.  Today was Day 100, for maximum divine good production.  British Airways' 7 Concordes will stop flying at the end of October.  The number, 7, stands for the completion of a category and Categorical Punishment.  Air France, with 5 Concordes, will end Concorde flights by May 31.  The number, 5, stands for a giant, such as Baal.  And 31 is for an evil king, like Saddam Hussein.

Dow Up 23

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 23.39, or 0.3 percent, to close at 8,221.33.  The numbers mean: The victory over Saddam Hussein's regime in Baghdad led to a tactical Spiritual uptrend for those on the right side of history but the sin unto death for those associated with Saddam.  Strategically, there was cursing from the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit (33) upon Baghdad, which is at 33 N.  The strategy must be right.
Horse-Eagle, 4-10-03, 2345 GMT, NOAA


No tornadoes were reported in the USA, but a funnel cloud was spotted along US Highway 90 north of Sanderson, Florida in Baker County #52 at 30 N., for a priest, and 82 W., for an historical breakpoint.  There were at least 4 hail and 1 wind damage reports, all in Florida and North Carolina.  The severe weather was associated with a weather elephant.

The scene on the weather map portrayed a horse over the eastern USA and an eagle over Texas and New Mexico.  There was also a weather elephant over the Pacific northwest, where an elephant represents a  demon Commander, such as Baal.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel, which administers the Fifth Cycle of Discipline to the Client Nation.


Yesterday's severe weather was associated with a weather elephant and the fall of Baghdad.  A funnel cloud was spotted in Sanderson, Florida in Baker County, which is county #52, for a wall.  A wall represents the security of the nation, which is a sign of blessing.  Today, a US Marine was killed and 22 injured in an attack on a Baghdad Mosque with a wall around it.

Kirkuk fell without enemy resistance after bombs were dropped.  A hundred US Special Forces supported a few hundred Kurds to take the city after the Lord gave victory.  Kirkuk is the home of a rich oil field.  It is at 35 N., for rest from enemies, and 44 E., for suffering.  There was rest from the Iraqi enemies today in Kirkuk and in most of Baghdad.  However, there was also suffering from war.

On today's weather map, a horse was over the eastern USA; an eagle was over Texas and New Mexico, and an elephant was over the Pacific northwest.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.  The horse represented the Iraq War, and the states it covered represented issues in the war, such as the criminal justice system associated with Tennessee.  There was widespread looting.  There was no civilian government or law enforcement.  There were just the occupying US Coalition forces.

There was an eagle over Texas and New Mexico.  An eagle represents a Throne Angel, which punishes or delivers the Client Nation.  Texas is the home state of President Bush, and New Mexico is in the region of Gad, the raiding band or terrorists.  The eagle over Texas and New Mexico makes an issue of President Bush's link of Iraq to the war on terrorism.  It also points out that Iraqi terrorists have now been  unleashed.

The elephant over the Pacific northwest was associated with the division of the spoils of victory in the conquered cities of Iraq.

The Concorde is being retired.  It was a joint venture of Britain and France.  The Iraq War has divided the two nations.  God made the division.  The fallout from the fall of Baghdad was associated with the retirement of the Concorde.  The Concorde was for the rich.  Saddam was rich.  The Concorde carried 100, for maximum divine good production.  Only 20 Concordes were built, the number for going out and coming into a nation.  Both Britain and France will stop flying the Concorde.  France will stop by May 31st, where 31 stands for an evil king, such as Saddam Hussein.

This was April 10th, for the Laws of Establishment.  The government of Iraq was gone today.   And it was Day 100, for maximum divine good production.  Kirkuk was captured by Kurds who were supported by a hundred US Special Forces.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The day after Saddam Hussein's regime fell, Kirkuk fell without enemy resistance.  The Lord gave the victory.  Kirkuk is at 35 N., for rest from enemies.  The witness of the horse and the eagle on the weather map portrays a successful war against the government of Iraq and its military coupled with the counterattacks of Iraqi terrorists.  The Iraqi terrorists, which appeared to be a minimal threat before the war, have now been unleashed.  The military does not fight terrorism effectively.  Fighting terrorism requires police action.  As the enemies in war have been defeated, the Iraqi terrorists have multiplied.


Author:  Larry Wood