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Baal Counterattack in Iraq

Tropical Storm Ana; Florida Whales Improve

Baal Counterattack in Iraq

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April 22 (Day 112, Witness of Authority):   As many as a million Shiite Muslims flocked to their holy city of Karbala.  They danced, chanted, and slashed themselves with swords in honor of Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.  This was characteristic of the prophets of Baal in Elijah's day (1 Kings 18:25-29).  The Shiite pro-Islam and anti-USA message was the same in Karbala as it was yesterday in Baghdad.  The Shiites want an Islamic state, which US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, made clear was unacceptable.

The Muslim demonstrations and anti-US rhetoric is the same Satanic counterattack that Nehemiah faced when he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity.  The lawless demonstrations of hatred for Client Nation USA are the same as the Palestinian demonstrations against the establishment.  The demonstrations are only the first trick of Satan to destabilize the new government of Iraq and seize power.  Christians should resist the devil and oppose this evil.  The lines of Spiritual Warfare are drawn.  Only Christians can win the peace.  Nothing in the Bible guarantees freedom to worship Satan.  Nothing says the Muslim religion should be respected.  Nothing says the lies of the Muslim clerics should be respected.  Nothing says their power grab should be tolerated.

Tropical Storm Ana

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After being named yesterday, Ana was changed from subtropical to a tropical storm today.   It, thus, became the first tropical storm in April in history since record keeping began.  A subtropical storm occurred in April, 1992, the year that Andrew destroyed Homestead, Florida related to former President Bush's involvement in the Middle East peace process.  With 40-knot winds, Ana is about 660 miles east southeast of Bermuda at 30 N. and 53 W. traveling east southeast.  The name, Ana, is a variation of the Hebrew Hannah, which means grace.

Nashville Songwriter Bryant Dies

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Nashville songwriter Felice Bryant, who wrote "Rocky Top" and many other songs, died at 77.  She wrote or co-wrote with her late husband 800 recorded songs cut by more than 500 vocalists.  Her husband, Boudleaux Bryant, set his wife's poetry to music.  Their first hit was "Country Boy" by Little Jimmy Dickens in 1948.  Felice is a from of Felix, which means lucky or successful in Latin.  Paul was tried before Felix, the procurator of Judea, who wanted a bribe, which Paul did not give.

Nashville, in Tennessee, represents the internal security of the criminal justice system, which is the real issue in the war against terrorism and the Palestinian terrorist attack on Israel.  The number, 48, stands for the inheritance of the Levites, which is an icon of the Promised Land.  And the number, 77, stands for the breakdown of Marriage Culture through Reverse Process Reversionism.  The death of Felice Bryant on the 22nd, for cursing, represented God's blessing for those who defend the Abrahamic Covenant and cursing for those who reject it (Genesis 12:3).

Last 7 Florida Whales Improving

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The last 7 Florida whales are improving.  After receiving the right cocktail of nutrients, the whales are swimming in an enclosure near Big Pine Key.  The seven, 6 adults plus a calf, are from the 32 whales stranded in the Florida Keys April 18th.   Out of the original group:  Seven whales are still being treated; ten have returned to sea; 7 died; and 4 were euthanized.

Dow Up 156

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 156.09, or 1.87 percent, to close at 8,484.99.  The numbers mean: The numbers mean:  The Iraq War was the production (100) of soldiers dropping like dung in the open field (56) and the curse of the plagues of Egypt (9).  The peace and reconstruction of Iraqi requires the Spiritual production of the weakness of the Church multiplied (84 x 84) to withstand the Satanic challenger (99).  The weakness of the Church multiplied is the blessing of a nation due to the Body of Christ, i.e. a core, or pivot, of believers.


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 2 hail and 2 wind damage reports in the USA.


A million Shiite Muslims converged on Karbala with hatred for the USA.  The one who hates the USA is Satan, who is using the Shiites to attack the Righteousness of God in Client Nation USA.  The Muslim power grab in Iraq is fueled by infiltrators from Iran, but it is as old as Satan's attack on the first Jewish Client Nation.  Today's Satanic counterattack is just like the counterattack of Nehemiah when he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian captivity.  Christians must rise to the challenge and withstand the Satanic counterattack.  "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" (James 4:7b).

Tropical Storm Ana made history today when it became the first tropical storm in April since record-keeping began.  April was the only month without a tropical storm until today.  Tropical Storm Ana was named on April 22nd, for cursing.  The year, 2003, has Judgment associated with the air, since the year stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, which is symbolized by the wind.  Tropical storms and hurricanes represent the local congregation's rejection of the grace message of the pastor-teacher like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.

The last 7 whales that beached in the Florida Keys in the Content Keys on April 18th are improving.  They are at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  Florida has also been associated with the Palestinians at Gaza.  The Florida whale crisis has paralleled the crisis of Palestinian Prime Minister designate, Abu Mazen, in his attempt to form a cabinet.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the deadline for forming the cabinet.  A whale represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  The whales in Florida correspond to Tropical Storm Kujira, Cetus, the whale.  Cetus is the constellation that represents Satan being bound and incarcerated at the Second Advent.

Today was April 22nd, for cursing.  The Shiite Muslims in Karbala were cursing the USA.  They also oppose Israel and will be cursed.  And it was Day 112, for the witness of authority.  There is no authority except from God, and neither the Iraqi Muslims nor the Palestinians have it.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Today was the 22nd for cursing.  The first tropical storm formed in April as part of the suffering of the year, 2003.  And the Shiites massed in Karbala to be enslaved by Satan for a counterattack upon the new government of Iraq.  The whales that ran aground in Florida represent the Baal counterattack of the new Palestinian cabinet, which Christians with Bible Doctrine oppose.


Author:  Larry Wood