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Baghdad Arms Explode

Florida, Alabama, Georgia Tornadoes

Baghdad Arms ExplodeBaghdad

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April 26 (Day 116, Witness of Sanctification):   A huge arms depot exploded near Rasheed Air Base in the Zafaranyah suburb southeast of Baghdad in an act of sabotage.  The blast demolished nearby homes and killed 6 Iraqis, all members of the same family.  A large missile took off and left a large crater in a residential area where it landed.  The ammunition dump was ignited by an attacker who fired flares into it.  The arms cache that included large rockets covered acres.  A US soldier suffered a broken arm.  Angry residents began pelting US rescuers with stones and even opened fire on them.

Zafaranyah is southeast of Baghdad in the location that corresponds to Pasadena in Houston and Florida in the USA.  The explosion was Fire Testing related to Zebulun.

Florida, Alabama, Georgia Tornadoes

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Florida, Alabama, and Georgia were raked by tornadoes in the culmination of the eastward march of the Texas storms that began April 23rd.  In Florida, long tendrils of lightning surged across the night sky followed by long, rolling booms of thunder.   At least 14 tornadoes and 2 waterspouts were reported in the three states and Montana.  Golf-ball sized hail hit Atlanta.  And 2.75 inch hail hit Lake Butler, Florida and Montgomery, Randolph, and Lee County, Alabama.  Thunderstorms with ping-pong ball sized hail and wind gusts of 65 mph hit Jacksonville, Florida and knocked down a tree on an occupied car.  A woman was injured by a falling tree in High Springs, Florida.Horse, 4-25-03, 2245 GMT, NOAA

The first tornado struck Dancy, Alabama at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit, and 88 W., for blessing.  No major injuries were reported in any of the tornadoes.  The Alabama tornado was followed by tornadoes in Alma and Thalmann, Georgia and High Springs, Gainesville, Silver Springs, and Ocala, Florida.  There was a tornado 15 miles north of Roy, Montana along with others in Alabama and Georgia.  There were also two waterspouts at Horseshoe Beach, Florida in Dixie County #54 off County Road 351.  The severe weather, including 125 hail and 26 wind damage reports, was associated with the horse and elephant on yesterday's weather map.

Russia Launches Space Station Crew

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The Expedition 7 Space Station Crew were launched from Russia at 0354 GMT.  Expedition Seven Commander Yuri Malenchenko, 41, and NASA Astronaut Ed Lu, 39, were launched aboard a Russian Soyuz from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in  Kazakhstan.  The Expedition 6 crew, which has been in orbit 154 days, will return to earth aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft on May 3rd and land at 10:03 PM EST (0203 GMT on the 4th).  The number, 3, corresponds to the meaning of 2003.

This was the first manned launch since the Columbia explosion.  The Space Station will be manned by just 2 people to conserve supplies.  The pair is the sign of a witness, as in court, and the white color of their space suits represents sanctification.  Today was Day 116, for the witness of sanctification.

Phallus, 4-26-03, 1815 GMT, PSC Phallus, 4-26-03, 1845 GMT, NOAA


Fourteen tornadoes and two waterspouts were reported in the USA.  They were in Montana, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.  The waterspouts were at Horseshoe Beach, Florida in Dixie County #54.  There were at least 125 hail and 26 wind damage reports in the USA.  The severe weather was associated with the images of the horse and elephant on yesterday's weather map.

The image of a phallus appeared over Florida.  An exposed phallus represents phallic reversionism.


At least 14 tornadoes and two waterspouts struck Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Montana.  Powerful thunderstorms pounded Florida and the southeastern USA with large hail and strong winds that toppled trees and knocked out power.  Long streaks of lightning raced through the sky followed by loud, rolling booms of thunder reminiscent of Samuel's Battle of the Thunderstorm (1 Samuel 7:10).  The thunderstorms rolled through Kennedy Space Center around midnight EDT about the same time (0354 GMT) as the launch of the Expedition 7 crew in Russia.

An arms dump exploded on the southeast side of Baghdad in the region that corresponds to Zebulun.  A missile took off and landed in a residential area.  The missile represented the Russian launch of the Expedition 7 crew to the Space Station.  Zebulun corresponds to Florida and the Palestinians at Gaza.  The explosion, which represented Fire Testing, was heralded by the Florida thunderstorms.  The arms dump in Iraq was sabotaged by a terrorist.  The Palestinian threat to Israel is precisely the same as the terrorist threat against true authority in Iraq.  True authority in Iraq is represented by Jay Garner and the Iraqi transition team that left yesterday, April 25th, for Sovereignty.  There is no authority except from God (Romans 13:1).  The Iranians are inciting Shiite opposition in Iraq.

The severe weather in the three states, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, symbolizes the friction between Zebulun and security in Iraq and Israel.  Florida, which represents Zebulun, is the home of Jay Garner, the civil administrator of Iraq, and Florida has been associated with the Palestinian issue.  The threat to the Garner administration is the breakdown of security, and the Palestinians threaten the security of Israel.  Alabama and Georgia represent law enforcement, which protects the internal security of a nation.  The whole concept of creating law and order by letting terrorists govern themselves is a subjective illusion of peaceniks.  The Bush Administration has now agreed to this insanity.

There were two waterspouts at Horseshoe Beach in Dixie County #54, Florida.  The number, 54, stand for redemption.  The Russian launch of the Expedition 7 crew was at 0354 GMT.  At the time of the launch, the Expedition 6 crew had been in orbit for 154 days.  The purpose of the Russian launch while the Space Shuttle was grounded was to redeem the Space Station, i.e. to keep it flying.

And there was a tornado in Montana at 47 N., for peace, and 108 W., for the production of the new birth.  The Bush Administration is waiting to roll out the Road Map for Middle East peace as soon as the Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen is approved.  Today the vote on Abu Mazen was pushed off until April 30th because of the strong opposition he is facing.

This afternoon the advancing thunderstorms over Florida from the same weather system as the Texas storm of April 23rd, exposed another phallus over the Florida peninsula. A phallus last appeared pointed toward central Florida on April 23rd when Shuttle Program Manager, Ron Dittemore, announced his resignation.  The phallus this afternoon was after the Russians had launched the Expedition 7 crew, a task  normally performed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  An exposed phallus represents phallic reversionism because a phallus is naked without the covering of the Right Woman.  So, here again, the root of the problems here and in the Middle East, is not the politicians, but the breakdown of Marriage Culture.  Just as the Philistine problem occurred in the time of Samson and Samuel due to failure to intermarry, the same problem exists today in Israel with the Palestinians and in Iraq with the religious sects.

Today was April 26th, for Political Babylon  And it was Day 116, for the witness of sanctification.  The Expedition 7 crew of two, for a witness, wore white space suits for sanctification.  Shuttle crew normally wear orange, for dead works.  The orange suits came into use after the Challenger explosion when NASA failed to reengineer its system.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The booming thunderstorms in Florida represented the Lord's battle in the Middle East and Iraq.  Florida was embarrassed last night when the Russians launched the Expedition 7 crew.  Florida with ties to Jay Garner represents the hope of true authority in Iraq in opposition to the evil Muslim clerics.  And Florida stands opposed to a government of Palestinian terrorists who defy the Abrahamic Covenant.

The Florida thunderstorms heralded the explosion of the arms dump in Zafaranyah in southeastern Baghdad, which corresponds to Zebulun and Florida.  A missile launched in the explosion corresponded to the Russian launch of the Expedition 7 crew.  The explosion in Zafaranyah was a terrorist attack on the new authority of Jay Garner, who is from Florida.  Iraq faces the same type terrorist attacks as Israel from the Palestinians.  A person who understands the terrorist threat in Iraq should be able to understand the terrorist threat from the Palestinians, unless the person is a hypocrite with no Righteous-integrity.  Christians with Bible Doctrine should be able to understand and take up a defensive position for truth and mount prayer support in face of the threat in Iraq and in Israel from the Palestinians.


Author:  Larry Wood