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Funny Cide Wins Kentucky Derby

Old Man of Mountain Falls; Powell in Damascus; Expedition 6 Lands

Funny Cide Wins Kentucky Derby

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May 3 (Day 123, Spiritual Uptrend):  Funny Cide won the 129th Kentucky Derby and became the first gelding to win since 1929.  He also became the first New York bred horse to win the Derby.  Empire Maker was second, 1 3/4 lengths behind, and Peace Rules was third.  Funny Cide, at Post Position #6, ridden by Jose Santos, overcame 12-1 odds to win the 1 1/4 miles in 2:01.19.  Funny Cide paid $27.60, $12.40 and $8.20.

Angels make horse races, and this was another for the history books.  It wasn't so funny as ironic and anachronistic.  Funny Cide is a homonym for funny side, but cide is from the Latin, cida, which means to cut or kill.  The gelding was cut, castrated.  It ran from Post #6, for a man, or male, which it wasn't anymore.  A horse is known for its phallus and for war, which is historically waged by men, although there have been exceptions in history.  The Galatian women were fierce warriors.  The US military that raced to Baghdad had women soldiers.  The favorite, Empire Maker, was upset.  A current spat between UPI and the White House has it that the US did not enter Syria in hot pursuit during the Iraq War because National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice, told Rumsfeld he couldn't do it.  Thus, the opportunity for empire making was foiled.  And the opportunity for peace to rule had already been foiled when the White House dove, Colin Powell failed to achieve a diplomatic solution to the Iraq crisis.

And if that's not enough, it was the 129th Kentucky Derby, and the first gelding to win since 1929.  On October 29, 1929, on Black Tuesday, the Stock Market was symbolically castrated.  The big boom went bust.  Today, the first New York Yankee horse in history won the Kentucky Derby, where Kentucky is the land of the womb.  This is NOT funny, which is the meaning of funny cide.

Old Man of the Mountain Falls

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New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain fell off his summit sometime within the last two days.  Since clouds had obscured the mountain since May 1st, park officials aren't sure when it fell.  But this morning it was gone.  Heavy rains, high winds, and freezing temperatures produced by the weather angels are believed to have contributed to the demise of the summit symbol.  The symbol appears on the state quarter, road signs, and souvenirs.Horse, 5-3-03, 0145 GMT, NOAA

The Old Man of the Mountain was gone after the weather horse passed through last night.  The Old Man of the Mountain was the symbol of a summiteer, of which former President Clinton was the ultimate example.  The Iraq War was a clear demonstration that President Bush is not a summiteer.  The Iraq War, like the Opium Wars against China, was started with no apparent legitimate reason.  It was an example of summit failure.  Clinton would never have started a war with Iraq, but Clinton, like the Old Man of the Mountain, is gone.

Also, people lacked objectivity about the Old Man of the Mountain.  It was just a rock formation fueled by the imagination.  Yet, people talked to the rocks and revered them as if they were a god, or God Himself, which is blasphemy.  Rocks, mountains, and clouds have meaning when the Lord gives them meaning, but when He is finished with them, He erases the board.  The Old Man of the Mountain, like Johah's Castor Oil plant, can now take its place with the destroyed shadows of history.  A shadow is not reality.  It only exists to point to something else.  When the reality appears, the shadow will be removed.

Colin Powell Meets with Assad

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US Secretary of State Colin Powell met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for 3 hours in Damascus.  Powell explained the new reality of a US superpower next door and demanded that Syria stop its support for terrorist groups.  Among the terrorist groups that Syrian apparently agreed to stop supporting were those that support the Palestinians.  Powell said that on each point Assad said he wanted to consider the issue and follow up diplomatically.  This is typical of both the horse and mule type personality who weave and bob but avoid authority.  Powell proceeded to Beirut Lebanon where he intends to push the Road Map for Middle East peace and try to convince Lebanon to stop supporting terrorists.

Soyuz with NASA Astronauts Lands

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The Expedition 6 crew returned safely to earth aboard a Russian Soyuz, which landed in Kazakhstan.  Landing was at 10:07 PM EDT (0207 GMT, May 4th), but it was off course and rescue personnel spent hours searching for the space capsule.  It was finally spotted 2 hours and 23 minutes after landing 460 km (248 nautical miles) southwest (short) of its intended target at 49.37 N. and 61.20 E.  Expedition Six Commander Ken Bowersox, Flight Engineer Nikolai Budarin and NASA astronaut Don Pettit returned in good health after beginning their stay aboard the Space Station November 25th, 2002.


Five tornadoes were reported in the USA.  All were in Alabama.  The first was in Eva at 34 N., for the division of the land, and 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  The other 4 were at 33 N., for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  All the tornadoes were at 86 W.   There were at least 246 hail and 157 wind damage reports in the USA.  Two people were injured when a fence collapse on them due to strong winds at the county fairground in Salisbury, North Carolina.

The image of a weather elephant was over Texas.  An elephant represents a demon Commander,  such as Baal.


Five tornadoes struck Alabama.  All were at 86 W., for the Arab persecution of the Jew.  The first was in Eva at 34 N., for the division of the land, which corresponds to the Middle East peace process.  The Palestinians are the leading persecutor of Israel.  Colin Powell was in Syria to try to convince Bashar Assad to stop anti-Semitism.  Alabama represents law enforcement, which is required to stop terrorism.

Funny Cide won the Kentucky Derby, which was a reminder of the Stock Market crash in 1929 at the beginning of the Great Depression.  The Great Depression was divine punishment in the cycles of national discipline prior to the holocaust, or Fifth Cycle of Discipline. The stock market and the economy are under divine punishment today.  Only God can change that.

Funny Cide ran from Post Position #6 hours before the Space Station Expedition 6 crew landed in Kazakhstan at 10:07 PM EDT.  The number, 6, stands for a man, but Funny Cide was a gelding.  The Expedition 6 crew landed on May 3rd US time, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit, but it was May 4th in Kazakhstan, where 4 stands for weakness.  The space craft landed short of its target about 285 statute miles.

Today was May 3rd, for the purifying Judgment of the Holy Spirit.  And it was Day 123, for a Spiritual uptrend.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Funny Cide won the Kentucky Derby from Pole Position #6 as a reminder of the Great Depression and herald of the return of the Expedition 6 Space Station crew.


Author:  Larry Wood