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Tornadoes from Colorado to Tennessee

Palestinian Peace Negotiator Resigns

Tornadoes from Colorado to Tennessee

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May 16 (Day 136, Ai):  More tornadoes struck Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee overnight.  At least 40 tornadoes were reported in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Texas.  The first tornado was in Sunbright, Tennessee at 36 N., for Ai, and 84 W., for the weakness of the Church.  A line of tornadoes were reported along the Texas panhandle Oklahoma state line.  And two tornadoes were reported in Colorado near Springfield and Eads.  It was the third time in a week that tornadoes have struck Oklahoma.  There were at least 172 hail and 111 wind damage reports in the USA  The severe weather was associated with the weather images of a horse over Colorado, an elephant over Texas and Oklahoma, and a horse over eastern Tennessee.Elephant, 5-15-03, 2115 GMT, NOAA

A tornado struck Sunbright, and a severe thunderstorm downburst damaged mobile homes and injured 4 people in one family.  Hail as large as tennis balls hit Greenback in Loudon County where power was knocked out to thousands.

Two tornadoes in Seward County in southwest Kansas caused widespread damage and heavy flooding that washed out rural roads.  Schools in Liberal and Kismet both called off classes today, either because of damage to buildings or loss of electrical power.  More than 10 inches of rain fell in the Kismet area, and six or more inches fell around Liberal.

In Cheyenne, houses, schools, power lines, fences, and a barn were damaged.  North of Sweetwater, a mobile home, barns, and dairy barn were destroyed; the roof was taken off a house; and cattle were killed.  In Bartlesville, airplanes and a hanger at the airport were damaged, and there was roof damage to a few buildings, including a church.

A tornado knocked down power lines, poles, and trees on Highway 283 north of Baird.  A semi was blown off the road in Lela.  Hail 2.75 inches in diameter was reported in Borger and in Gray County.

Palestinian Negotiator Resigns

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Saeb Erekat, the top Palestinian peace negotiator, resigned after he was not invited to attend the first meeting between Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.  This indicates tension between Arafat and the new Prime Minister, since Erekat was close to Arafat.

Dow Down 34

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell down 34.17, or 0.4 percent, to close at  8,678.97.  The numbers mean: The numbers mean:  The division of the land (34) is demanded by Palestinian lawlessness (17).  The Arab persecution of the Jew (86) and sexual abuse (78) are the traits of Baal who demands an Israeli retreat (97) from the Promised Land.

Horse, 5-16-03, 2145 GMT, NOAA


Forty tornadoes were reported in the USA.  They were in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Texas. Heaviest hit was the Texas panhandle Oklahoma state line.  There were at least 171 hail and 111 wind damage reports in the USA.

The image of a weather horse stretched from Oklahoma through the eastern USA.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.


Forty tornadoes struck under the image of a horse in Colorado, under a weather elephant around the Texas panhandle (including Oklahoma and Kansas), and under a horse in eastern Tennessee.  Colorado is in the region of the summits and points to the summits over the US Road Map for peace.  Texas is the home state of President Bush, who is responsible for this anti-Biblical foreign policy.  And Tennessee represents the criminal justice system, which is the cornerstone of the war against terrorism and the symbol of freedom from Palestinian terrorism in Israel.  The war horse image over Tennessee calls attention to the contrast between Bush's attempt to fight the war on terrorism with the military.  The elephant over Texas represents Baal, who has blinded the eyes of the White House peace negotiators over the Middle East peace process.  Furthermore, the Colorado horse, Texas elephant, and Tennessee horse represent slavery to Ecumenical, Political, and Cosmic Babylon.

Palestinian peace negotiator, Saeb Erekat, resigned after being left out of the first meeting between Abu Abbas.  The Dow fell 34.17 points, for the division of the land (34), and lawlessness (17).  The division of the land is the cornerstone of the Middle East peace process, and the Palestinians are symbolized by lawlessness.

A war horse stretched from Texas and Oklahoma through the eastern USA.

Today was May 16th, for sanctification.  And it was Day 136, for Ai.  The first tornado was in Sunbright, Tennessee at 36 N., for Ai, and 84 W., for the weakness of the Church.   The defeat of the Army of Israel at Ai was caused by lack of sanctification of the Army.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The message from 40 more tornadoes was that the cursing in the USA is due to the Middle East peace process, which has led to terrorism.  And the war on terrorism is not a military battle, but a police action.  The three groups of tornadoes represented Ecumenical (Colorado), Political (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas), and Cosmic (Tennessee) Babylon.  The resignation of the Palestinian chief peace negotiator was reflected in the Dow fall of 34.17 points today.  The prosperity of the USA is directly tied to the anti-Semitism that seeks to defy the Abrahamic Covenant and give away the land of Israel.


Author:  Larry Wood