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NASA Removes KSC Director

Clemens Wins 300

Buzzard, Florida, 6-13-03, 1654 GMT Buzzards, Florida, 6-13-03, 1715 GMT Butterfly, Florida, 6-13-03, 1943 GMT Butterfly, Florida, 6-13-03, 1944 GMT

NASA Removes KSC Director

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June 13 (Day 164, Weakness):   In another shakeup, NASA Administrator, Sean O'Keefe, has transferred Kennedy Space Center Directory, Roy D. Bridges, Jr., to Center Director of Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.  A former astronaut and Air Force General, Bridges, 59, has been KSC Center Director for 6 years.  He piloted Challenger on mission STS-51F in July 1985.  Bridges is from Georgia.  He was born in Atlanta and grew up in Gainesville, GA.  He is married to the former Benita Louise Allbaugh of Tucson, Arizona.

In a sequence of moves that baffle the imagination, in the four months since the Columbia disaster, the heads of every major NASA Center except Headquarters and Johnson Space Center in Houston have been removed.  And the Manager of the Shuttle Program was recently replaced.  Bridges fits the pattern.  He is 59, which represents Simeon, who is symbolized by Louisiana.  Sean O'Keefe is from Louisiana.  Bridges will replace Del Freeman, 62, who had been serving as acting center director at Langley for the past year.  The number, 62, stands for the end.

On May 9th, the Director of John C. Stennis Space Center, William (Bill) W. Parsons, became the new manager of the Space Shuttle Program.  Parsons was born in Pike County, Mississippi, which is on the Louisiana border.  On May 20th, the Center Director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Arthur G. Stephenson, announced that he would step down.  The lead contender for Director of MSFC is reportedly Dave King of KSC, who was one of the managers of Shuttle Columbia debris collection in Louisiana.  The External Tank #93 that caused the chain of events that blew up Columbia was built in New Orleans at Michoud Operations by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.

The angels illustrated the day's events with buzzards and butterflies (reference top photos).  A buzzard on a roof symbolized a manager of dead works.  A roof represents authority.  A group of buzzards gathered around the latest road kill, an armadillo.  Buzzards previously hovered overhead to herald the Columbia tragedy, while they feasted on road kill to herald Roy Bridges' departure.  After the buzzards, only 30 feet away a beautiful Giant Swallowtail butterfly came by to have its picture taken.  The butterfly has been flying out of camera range in the rough out back for a month.  This afternoon, it was quite willing to pose for pictures.  A butterfly represents the Resurrection.  It also represents an attractive male, such as a roué.

After the buzzards, who manage dead works, came the butterflies.  Roy Bridges and the others that O'Keefe promoted were butterflies.  Bridges has a very impressive resume.  He graduated at the top of his class in the US Air Force Academy and flew 140 missions in Vietnam, but when compared to the men who built the Space Program, Bridges would never have been in a management position.  The Space Program was built by engineers, who were grounded in the laws of physics, not Hollywood celebrities, astronauts, and accountants.  And the Space Program was built by men, in the days when women were secretaries.  Something happened when the dull, plodding engineers were replaced by the butterflies and physics was a forgotten subject.  In the new NASA, like the new Army, safety is no longer understood and divorce is the number one problem.

Yet, in all that's changed, the Lord Jesus Christ still controls history, and He selects the authorities to accomplish His Sovereign Design.  He alone decides when to bless and when to curse.  He can provide road kill or blessing for butterflies.  People aren't great because they have engineering degrees or impressive resumes.  They are blessed or cursed by the grace of God, lest we forget.  NASA is vainly trying to polish its image.  Sic transit gloria mundi, "the glory of the world passes away."  But back to grace and back to God is the right way.

Clemens Wins 300

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Roger Clemens became the 21st pitcher to win 300 games in the New York Yankees win over the St. Louis Cardinals 5-2.  He also passed the 4,000 strike out mark tonight.  He is third in all-time strike outs behind Nolan Ryan (5,714) and Steve Carlton (4,136).  The number, 300, stands for judgment.  Noah's ark was 300 cubits long.  Clemens wears jersey #22, for cursing.  Clemens was born August 4, 1962 in Dayton, Ohio, where 62 stands for the end.

Dow Down 79

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell down 79.43, or 0.9 percent,  to close at  9,117.12.  The numbers mean:
Horse, 6-14-03, 0245 GMT, NOAA


Three tornadoes were reported in the USA.  They were in South Carolina, Missouri, and Texas.  Subsequent investigation of a reported tornado in Oakland, Florida revealed the damage was done by straight line winds.  There were at least 44 hail and 105 wind damage reports in the USA.

Today, the image of a horse was over Texas.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.


There were tornadoes in South Carolina, Missouri, and Texas.  Heavy damage in Oakland, Florida was due to straight line winds.  South Carolina is in the region of Judah, which points to the military.  US military forces are fighting Iraqis north of Baghdad, and the Israeli military is fighting Palestinian terrorists.  Texas is the home state of President Bush.

Another NASA head rolled today.  The KSC Center Director was transferred to Langley.  NASA's personnel shuffle is associated with Louisiana, which represents Simeon criminality.  Buzzards and butterflies were used by the angels to explain the personnel moves, which appeared somewhat ridiculous from human viewpoint.  Buzzards manage the dead, and butterflies symbolize the Resurrection of the dead.

Roger Clemens, #22, finally got his 300th win.  This represents cursing (22) and Judgment (300).

Today was June 13th, for the double blessing.  And it was Day 164, for weakness.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Heads have rolled in NASA.  The Lord determines the ruling authorities.  No matter how ridiculous it appears, He always picks the right person for the job.  The business may be blessed or cursed from the grace of God, but not from the strength of horses and managers.  Buzzards are needed to manage the dead and butterflies for the Resurrection.


Author:  Larry Wood