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227th Anniversary Cursing

Falling Frame Curses O'Connor

227th Anniversary

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July 4 (Day 185, Eye or Spy):  Today's July 4th celebrations marked the 227th Anniversary of the USA.  The days around July 4th are always significant because the second half of the year begins on July 2nd.  This year a semi-truck full of fireworks for July 4th exploded in Bonita Springs, Florida and killed 5 people, where 5 stands for a giant, such as Baal.  Later in the day fireworks in 14 of 850 fireworks shells in Altamonte Springs, Florida were ignited by lightning.  Yesterday, a fireworks warehouse in Kilgore, Texas exploded and killed 3 people, the number for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.

The number, 227, stands for the cursing of a horn, or intensified discipline.  The 227th Anniversary was heralded by special curses of the anniversary celebration itself.  The fireworks curse in Bonita Springs, Florida during the 226th year of the USA was at 26 N., for Political Babylon.  The number, 226, stands for the curse of Political Babylon.  The 226th year saw the US in the role of Political Babylon in the Road Map for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.  Today, on the 227th Anniversary, a frame fell on the stage during the dedication of the new National Constitution Center and injured 4 people.  The wood and steel frame hit the center's president, Joseph Torsella, in the head and knocked him to his knees and narrowly missed the guest of honor, US Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor.  She recognized afterward that she had a brush with death.

When the fireworks backfire and rafters fall on the heads of invited guests, it is the unmistakable sign of a curse.  The curse of Abraham is reserved for all who curse Israel (Genesis 12:3).  The US is cursing Israel today in its foreign policy, which demands that Israel give up the Promised Land to the Palestinians who have no sovereign claim to the land.

Cursing of the Horn

In honor of the 227th Anniversary of the USA, which means the cursing of the horn, a horn-shaped dust devil brought the July 4th celebration in Billings, Montana to a halt.  The dust devil swooped down on the Harvest-Church sponsored event at Castle Rock Park about 4 PM, and hurled a 24-foot-high, 750-pound, inflatable slide about 80 feet.  Children caught on the slide began jumping off in panic as it lifted into the air.  A nine-year old boy held onto his 2-year old sister and kept her from being injured and they fell to the ground.  Four people, 3 children and one adult, were injured.  One boy had a broken bone in his elbow.  The son of the even organizer had two teeth knocked out and a broken ankle.  Broken joints represent the judgment of a pastor-teacher, since joints represent pastors.  Broken teeth represent the judgment of Marriage Culture since the teeth represent the Right Man - Right Woman relationship.  The injury to children represents the curse of Baal.

The local pastor acknowledged that the Lord had sent the wind, which bent 3/4 inch X 1 foot long steel stakes used to stake the inflatable slide to the ground.  The stakes were bent 90 degrees.  Billings is at 45 N., for victory over the stronghold, and 108 W., for the production of the new birth.

Meaning of US Recent Anniversaries

Year Anniversary
1996 220 Cursing Clinton reelected
1997 221 Cursing of Providential Preventative Suffering Corporate/Goverment/Military Reductions
1998 222 Cursing Magnified Clinton Scandal; Florida Fires
1999 223 Spiritual Uptrend New Carissa; Clinton walks; Solar Eclipse
2000 224 Cursing of Satan's strategic attack on Israel Clinton/Barak Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan
2001 225 Cursing of Sovereignty Bush/UN back Palestinian state; Space Station.
2002 226 Cursing of Political Babylon US role of Political Babylon in Road Map
2003 227 Cursing of a Horn  .

Falling Frame Curses O'Connor

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A frame fell on the stage at the dedication of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and narrowly missed the guest of honor, US Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor.  The wood and steel frame collapsed on the count of three during the finale of the dedication ceremony.  On the count of three, the frame fell.  It hit the center's president, Joseph Torsella, in the head and knocked him to his knees.  Justice O'Connor exclaimed, "We could have been killed!"  Justice O'Connor, the first woman Supreme Court Justice, had just received the city's Liberty Medal.

Justice O'Connor is 73, for freedom.  She is from Arizona, the region of Gad, which represents the raiding band or terrorists.  The frame falling from above and hitting the center's president in the head represented the judgment of authority, which corresponds to the judgment of Samson, who pulled the roof down on his head.  Samson represented the cursing of the land due to the breakdown of Marriage Culture in the failure of Israel to intermarry with the Philistines.  Justice O'Connor was given a lesson in authority today from the angels, who orchestrated the falling beam down to the second.  It fell on the count of 3 in 2003, where 3 stands for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  The frame that hit the center's president in the head represented an authority problem.  Although the Constitution permits it, a woman should never be a judge, especially on the Supreme Court, because she is not the symbol of authority.  That was the meaning of the curse of the falling frame.


Four tornadoes were reported in the USA.  The first was in Bismark, North Dakota at 46 N., for pregnancy, and 100 W., for maximum divine good production.  The next three were in South Dakota at 43 N., for fulfillment, and 101 W., for unity. One of these was near Martin and the other two, representing a pair, for a witness, were near Tuthill.   There were at least 49 hail and 146 wind damage reports in the USA.  One person was injured when a large limb fell on a tent at Goose Island Campground near LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Today, the image of the trunk of an elephant stretched along the Gulf Coast from Florida through Texas.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Four tornadoes struck North and South Dakota in the region of Dan, the judge and symbol of the federal judiciary.  Today, the first woman Supreme Court Justice was awarded the Philadelphia Liberty Medal.  While she was basking in her glory, the angels dropped a frame a few feet from her and gave her the fright of death.  The frame knocked the National Constitution Center's president in the head.  The curse represented the judgment of authority.  It was a slap in the face to O'Connor because it made an issue out of authority, which a woman cannot symbolize.  Government officials glory in the promotion of women because they have succumbed to the same feminine usurpation of authority that occurred in the Garden.
To the woman He said,
"I will greatly multiply your pain and your conception.
In pain you shall bring forth children.
Yet, for your husband, your desire; but he shall rule over you." (Genesis 3:16)
The promise "to honor and obey" has been taken out of the Marriage vows, and the nation has a 50% divorce rate, which is one of the highest of any nation in world history.  Most divorces are the work of women who have no clue of the meaning of the divine institution of Marriage, who are unwilling to give themselves in Marriage, and who make themselves a liar when they reject their previous vow.

A dust devil in Billings, Montana today brought the curse of the 227th Anniversary of the USA.  Four people, 3 children and an adult, were injured when a dust devil picked up a portable inflatable slide and hurled it 80 feet.  The dust devil represented the curse of a horn.  The local pastor admitted that the Lord sent the wind.

The Palestinians are demanding that Israel release the terrorists who were arrested during the Palestinian rebellion (Intifada).  The Justice in Israel is even worse than in the USA.  Not a single terrorist has been executed in either country.  The courts which fail to execute criminals make a mockery out of justice.  Since Israel did not execute the terrorists, it is now preparing to turn them loose so the cycle can begin all over again.  Those who lack the courage to defeat terrorists in the courts will be ruled by them.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The curse of the woman in the Garden in trying to usurp the authority of her husband is alive and well today.  The curse at the award ceremony of the first woman Supreme Court Justice today was a good example of what Bible Doctrine communicates.  The Constitution Center's president was knocked in the head by a falling frame to represent the judgment of authority.  Why was the judgment necessary?  Obviously because divinely ordained authority had been usurped.  Satan is behind the usurpation of authority.


Author:  Larry Wood