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New Iraq Governing Council Inaugurated

Sharon in London; Tropical Storm Claudette

New Iraq Governing Council Inaugurated

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July 13 (Day 194):  A new Iraqi Governing Council appointed by the US Administration was introduced and held its first meeting.  The 25-member council will govern Iraq with the consent of US Administrator, L. Paul Bremer, who still has veto authority.  The Council members come from diverse political and religious backgrounds.  Council members include 13 Shiites, 5 Kurds, 5 Sunnis, 1 Assyrian Christian, and 1 Turkoman.  There are 22 men and 3 women on the Council.  The council will have the power to name ministers and approve the 2004 budget.  It will select its leadership tomorrow.  Because of security reasons, the new Governing Council was introduced to the press in a guarded military ministry building and not to the public.

The new Governing Council was criticized by people on the street as composed of outsiders, who had not been living and suffering in Iraq.  However, the number, 25, stands for the Sovereignty of God, which is an indication of God's blessing on the new Iraqi authority.  There were 3 women on the Council, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003 in suffering.  This does not mean it was the will of God for women to be on the council any more than it was His will for there to be no Jews on the Council.

The members of the Governing Council were seated in a semi-circle, an arc, which symbolizes a broken covenant.  In its  first public action, the council established a national holiday on April 9th, the day Baghdad fell to US forces.  Celebration of holidays of Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party were banned.  In other words, the Council broke the covenant with Saddam.

Sharon Travels to London

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Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, traveled to London to meet with British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, tomorrow over the Road Map for peace.  Sharon will try to persuade Blair to stop befriending Arafat.  British and European Union support for Arafat and Hamas is undermining the very peace process they claim to support.

Armstrong Takes Lead After Stage 8

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US bicyclist, Lance Armstrong, 31, finished third in Stage 8 of the Tour de France and moved into first place overall.  Spain's Iban Mayo, 25, won the race 2:11 ahead of Armstrong.  Armstrong lacked the strength that he has previously exhibited in the mountains.

Benny Carter Dies

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Alto Sax jazz legend, Benny Carter, died yesterday at 95 in Los Angeles.  He was born in New York on August 8, 1907, Day 220.


One tornado was reported in the USA.  It was in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 36 N., for Ai, and 87 W., for a donkey.  There were at least 48 hail and 66 wind damage reports.

Today, the image of a weather elephant stretched along the US east coast and connected to Tropical Storm Claudette.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Storm Claudette

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Tropical Storm Claudette is in the Gulf of Mexico east of the southern tip of Texas at 25 N. and 92 W.  It is drifting with 50 knot winds.  Claudette means lame or crippled.


The only tornado was in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at 36 N., for Ai, and 87 W., for a donkey.  Kentucky is in the region that corresponds to the womb.  The new Iraqi Governing Council was introduced today.  This was like the birth or new birth of the Iraqi government, which corresponds to the womb and correlates to Kentucky.  There are 25 members on the council, where 25, for Sovereignty, gives credence to the backing of God, who alone bestows authority and Sovereignty.  There is no authority except from God (Romans 13:1).  There are 13 Shiites on the Council, which was announced on July 13th, for the double blessing.  The Shiites are Muslims from the Shia branch of Islam - i.e. evil worshippers of Baal.  There are 22 men and 3 women on the Council, where 22 is for cursing and 3 is for the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.  The Muslims are among the world's worst in their disrespect for women.

Benny Carter died yesterday.  He was born in New York, the region of Issachar, the donkey, as symbolized by the number 87, which corresponds to the Kentucky tornado.  Carter was born on August 8th, for the new birth, which corresponds to the new birth of the Iraqi Governing Council.  He was born on Day 220, for cursing of the valley of death, which corresponds to the 22 men on the Iraqi Governing Council.

Lance Armstrong took the yellow jersey, for the overall leader, on Stage 8 of the Tour de France, where 8 stands for the new birth, which relates back to Kentucky.  France is in the same location in Europe as Israel in Asia.

As if marking time to the music of Sovereignty, Tropical Storm Claudette drifted in the Gulf of Mexico at 25 N., for Sovereignty.  Claudette was named on July 8th, Day 189 at the beginning of President Bush's trip to Africa.  Claudette means lame or crippled.  A tropical storm represents the rejection of the grace message of a pastor by the local congregation like the rebellious woman who rejects the authority of her Right Man.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  An historic milestone was reached today with the introduction of the new Iraqi Governing Council.  The 25 members of the Council point to Sovereignty, which is a sign of God's Sovereign Design and blessing.


Author:  Larry Wood