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Bush Meets With Abbas

Florida Fruit Stand Wreck; Bush Nominee Commits Suicide; Tropical Depression #7

Turkey, SPC Storm Report,7-24-03

Bush Meets With Abbas

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July 25 (Day 206, Man):  President bush held his first meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), in the White House.  Abbas raised three main issues:  (1) Israeli settlements, (2) the dividing fence, and (3) Palestinian prisoners.  President Bush came out clearly opposed to Israeli settlements and the dividing fence as he did on June 17, 2002.   As was pointed out then, Bush as a Texas rancher has a cultural problem with fences.  If he had been a farmer, he would have had an entirely different attitude.  On a positive note, however, the President seems to be recognizing the issue of terrorism among the Palestinians.  He opposed turning loose "cold-blooded killers,"  and he told the Palestinians they had to deal with terrorism in order to gain Israeli confidence.

Abu Mazen has adamantly refused to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure because he says it would lead to civil war.  There is not much difference between his approach to terrorism and Arafat's during the failed implementation of the Oslo Accords.  President Bush's rejection of Israeli settlements is defiance of the Abrahamic Covenant.

The turkey is the symbol the angels selected to describe President Bush's Palestinian peace plan.  A turkey appeared to Bush and Saudi Prince Abdullah at the Crawford, Texas ranch, and a turkey appeared on the weather map on June 16, 2002 related to the issue of the Israeli fence.  The turkey symbolizes a fool.

Elderly Man Drives Through Fruit Stand

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An elderly Florida man drove through a fruit stand at the Flagler Beach farmer's market.  The 79-year old man hit 3 cars and injured 6 people before the car stopped.  None of the injuries were life-threatening.  The man was allowed to park inside the market because he uses a wheelchair. When he started his car, it fully accelerated in reverse.  He then jammed it into drive and hit three cars and 6 people before coming to rest in a strawberry and peaches stand.  Strawberries represent the male and peaches the female in Marriage Culture.

On July 16th, an 86-year old man in Santa Monica, California drove through a street market and killed 10 and injured 69.  That was the day President Bush invited Abu Mazen to the White House.

Florida Marina Burns

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A marina on the St. Johns River burned in Deland, Florida early this morning.   One person was critically injured and 28 boats burned and sank in the fire that burned the Boat Show Marina at Ed Stone Park.  This represents Fire Testing and angelic irony.  Deland, or De Land, means the Land, which refers to the Promised Land.

Bush Nominee Commits Suicide

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Colin McMillan, 67, President Bush's nominee for Navy Secretary, committed suicide on his ranch in Roswell, New Mexico.  His body was found yesterday around noon on his Three Rivers Ranch with a gunshot wound to the head.  Bush nominated McMillan on May 7 to replace Gordon England, who stepped down as Navy secretary.  New Mexico is in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.

Dow Up 172

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 172.06, or 1.9 percent,  to close at 9,284.57.  The numbers mean: Abu Mazen appealed to President Bush to assist in releasing prisoners (men) (6) from prison, but the real issue was criminal justice associated with the internal gates (72).  The Palestinians, symbolized as homeborn slaves in Israel (92), are opposed by the weakness of the Church (84).  They have been associated with Zebulun (57).
Elephant, 7-25-03, 2015 GMT, PSC


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 8 hail and 22 wind damage reports.  The SPC Storm graphic formed the image of a turkey.

The image on the weather map was an elephant along the east coast of the USA with trunk through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.

Tropical Depression #7

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Tropical Depression #7 formed off the east coast of Florida south of Jacksonville.  It is moving north northwest with 25 knot winds.


President Bush fulfilled his promise and met with Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen, at the White House.  The invitation to visit the White House was extended on July 16th, the day the California man drove through a market and killed 10 people.  This morning about the time of the meeting, a 79-year old Florida man drove through a market in Flagler Beach and injured 6 people.  It was Day 206.

Today, was July 25th, for Sovereignty, which is the real issue.  Only God creates sovereign states, not President Bush.  The image of a turkey appeared on the SPC Storm graphic just as on June 17, 2002, when Bush first began to oppose the Israeli fence.  A turkey symbolizes a fool.  The angels branded the Bush Palestinian peace plan with the turkey symbol during the visit of Saudi Prince Abdullah to the Bush ranch April 25th. 2002.

The Dow rose 172.06, for the internal gates of criminal justice (72) and a man (6).  The internal gates of criminal justice correspond to the state of Tennessee, which has continued to surface as the real issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  The Palestinians are lawless terrorists who should be dealt with according to the criminal justice system - not by rewarding them with a state.

Colin McMillan, President Bush's nominee for Navy Secretary, committed suicide in Roswell, New Mexico.  New Mexico is in the region of Gad, the raiding band, or terrorists.  This was a two-fold symbol.  First, McMillan's death was the herald of the Bush meeting with Abu Mazen, who is the friend of terrorists even though he himself acts like a possum.  Second, Florida is associated with the Navy - not New Mexico.  Tropical Depression #7 formed off Florida today to represent the cursing of Florida due to Bush's poor choice for Navy Secretary.

A weather elephant stretched along the east coast and through Florida to symbolize the battle with Baal today as Bush entertained Abu Mazen, whom Bush hopes will help pave the way for peace and a Palestinian state.  The very idea of giving the Promised Land to the Palestinian Muslims is the doctrine of demons.  It is part of the devil's plan to usher in a false millennium.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  There were some prayers answered today as President Bush indicated that Palestinian support for terrorism would not bring peace or a state.  What he did not say is that Abu Mazen has adamantly refused to fight terrorism.  The meeting on the 25th, for Sovereignty, indicated that the Lord Jesus Christ still controls history, however.    The meeting with Abu Mazen was heralded by death and destruction at a California market, and it coincided with more destruction but no death in a Florida market today.  California represents Israel and Florida represents the Palestinian issue.


Author:  Larry Wood