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Sharon and Bush's Premillennial Peace

Iraq Chooses 9 Presidents; Grand Slam Record

Sharon and Bush's Premillenial Peace

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July 29 (Day 210, Providential Preventative Suffering):   United by a common vision of premillennial peace, President Bush met with Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, at the White House.  Both have agreed to the evil vision of land for peace with a Palestinian state on the land of Abraham.  Words have little meaning after a Christian and a Jew forget Promised Land.  It was another verse of the song of peace that has been sung so many times before.  Those who reject the Abrahamic Covenant can look forward to a special curse (Genesis 12:3).  It was Arafat who came up with this idea.  And now Bush and Sharon, the last people on earth who would ever be expected to buy it, are now pushing it at the Palestinians.

On the positive side, Sharon delivered an historical note of gratitude to President Bush for ridding the world of an evil enemy of freedom in the war with Iraq.  He recognized the historical significance of the defeat of the Iraqi dictatorship and praised the President for having the moral courage to go to war in Iraq while other world leaders were only willing to talk about it.  It was quite refreshing to hear someone who had a kind word, especially after all the acrimony and bitter jabs at every other political issue of the day.  Sharon made history simply by recognizing and appreciating it while others were caught up in the problems of the moment.  It was somewhat like a dog that has been mistreated by its master still looking up and wagging its tail.

President Bush appeared to paint himself into a box today.  After learning that terrorists are a threat, he declared, even more forcefully, that the terrorists organizations like Hamas must be dismantled.  Of course, that's in the Road Map, but others haven't expected only lip-service from the Palestinians.  As Bush learns the names of more Palestinian organizations, he will discover that Fatah is also a terrorist organization, and Fatah is the Palestinian government with whom he is negotiating for his evil vision of a Palestinian state on the land the Lord promised to Abraham and his descendants.

Today, Ariel Sharon, even after being hassled last night by Condoleezza Rice over the fence, still had a kind word.  The great warrior, taught history, humility, and gratitude.  And he gave a lesson in "compassionate conservatism" while President Bush ranted about dismantling terrorist organizations.

Iraq Has 9 Presidents

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The interim Governing Council of Iraq elected 9 men to a rotating presidency.  Each man will serve for one month.  There were formerly 3 heads.  The number, 9, stands for the plagues of Egypt.

New Grand Slam Record

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Boston's Bill Mueller set a new major league record by hitting two grand slams from both sides of the plate in the same game.  Mueller, a switch hitter, hit 3 homeruns in Boston's 14-7 rout of the Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  It was only the 12th time a player hit two grand slams in a single game.  Mueller is 32 and Arlington is at 32 N., for a conspiracy, and 97 W., for a Reduction in Force (RIF).  He wears jersey #11, for a witness.  The number, 11, is common in that part of Texas because the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas is #11.  In the game, Mueller had a career-high of 9 RBIs and hit 3 homers in a game for the first time.  This gave him 13 homers for the season and a career 4 slams.  The numbers mean:  9 - plagues of Egypt; 3 - Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003; 13 - double blessing of Israel; and 4 - weakness.  Mueller said he was humbled by the experience because he was just trying to hit a line drive to bring in runs.  He wasn't swinging for the fence.

Grand slams are rare in history.  Since they are undoubtedly from the Sovereign Design of God, they must have special meaning.  President Bush used to own the Texas Rangers, but he sold them out.  Boston is at 42 N., for Baal, the bear, and Russia.  Switch hitting represents a politician, who plays both sides against the middle.  The ultimate politician is Satan or Baal, who appears as the god of war on the left and the goddess of love on the right.  God lets Satan hit grand slams periodically in history in Baal games.

President Bush is a switch hitter in politics.  He even appears to sit on the fence and play both sides of the aisle.  And he has hit two grand slams and a third homer lately.  The grand slams were Afghanistan and Iraq.  Regardless of the reasons for the wars, they were impressive and historic.  And he has just hit a home run in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  But Bush got his homers by selling out Texas.  Representative Tom Delay just went to Israel in total opposition to the President's pro-Arab foreign policy.  There's no doubt that Bush has made his mark in world history, but at what price and whose expense?

However, the two grand slams of Mueller were in the same game, and this has also occurred.  When Palestinian Prime Minister, Abu Mazen, was at the White House four days ago, the President was on the Palestinian side of the "wall" of division.  He supported the release of prisoners and he opposed the wall.  He also stated clearly that he was opposed to terrorism.  The Palestinians were assured that he was on their side because they were for peace and the President was for peace.  This was a grand slam from the right side of the plate.  Mueller, batting right-handed, hit his first grand slam off Aaron Fultz in the seventh inning.  Today, with Ariel Sharon, however, the President accepted Sharon's decision to continue building the fence, praised him on the release of prisoners, and demanded the dismantling of terrorist organizations like Hamas.  This was a grand slam with the Israelis from the left side of the plate.  In the eighth inning, Mueller hit a grand slam from the left side against Jay Powell.

Dow Down 62

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell down 62.05, or 0.7 percent,  to close at 9,204.46.  The numbers mean: The end (62) of deeds of the giant (5), such as Baal.  Palestinian homeborn slaves (92) in weakness (4) of the Aqaba Summit are pregnant (46) with the Road Map for peace.


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 23 hail and 61 wind damage reports.  Most of the severe weather was in Tennessee, where most of the wind damage occurred.

The image of a weather elephant on the weather map stretched from the Great Lakes to Texas.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Most of the severe weather was in Tennessee, where most wind damage occurred.  Tennessee represents the internal gates of the criminal justice system, which is the real issue between Israel and the lawless Palestinians.  The first two hail reports and the second wind damage report were in Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinian issue.  The weather, although much less severe than in the past, heralded the meeting of President Bush and Ariel Sharon.

President Bush and Ariel Sharon have now jointly adopted Arafat's idea of a Palestinian state on Israeli land.  The attempt to bring peace on earth under the devil's plan will only lead to more cursing.  God will not stand idly by when Israel rejects the Abrahamic Covenant and Client Nation USA rejects Bible Doctrine.  God has hardened the hearts of the two leaders to bring more cursing.

Today was July 29th, for a victory over Edom.  And it was Day 210, for Providential Preventative Suffering, which amounts to a checkmate.  Bush backed off from his attacks on Israel over the fence, and he even supported Israel demand that the terrorist organizations must be dismantled.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The US and Israeli vision of a Palestinian state is part of the devil's plan to usher in the millennium without fulfilling the unconditional covenants to Israel.


Author:  Larry Wood