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Florida Tornado

3rd Infantry Soldiers Come Home

West Palm Beach Tornado, 8-7-03 Elephant, 8-8-03, 2115 GMT

Florida Tornado

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August 8 (Day 220, Cursing):  A tornado suddenly appeared in a thunderstorm yesterday over West Palm Beach, Florida and ripped through the suburbs of Palm Beach Gardens and Riviera Beach.  Although there was heavy damage to homes and property, no one was killed and there were few injuries from the tornado that struck at 5:35 PM EDT (2135 GMT).  At A Garden Walk mobile home park over 100 mobile homes were damaged or destroyed.  Roofs were ripped off buildings and semi-trailers overturned and scattered.  Residents were in shock over the twister that appeared without warning.  An estimated 500 homes were damaged or destroyed and 30,000 were without power, although by today only 400 remained without power.  And this afternoon funnel clouds appeared east and west of I-95 near the path of yesterday's tornado as if targeting the same location.

The tornado began just southeast of the intersection of Northlake Boulevard and Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens.  There may have been one or two tornadoes, but the next, and heaviest damage, occurred south at A Garden Walk mobile home park at 8200 North Military Trail.   The number, 82, stands for an historical breakpoint.  Then the tornado skipped over busy I-95 at rush hour, which was a blessing.  The tornado traveled east along Blue Heron Boulevard.  It crossed home plate at Wells Recreation Center, 2409 Avenue H West, where 24 is for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 9 is for the Plagues of Egypt and number of men on a baseball team.  A light pole was left beside home plate as a calling card.  East of the park, one home was damaged before the tornado dissipated.  The home had its roof ripped off, its back fence flattened, and a power line snapped behind it.

The broken light pole beside home plate was an angelic calling card.  The angels presented the tornado path as batter crossing the plate after running the bases.  The fallen pole represented a bat and failure of maximum historical impact.  The roof that was removed from the home east of the park represented an authority problem, such as failure to attain Spiritual Rapport.  The fence that was knocked down represented a security failure.  And the power line that snapped represented the Judgment of Political Babylon.  The tornado was at 26 N., for Political Babylon, and 80 W., for strength.

The tornado path down Military Trail, across I-95, for a hero, and into home plate represented the US 3rd Infantry Division returning from Iraq.  There was one other tornado in the USA.  It was in Tabb, Virginia at 37 N., for a warrior, and 76 W., for skill.  This further supported the association with the military.

3rd Infantry Soldiers Come Home

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Members of the Army's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division began arriving in Fort Stewart, Georgia today.  Although the US military did a magnificent job in defeating Iraq, the members of the 3rd Infantry Division were the heroes of the war.

Bush Plans Military Strategy

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President Bush met with Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, and Secretary of State Colin Powell to plan military strategy for a new more mobile military.  Bush wore a plaid shirt, for judgment; and Rumsfeld was wearing a white shirt, for sanctification.

Dow Up 64

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 64.64, or 0.7 percent,  to close at 9,191.09.  The numbers mean:

           64.64 - Weakness (64) multiplied.
       9,191.09 - A coup de grace (91) multiplied; the Plagues of Egypt (9).


Three tornadoes were reported in the USA.  The first was in Tabb, Virginia at 37 N., for a warrior, and 76 W., for skill. The other two were in West Palm Beach, Florida at at 26 N., for Political Babylon, and 80 W., for strength.  There were at least 23 hail and 12 wind damage reports.

The image of a weather elephant was on the weather map along the east coast of the USA and through Florida.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  And the whirlwind continued off the Pacific northwest.  A whirlwind represents reaping what was sown under the Law of Volitional Responsibility (Hosea 8:7a)

Typhoon Etau Landfall Japan

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Typhoon Etau (A-tau) made landfall about 6:00 PM local (0900 GMT) in Japan with 90 knot winds.  The typhoon appeared in the image of a horse over Japan.  A horse represents a male phallic reversionist and war.  Etau is the Palauan word for storm cloud.


Tornadoes in Virginia and Florida along with the image of the horse from Typhoon Etau over Japan represented the return of the Third Infantry Division from Iraq.  The Florida tornadoes were in West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County #6, for a man, at 26 N., for Political Babylon, and 80 W., for strength.  US foreign policy with Great Britain in the Iraq War was characterized by Political Babylon.  Although the US soldiers are returning as conquering heroes, they are receiving no victory celebrations.

The tornadoes were associated with a huge weather elephant along the east coast.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.  Spiritual warfare precedes temporal warfare.

President Bush met with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to plan the strategy for a new more mobile military.

This was August 8th, for the new birth.  And it was Day 220, for cursing.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The Florida West Palm Beach tornadoes symbolized the cursing of Political Babylon associated with the beginning of the return home of the US Third Infantry Division from Iraq.  Florida is in the region of Zebulun, which is associated with the sea, and the soldiers returned from overseas.


Author:  Larry Wood