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Rare Baseball Triple Play in 2003

NATO Takes Over Afghan Peacekeeping

Rare Baseball Triple Play in 2003

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August 11 (Day 223, Spiritual Uptrend):  In one of the rarest and most spectacular events in baseball, Atlanta Braves shortstop Rafael Furcal turned the 12th unassisted triple play in major league history.  The feat unfolded last night in the 5th inning against the St. Louis Cardinals with runners on first and second.  On a 1-1 pitch with the runners going, pitcher, Woody Williams, hit a liner to Furcal, who stepped on second to put out Mike Matheny and tagged out Orlando Palmeiro as he struggled back toward first.  A triple play fits the meaning of the year, 2003, for the Justice of the Holy Spirit.  And the Cardinals, red birds, represent suffering, such as that associated with the number, 3.

Rafael Furcal wears jersey #1, for unity.  Rafael, which means healer, comes from a verb that means to sew up and make whole (one).  He made the rare triple play unassisted.  Rafael was born on October 24th, 1977, where 24 is for Satan's strategic attack on Israel.

But that's not the end of the story.  St. Louis went on to win the game 3-2 after hitting 3 home runs.  After Matheny's homer in the second inning, Eduardo Perez hit another to tie the score at 2-2 in the bottom of the eighth.  The homer on Ramirez's 90th pitch, a fastball, sent him out of the game.  Then, against John Smoltz, one of the best relievers, Albert Pujols, #5, got his 31st homer of the season and 24th straight hit to win the game. Smoltz has only given up two home runs in 57 2/3 innings.  During their 3-3 home series, the Cardinals scored 14 runs on 34 hits and went 5-for-36 with runners in scoring position.

In all these numbers, there is a theme that corresponds to Spiritual Warfare in the Angelic Conflict.  The 3's represent the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.  The 5's are for that counterattack of the giant Baal, who is the enemy of Israel, Marriage, and children.  The number, 90, is for the new order of Israel, and 57 is for the Tribe of Zebulun, which corresponds to the Palestinians at Gaza.  The number, 34, is for the division of the land, which points to the Road Map for peace.  And 24 is for Satan's strategic attack against Israel in which he is trying to usher in a millennium prior to the Second Advent apart from fulfilling the unconditional covenants to Israel.  And 31 is for an evil king, such as Saddam Hussein.

NATO Takes Over Afghan Peacekeeping

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NATO took over peace keeping responsibilities in Afghanistan.  NATO took over the 5,000-strong International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from Germany and the Netherlands, who have led it since February.  It is the first NATO operation outside Europe.

Dow Up 26

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose up 26.26, or 0.3 percent,  to close at  9,217.35.  The numbers mean:

           26.26 - Political Babylon (26) multiplied.
        9,217.35 - Homeborn slave (92); lawlessness (17); rest from enemies (35).

Elephant, 8-12-03, 0230 GMT, PSC


Two tornadoes and a waterspout were reported in the USA.  There were two reports of a dust devil that evolved into a land spout north of Alamosa, Colorado at 37 N., for a warrior, and 105 W., for a giant.  The waterspout was 5 miles north of Summerland Key near Content Keys at 7:52 PM EDT (2352 GMT) at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  There were at least 26 hail and 18 wind damage reports.

The image of a weather elephant was on the weather map along the east coast of the USA and through Florida.  Another weather elephant extended from Montana through New Mexico and southern California.  The later elephant represents Operation Footstool.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


The tornado was near Alamosa, Colorado at 37 N., for a warrior, and 105 W., for a giant.  Alamosa means cottonwood grove in Spanish.  Colorado is the region of the summits, which points to the US-brokered Road Map for peace.  Israel's military (37) is being counterattacked by the giant, Baal (5).   The waterspout was near Summerland Key near Content Keys at 24 N., for Satan's strategic attack on Israel, and 81 W.  Content Keys is where the whales beached on April 18th.  Florida has been associated with the Palestinian issue.  Peace making is now on hold in Israel because the Palestinians will not dismantle the terrorist organizations.

The Dow rose up 26.26, for Political Babylon multiplied.  US foreign policy is in Political Babylon between Israel and the Palestinians.  The US partnership with Great Britain in the Afghan War was also in Political Babylon.  Today, NATO took over Afghan peacekeeping responsibility.  The Dow closed at 9,217.35, for homeborn slaves (92), the Palestinians; lawlessness (17) of the Palestinians; and rest from enemies (35).  The Road Map was sponsored after the end of hostilities was declared in Iraq.

Last night's triple play was a demonstration of the meaning of the number, 3, in 2003.  The game between St. Louis and Atlanta was an example of how sports demonstrate the Angelic Conflict and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Today was August 11th, for a witness, as in court.  And it was Day 223 for a Spiritual uptrend in history.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  The triple play represented the Justice of the Holy Spirit in 2003.  And the St. Louis Cardinals represented the suffering associated with the meaning of the number, 3.  The Colorado tornado and the Florida waterspout represented the cursing associated with the Road Map for peace.


Author:  Larry Wood