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Hurricane Ignacio

Canada Forest Fires; Israel Strikes Hamas

Hurricane Ignacio, 8-25-03, 0030 GMT, PSC Hurricane Ignacio, 8-25-03, 0115 GMT, NOAA
Hurricane Ignacio

Hurricane Ignacio

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August 24 (Day 236, Ai):  Packing winds of 90 knots, Hurricane Ignacio skirted the tip of the Baja California peninsula and entered the Sea of Cortes (Gulf of California).  The hurricane is drifting slowly north with a forecast track that takes it up the narrow Gulf.  The angel of Ignacio is up to something.  Ignacio is a Latin word for fire, which is an anachronism for a hurricane name.  Fire and water are opposites.  Ignacio was south of Arizona at 23 N. and 109 W.  The image of Ignacio resembled a possum.

Canada Forest Fires

As President Bush toured the forest fire devastation in Redmond, Oregon on August 21st, the Okanagan Mountain fire in Canada's British Columbia north of Washington State grew into a firestorm.  Today, the 48,400-acre fire on Kelowna's southern edge slowed down to due calmer winds and cooler temperatures.  The fire forced an estimated 26,000 to flee their homes on August 21-22 and burned 244 homes.  Kelowna is at 149 N., for the time before Pentecost or the Church, and 119 W., for the witness of the federal judiciary.  Forest fires represent Fire Testing and an invading army (Zechariah 12:6).

Israeli Missile Strikes Hamas Terrorists

Four Hamas terrorists were killed when Israeli helicopters fired missiles into a car in Gaza City.  Those killed included a senior member of Hamas, Ahmed Aishtawi, two would-be homicide bombers, and a fourth terrorist.  Aishtawi, 24, who was on top of Israel's most wanted list, was allegedly involved with transferring funds to Hamas terror cells in the West Bank and planning many terror attacks.  He was the head of a cell that fired home-made missiles and attacked Israeli tanks.


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 17 hail and 24 wind damage reports.


Hurricane Ignacio, a word for fire in Latin, moved into the Sea of Cortes with 90 knot winds.  Nobody would name a hurricane for fire because a hurricane is associated with wind and water.  The name is an anachronism, which was obviously the intent, since forest fires were raging to the northwest in Oregon and British Columbia, Canada.  The fires from drought in the northwest and the hurricane with torrential rain in the south both represented cursing associated with the female in Marriage Culture.  Droughts represent the frigid female as symbolized by the legalistic Republicans, and the torrential rains of hurricanes represent the promiscuous female as symbolized by the lawless Democrats.  Hurricane Ignacio was drifting up the narrow Sea of Cortes, which also symbolized the female in contrast to the Baja California peninsula, which represents the male.  The weather and fire angels are knowledgeable of geography.

Hurricane Ignacio is in the region of Ecumenical Babylon.  A hurricane represents the rejection of the grace message of the pastor by the local congregation, which is like the rebellious female who rejects the authority of her Right Man.  The hurricane was south of Arizona, which is the region of Gad, the raiding band or terrorists.  Ecumenical Babylon, associated with terrorists, points to the Road Map for peace, which has led to the latest terrorist uprising against Israel.  The image of Hurricane Ignacio even resembled a possum, the symbol of Abu Mazen.  The combination of fire in the Pacific northwest and a hurricane south of Gad represents the spoils of victory in the firefight against terrorists.

Israel killed Hamas terrorist, Ahmed Aishtawi, 24, today, August 24th, which represents Satan's strategic attack on Israel.  The time, manner, and place of death is God's Sovereign decision, which proves that the Lord controls human history, not the politicians or terrorists.  "The battle is the Lord's."

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Hurricane Ignacio in the south is contrasted with forest fires in the Pacific northwest.  The two represent the curse of the lawless and legalistic females in Marriage Culture.  The breakdown of society begins in the bedroom, not in the White House or terrorist safe houses.  As goes the Christian; so goes the Angelic Conflict.  As goes Israel; so goes human history.  The combination of fire in the Pacific northwest and a hurricane south of Gad represents the spoils of victory in the firefight against terrorists.  Israel's missle strike from the north on the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip in the south today is an example.


Author:  Larry Wood