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Arafat Declares Road Map Dead

Hurricane Fabian; Typhoon Dujuan Hits Hong Kong

Hurricane Fabian, 9-3-03, 0015 GMT, Navy

Arafat Declares Road Map Dead

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September 2 (Day 245, Victory Over the Stronghold):  With President Bush on vacation, Palestinian Chairman, Yasser Arafat, again took center stage in Middle East diplomacy and declared the Road Map dead.  He blamed the problem on Israel and on the US for not doing enough.  Israel, of course, blamed Arafat.  Arafat said that Israeli military action against Hamas had killed the Road Map.  He, of course, failed to mention the initial Hamas homicide bombing that precipitated the Israeli military action.

Hurricane Fabian

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Hurricane Fabian in the Atlantic east of Puerto Rico displayed the image of a horse, the symbol of war and a male phallic reversionist.  It has winds of 115 knots northwest.  It is predicted to spin out and go north, however.  Fabian means bean.  It is a reminder of Esau, who sold his birthright for a mess of lentils.

Typhoon Dujuan Hits Hong Kong

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Typhoon Dujuan slammed into the China coast just east of Hong Kong with 105 knot winds.  Landfall was about 0730 GMT at 22 N. and 116 E.  It caused a major blackout in Hong Kong and shut down the city.  Dujuan is the Mandarin word for azalea.


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 3 hail and 6 wind damage reports.

The image of an elephant on the weather map stretched from Texas to the northeastern USA.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Yasser Arafat became the first to admit the Road Map for peace was dead.  The Bush Administration has both kept Arafat alive and forced him from power, but Arafat has again outlasted them all.  God has used Arafat and his terrorists to keep Israel and the US from violating the Abrahamic Covenant and giving away the Promised Land.  It takes a degenerate Jew and a degenerate Christian to even consider such evil.  Yet, the evil road map was the cornerstone of Bush's worldly Christian foreign policy.

The Road Map may very well cost President Bush his job, however.  And the Palestinians with their forked tongues and anti-Semitism are qualifying themselves for the wrath of God.  God will defend Israel against the Palestinians and the world will be shocked to see their destruction.  The peace process was Arafat's idea to destroy Israel, and Baal was the inspiration for it.

Typhoon Dujuah slammed into China this morning in the Judgment of Cosmic Babylon on Day 245 for victory over the stronghold.  Hurricane Fabian in the Atlantic in Political Babylon formed the image of a horse.  A horse represents war and a male phallic reversionist.  Both the US and Israeli military are busy fighting terrorism.  The peace process of Political Babylon has now led to a horse, the symbol of war.  There is war, not peace.  Fabian means bean and is a reminder of Esau, the father of half of the Arab race.  The others were descended from Ishmael.  Esau represents those who reject their Spiritual heritage for the pleasure of the moment.  Fabian is a reminder to Israel not to give away the Promised Land for a mess of lentils, and it is a reminder to Christians to reject the evil Road Map.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  God defended the Abrahamic Covenant and destroyed the evil Road Map for peace.  Hurricane Fabian represents the choice between Bible Doctrine and a mess of beans.


Author:  Larry Wood