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Isabel Hits the Wall

Hurricane Isabel; US Vetoes UN Resolution

Isabel, 9-17-03, 0045 GMT, NOAA Isabel, 9-17-03, 0125 GMT, NASA

Isabel Hits the Wall

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September 16 (Day 259, Simeon):  Hurricane Isabel continued to weaken as it ran into a wall formed by the trunk of a weather elephant.  The weather elephant is producing a southwesterly shear on the hurricane that is ripping it to pieces.  The official intensity of Isabel was dropped today from 105 knots to 90 knots but increased to 95 knots at 11:00 PM EDT.  The strong winds are only in the northeastern quadrant, and winds in other parts of Isabel are much less.  Furthermore, the moisture content of the storm has been reduced significantly since yesterday.  And the storm is predicted to move rapidly over land after landfall, which will further reduce the amount of precipitation.  Later in the day, Isabel resembled an ostrich, which is a symbol of Baal.

Hurricane Isabel is predicted to hit North Carolina on September 18th, Day 261, for income tax.  Coincidentally, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Queen Rania are scheduled to meet President Bush at Camp David on September 18-19.  Abdullah will try to prod the President into sticking his neck out again to support Middle East peace plans.

US Vetoes UN Resolution on Arafat

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The United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that demanded that Israel not harm or deport Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.  The resolution was introduced by Syria on behalf of the Arab nations.  Eleven of the 15 Security Council members voted in favor while Britain, Germany and Bulgaria abstained.  The US vetoed the resolution because Syria refused to condemn the Hamas terrorist attacks in the resolution.

Hurricane Isabel

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Isabel weakened more today as it moved north northwest at 7 knots on its predetermined path from the Sovereign Design of God.  According to the latest models, Isabel is headed for North Carolina in a northerly direction, which would cover the Washington, DC area.

Isabel is the same as Jezebel (1 Kings 16:31).  Jezebel was First Lady of Israel, wife of King Ahab, and the leader of the priests of Baal.  As the symbol of the Prostitute (Harlot) of Babylon, she was the most evil woman who ever lived.  She symbolizes all that's wrong with women in power in government and religion (1 Kings 21:1-16; Revelation 2:20).  She represents the usurpation of authority as explained in Genesis 3:16.

To the woman He said,
"I will greatly multiply your pain and your conception.
In pain you shall bring forth children.
Yet, for your husband, your desire; but he shall rule over you." (Genesis 3:16)


No tornadoes were reported in the USA.  There were at least 6 hail reports.

Today, the image of an elephant on the weather map stretched along the eastern seaboard and through Florida.  Another weather elephant stretched from Minnesota through Nevada.  An elephant represents a demon Commander, such as Baal.


Hurricane Isabel (Jezebel) continued to weaken and become disorganized with no tight circulation.  The shear from a weather elephant along the east coast is interfering with it.  The trunk of the weather elephant stretched through Florida, which has been associated with the Palestinian issue.  Predicted landfall coincides with the scheduled visit of Jordan's Prince Abdullah II to Camp David over the Palestinian crisis.

The US vetoed the UN Security Council resolution that sought to prevent Israel from removing Palestinian Chairman, Yasser Arafat.  The resolution was an Arab attack on Israel.

Today was September 16th, for sanctification.  The US has been sanctified from the powerful Hurricane Isabel that was previously over the Atlantic and could have caused a disaster.  And it was Day 259, for Simeon criminality.

Bible Doctrine

This is Bible Doctrine.  Hurricane Isabel continued to weaken and become disorganized as it faced a weather elephant off the east coast.  The angel of Isabel is demonstrating the influence of the Jezebel type in the US and the impact of doctrinal believers in sanctifying the nation against this evil.


Author:  Larry Wood